Saturday, October 25, 2014

The ubiquitous mobile phone, could it be a health hazard?

It seems that our mobile phones have taken over our lives. Wherever one goes, about eight out of ten people are walking around with mobile phones in the hand, on the ear or texting – you can even see very young children with mobile phones. You go to a restaurant and see people around a table busily playing with the phone or other electronic devices instead talking to each other. Are we abandoning the personal and physical touch?

Sure, mobile phones are now a large part of our everyday life; they are probably the most useful gadget ever invented! The thing is though; every now and again research comes forward suggesting that mobile phones should be used responsibly. Whatever the outcome of the mobile phone debate, it makes sense to use prudent measures to reduce your radiation exposure, if possible. An obvious way to accomplish this is by choosing a phone with a lower Sar Value. It can be searched on internet if its model number and make is known. So, what is “Sar” you may ask? Click here.

Furthermore, if you get annoyed by loud mobile phone conversations in waiting rooms, here is what you can do. Click here. - Werner

I came across the following interesting article and it would be wise to follow the advice therein.
Health Guidelines for Mobile Users.
Scientists can't seem to make up their mind about cell phones. Are they causing radiation? Yes. Is it harmful to us? They aren't sure. However, putting all their reports together, a pattern of tips and precautions becomes clear. The most important thing you need to know right away, is that the phone is sometimes transmitting a stronger (and as such more hazardous) signal, while at other times it will transmit very weakly or not at all. It's a good idea to know when that happens and when not, so as to avoid causing possible harm to yourself. Parents, take heed, as children are the most susceptible to damage by radiation at their tender years of growth.

Here are some important tips to minimize exposure:
1. Keep some distance – Hold the cell phone away from body to the extent possible.
2. Use a headset (wired or Bluetooth) to keep the handset away from your head.
3. Do not press the phone handset against your head. Radio Frequency (RF) energy is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source -- being very close increases energy absorption much more.
4. Limit the length of mobile calls.
5. Use text (SMS) as compared to voice wherever possible.
6. Put the cell phone on speaker mode.
7. Use your phone where reception is good. If the radio signal is weak, a mobile phone will increase its transmission power. Find a strong signal and avoid movement.
8. Metal & water are good conductors of radio waves so avoid using a mobile phone while wearing metal-framed glasses or having wet hair.
9. Let the call connect before putting the headset on your ear or starting speaking and listening – A mobile phone first makes the communication at higher power and then reduces power to an adequate level. More power is radiated during call connecting time.
10. If you have a choice, use a landline (wired) phone, not a mobile phone.
11. When your phone is ON, don't carry it in chest/breast or pants pocket.  It may harm your fertility or your heart. When a mobile phone is ON, it automatically transmits at high power every one or two minutes to check (poll) the network.
12. Reduce mobile phone use by children as a younger person will likely have a longer lifetime exposure to radiation from cell phones.
13. People with active medical implants should preferably keep the cell phone at least 15cm away from the medical implant.
14. The RF radiation is increased by Mobile phones when used in a car to overcome the window shielding. So try to reduce such use or stop it all together.
My thought for today:
You learn something every day if you pay attention. Ray LeBlond

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Australia’s small family businesses are an endangered species.

Australia, as many people have known it, is rapidly changing - not necessarily for the better.  Small family owned businesses, which we referred to as the backbone of the country, are rapidly losing this tag and its ‘backbone’ and are closing their collective doors for ever, for reasons mentioned below. If these family businesses ever needed support and patronage, it is right now. Think about what will happen when they are all gone.

Click on these links for further reading and elucidation to see what we are up against in this country. Coles, Woolies 'deliberately killing competition.
Supermarket monsters. Coles, Woolworths and the price we pay for their domination. By Malcolm Knox. 

While I was in the Stockland Shopping Centre in Cairns,
I decided to purchase some good bread from the “Bakers Delight’ bakery, but found it closed. Thinking that it had been moved to a different location in the store, I made some inquiries. To my dismay, I was told that they have closed down and left the centre. When I asked why? I was told, “They were killed by Woolworths; nobody can compete with 85 cents for a loaf of bread”. There is no privately owned baker now in Stockland, Cairns. Surely Woolworths wouldn’t make any profit on an 85 cent loaf. It is just an opposition eliminating process, and similar to what they have done to the dairy farmers with the milk. Shameful would be an understatement.

