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Cancer Causing Foods You Probably Eat Every Day.

We have so much sickness in our country, something I had not experienced when I was growing up on our farm where we produced healthy crops for our family to eat. