Sunday, November 2, 2014

Thought for food, Australia’s that is.

To find Australian produced food on supermarket shelves is becoming as rare as the proverbial “hen’s teeth”. If you are silent and do nothing then don’t complain when you can only get processed food from China and other foreign countries that use pesticides that are not permitted in Australia. Don’t be fooled when you read on a tin or package “Made or produced in New Zealand”. It should ring alarm bells with every Australian to see that Chinese grown vegetables are coming in branded as a product of New Zealand. Apart from this there will be job losses in the food growing and processing industries. We need this like a hole in the head. Heinz has abandoned Australia, we should boycott them.  Buy Dick Smith food. Click here to see who stocks them. Please read the following and circulate this widely. Werner
The ONLY Australian manufacturer of frozen Australian grown vegetables (Simplot Australia) is not far from closing because a number of the other well-known Australian brands have moved their plants to New Zealand in order to capture the Chinese vegetable market where they market via New Zealand to Australian tables (without the food being labelled specifically as Chinese) and Simplot is finding it hard to compete.  This was shown on the program Landline on the ABC (Sunday 15/9).


For a number of reasons this is not a good situation. Please read more about Simplot, click here and here.

1. As most people know, other countries do not necessarily have the strict guidelines for growing their vegetables that Australia has and by buying Australian we can be sure that lethal chemicals that may be used in other countries will not be used on Australian vegetables.

2. We would be keeping Australians in jobs.

3. If ever the world became unstable regarding wartime we would not be able to feed ourselves

It is imperative that we all support these Australian brands selling good Australian vegetable products (via Simplot).
Birdseye and Edgell. Next time you shop, please think about the future of Australian food. What do you reckon folks? Let’s buy Birdseye and Edgell.

Some of us love our designer labels.  We buy premium brand shoes, premium brand clothing and well known premium perfumes and handbags. BUT ... we also look to buy the cheapest food we can for our children to eat.  That doesn't make sense. This is so true, the farmers in Tasmania are extremely worried about Simplot's impending closure.

They also have a lone plant in Bathurst subjected to the same uncertainty. If these last remaining plants close, it means that China then has total control over our fresh/frozen veggie industry. Particularly disturbing to see that Chinese Grown vegetables are coming in branded as a product of New Zealand. This is known as Misleading and Deceptive Conduct – a crime!
My thought for today:
Advice is least heeded when most needed. English Proverb.


Sonja said...

The other worrying aspect of Australia's future food security is that much of our prime agricultural land has been sold to overseas interests (often Chinese) or is being destroyed by fracking for gas. What on earth is our government thinking in allowing this to happen?

Theresia said...

So true. I try to shop locally as much as possible eg Community Food Store, Rusty's Market. If I use the big supermarkets I am really careful and read the labels! I never buy products imnported from NZ. I try Dick Smith etc. It is really scary what is happening now!

Ross said...

Thankyou for this information, Werner. We should all be buying SPC canned fruit as well and not the cheaper and inferior quality imported brands.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Werner. Our family never buy foreign imported products or produce. We grow what we can ourselves & if what we want isn't in our garden, we buy from local 'organic' grower's markets & only purchase Australian Made products off the shelf. If we have excess produce, we give it away and/or barter and/or make pickles, conserves etc. There is nothing better than taking a cup of home-grown tea out to the garden in the morning and munching down on fresh produce like home-grown strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, lemons-limes, tomatoes, lettuce, asparagus, herbs, etc. We also have a farm where is grow citrus & avocados which we swap with our fisherman neighbours on the coast & family who have cattle not far from the CBD. It's a win-win for everyone. @Sonja: the government you speak of is not OUR government-they work for foreign entities and are the enemy within. There will always be true fresh organic home-grown food when we coordinate our efforts to remove the $ benefit. The requirement to have a license to produce food is the govt looking to make $ from our hard labour & put restrictions on what we produce. That is a no-win situation.

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