I listened to a Townsville baker on radio, who had been in his family run business for many years, and he is worried that he will not survive in this unfair competitive environment. “It costs me $1.40 to produce a loaf of bread”, he said.

What we experience in Cairns, will be experienced Australia wide. The tentacles of these corporations are far reaching and merciless. I wouldn’t buy the 85 cent loaf, and wouldn’t even take them if given to me for free. What they are doing here isn’t illegal, but morally corrupt. I wouldn’t be surprised if the wheat used for the flour was genetically modified and is imported cheaply from a foreign country – possibly China.

Coles are not any better; they get their cheap bread pre-baked from Ireland and bake it fully in store, then sell it cheaply as freshly baked bread and gullible customers fall for this trickery. In the big shopping centre of Smithfield, north of Cairns, Baker’s Delight, opposite to Woolworths has gone, but  Brumby's Bakery next to Coles is still there, and one has to wonder how long they can last.

These are the predatory practices by Australia’s supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths; deliberately killing off their smaller competitors. These two can easily be labelled as the piranhas of Australia’s business world.

The first in line for their predatory conquest in eliminating their opposition were the privately owned petrol stations.
These petrol stations are now as rare as the proverbial hen’s teeth in Australia. Alan Jones gave a good example on radio on how they go about this. A Woolworths petrol station in Sydney, which was a block away from a privately owned petrol station, sold their petrol 10 cents a litre cheaper than the privately owned one. This shameless practise brought the desired result for Woolworths – their opposition had to close and, as expected, their petrol price went up.

It is manifestly obvious that they are determined to finish off all the family owned bakery businesses, plus others all across Australia. Next in their sights of eliminating their opposition would have to be the green grocers, the butchers, the newsagents, and the chemists. After they have all gone, we are at the mercy of those two Australian Supermarkets and they can charge whatever they want - they already control about 80% of our needs.

The tack Woolworths is employing in regards to eliminating the privately owned green grocers, is already under way. I got an e-mail from Woolworths (and so would thousands) “If you spend $30.00 in our fresh food (fruit and veggies) department we will give you x amounts of points.” This is opposition elimination in a surreptitious way and, again, not illegal, but morally wrong and corrupt. It doesn’t take an Einstein to figure out that if I or anyone else spends $30.00 in their “fresh food” department, one wouldn’t need to buy anything from the privately owned green grocer in the shopping centre. Do you get the gist?

So why is our Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) sitting on its hands and just watching all this happening?  Wake up Australian consumers; support our small family businesses, even if they are a bit dearer.  They are the backbone of Australia - once they are gone you’ll come to regret it.
My thought for today:

Being defeated is only a temporary condition; giving up is what makes it permanent. Marilyn vos Savant.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The burqa, the repulsive un-Australian garb.

The burqa has once again become a hot topic in this country, and this would be uncomfortably hot to wear.  If the wearer of this garb lives in the tropics it would get even hotter - underneath it.Why do women wear the burqa?

We hear people say that we are a free country and should be able to wear whatever we like. I agree with this somewhat, but with the security level in this country raised to high, it is very confronting to see women (we assume they are) walking around with a “sack” over their collective heads; thus concealing their identity. This should be made absolutely illegal in our country. Would you like to sit beside a person who has a sack over the head? The burqa is already banned in many countries.

Here is Larry Pickering's take on it.
  Do you agree?

“I’m confronted by it”, says Tony Abbott... and so are the vast majority of Australians. Polls show the noisy Left has clearly lost the burka debate and now it’s time for Australia to join countries right across Europe, supported by court rulings that have banned this outrageous Islamic attire. It’s not only confronting, it’s offensive, unhealthy, obnoxious, discourteous and about as un-Australian as you can get.

It’s a nightmare for the security sector, coppers, prosecutors and an open invitation to suicide bombers and shoplifters who need have no fear of CCTV cameras. Along with mosques that promote our demise, it is a symbol of all things non-inclusive about Islam.

The burka is an exclusive “up your nose” gesture of non-compliance with all things Australian and our Prime Minister should listen to the almost 80% of fair-minded Aussies who want the damned monstrosity gone from our landscape.

A naked woman quietly doing her shopping in a supermarket is less confronting than an unidentified “somebody” in a burka. But guess who gets arrested? Unquote

The Speaker of the Australian parliament, Bronwyn Bishop, and the president of the Senate, Stephen Parry, were absolutely correct in trying to keep unrecognisable burqa clad Muslim women separate behind glass, in enclosed galleries usually reserved for noisy school children. I understand that this ruling has now been rescinded, but I believe that if burqa clad women want to look distinctly un-Australian, they should be kept separated. What do you think?
Australia is pressed more and more to go the Islam way, “Halal” registration of our businesses is a case in point. As their numbers increase, so will their pressure. Here is what Dick Smith; our True Blue Aussie had to say on this contentious subject.
Why doesn’t the Abbott government have the intestinal fortitude not to relent to the Islamic minority’s demands in this country? It is about time to re-establish Australian values and culture and to hell with political correctness. We have too many “bleeding hearts” in this country; lacking intellectual acuity, and totally subscribing to this stupid doctrine.

For those who don’t know. Here is a definition. (Author unknown)
Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rapidly promoted by mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.

Senator Cory Bernardi is one of the few politicians with backbone and the courage to speak out on this very divisive subject – and gets undeservedly chastised for it. Obviously, he is not a politician who belongs to the following group of politicians.

Everyone’s brain is divided into 2 parts.  Da left and da right. But in politicians’ brains: In da left nothing is right, and in da right, nothing is left! Now we have a dalema!

It is widely known that it is not compulsory for women to wear the burqa or niqab and, not all Muslim women wear this; for most Australians, a repulsive garb. So the question begs, why do some women want wear this unattractive “hangover?” We have to assume that they are women, it could also “hide” men, but we wouldn’t know. One has to come to the conclusion that women who want to wear it are not beautiful. But the burqa could also conceal people with sinister intentions, who want to conceal their identity. Are we moving towards “Australiastan?” I hope not.

People who wear the burqa should not be allowed to drive a vehicle. This garb has only a narrow slit for the eyes and will give the driver a very limited peripheral vision. Why our authorities allow this is beyond me. In Afghanistan the misogynistic Taliban forced women to have a grid over the eye opening. It just shows that women are not highly esteemed where Sharia law rules the country. We just hope that this kind of burqa isn’t seen in Australia.

Following is Senator’s Cory Bernadi’s view on the burqa (aka burka) - what he wrote is spot on. He speaks for the majority of true blue Australians, who are too frightened to speak out. – Werner
For Australia's sake, we need to ban the burqa.

By Cory Bernardi, Liberal Party Senator.
It's time to ban the burqa in Australia. The burqa is no longer simply the symbol of female repression and Islamic culture; it is now emerging as a disguise of bandits and n'er do wells. The burqa is no longer simply the symbol of female repression and Islamic culture, it is now emerging as a disguise of bandits and n'er do wells.

In Sydney this morning a man was robbed by a burqa wearing bandit who further disguised his (or her) identity by wearing sunglasses. The bandit was described by police as being of "Middle Eastern appearance".

Well of course he was (assuming it was a he) because the only characteristics the victim could see were the burqa and the sunglasses. Now unless the sunglasses had 'made in Iran' stamped on them, it's fair to say that the 'Middle Eastern appearance' line was attributed to the head to toe veiling of the Islamic burqa.

In my mind, the burqa has no place in Australian society.

I would go as far as to say it is un-Australian. To me, the burqa represents the repressive domination of men over women, which has no place in our society and compromises some of the most important aspects of human communication. To read the full article, click here.
My thought for today:
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak. Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. - Winston Churchill

Thursday, October 2, 2014

An open letter to Tony Abbott, Warren Truss and Julie Bishop.

Following is an open letter to Tony Abbott, Warren Truss & Julie Bishop, written by Brian McDermott. Brian is a staunch patriot and of the highest integrity and, he is angry about the corruption and greed that has taken over Australian politics in his lifetime. He is well respected and loathed by leftists who abhor and fear the truth. He, along with a number of other outstanding Australians, is carrying the cause for drastic reform of Australian politics, and waking people to the Muslim thread in this country. To put in a nutshell, Brian is a Dinky-DI True Blue Australian.

I would like to reiterate what I have written in the previous posting: Our treasurer is telling us that we have to rein in debt, now they have to find money to challenge IS in Iraq and the government has to spend millions on internal security, just because we have home bred terrorists in our midst. The irony about all this is that we have homeless and hungry people in our country – but there is no money available to help them. Please note! By publishing this letter from Brian doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with its content. – Werner

 Hello Tony Abbott, Warren Truss and Julie Bishop,

 We were appalled to learn that you have stated that Iraq is “a direct threat to Australia,” and that you intend sending troops there to fight ISIS (ISIL.)

 This is a total lie, and either deliberate Misleading or Deceptive Conduct (another crime) on both your parts, and you are all stupid. We the people, on the other hand, are not stupid. Iraq is not even the slightest threat to Australia, in any way, shape or form!

This is absolute codswallop!
The whole thing is stage-managed, to suck in the “stupid Goyim.” You are committing a war-crime, like your associate Henry Kissinger!

We hereby inform and instruct you to refrain from sending any troops or military equipment or aircraft, either to Iraq, Ukraine, or anywhere in the middle-east, as it is a ploy to drag Australia into another war (World War III) as part of the ultimate program to establish a One-World Government (the so-called New World Order.) WE WANT NO PART OF YOUR SO-CALLED NEW WORLD ORDER!

We inform you of the following facts:
1. ISIS (now ISIL) was set up in the US in the first place, by way of deception – exactly as Al Quaeda was.

 2. Vladimir Putin, far from being the war-mongering demon that you and your NWO fellow-Zionist puppets are making him out to be, is showing up so far, to be our best and strongest hope for the future. Since the fall of communism in Russia in the early 1990’s, there have been some 30,000 new Christian churches built, plus the complete re-building of the beautiful, Christian Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow, which Stalin had smashed to the ground.

Putin - has removed most, if not all Zionist Jews (who as you know, or should know, were the main engineers of the Bolsheviks, and hate Christianity with a passion) from positions of power in Moscow, and has put Russia back on a firm Christian and economic footing, which the international banksters hate! You might consider doing the same here, if you know how, which we doubt. Your treasurer Hockey is showing to be a worse fumbler and bungler than the one he replaced!

 3. V. Putin is doing everything possible to help his fellow-patriots in the Ukraine, and to avoid a major conflict. He has massive support from his people in Russia, more than twice the support, percentage-wise, that you have from the people here in Australia!

 4. Iraq is neither a direct or indirect threat to Australia, as you, Julie Bishop, have tried to make out. Iraq poses no threat to Australia whatsoever. Moreover, it has absolutely no motive to do so. What is going on there is a out of it. This is a plot by the Zionist elitist international banksters to drag us into a conflict and start WWIII, which was planned long ago. The 9/11 incident was done by Israel. Iraq had nothing to do with it.

Julie, instead of going around the world repeating what you have been instructed to say by your puppet-masters here, you might like to save tax-payers money and stay home and do something that you understand – or should understand – like the washing up. Or mopping the kitchen floor!

 Tony, you must stop following what you have been brain-washed to do by your Rhodes-Scholar-Internationalist-Globalist-puppet-master teachers, and do what the people want you to do here in Australia. You are not doing that! Re-establishing our own People’s Bank of Issue like we used to have, would be a start, as Australia is virtually bankrupt under the present orthodox, debt-based banking system! You are not even doing that! You must have the guts to stop grovelling to, and doing the bidding of the internationalist banksters! They are desperate to get WWIII started!

 5. If you do send troops over there, it will escalate the situation (as it is planned to do by the Zionist-CIA-Mossad One World Planners of course), and it will result in more Australian soldiers and military men and women being killed and sent back home in body bags, all for nothing, exactly as it did last time Australia sent troops over there – also all for nothing! The globalist Zio-international banksters are all laughing into their wines and cocktails, at the gullible stupidity of the “Goyim.” We hold you both responsible.

 6. As I said, we the people are not all stupid. We are well aware of the secret motto of Mossad, the Israeli Secret Services: “By Way of Deception, You Shall Make War.”

 7. We, the people, want nothing to do with the carefully-staged events in the middle east, we have enough to do – and you have too – to save our own country here in Australia. We want no part of the imminent World War III.

 8. We also want nothing to do with the so-called New World Order – a One World Government, with a Zionist-controlled central, debt-based banking system. We want Australia to remain the traditional Australia as it once was – a Christian, peace-loving nation of people, minding our own business, genuinely and charitably helping people wherever we can, both here and overseas, and serving our Christian God to the best of our ability.

Yours very sincerely indeed,
Brian McDermott, Governor and Admin Central Queensland Christian Free State, (Seceded 01-07-2004) on behalf of all peace-loving Australians.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
My thought for today: Make love, not war. ? John Lennon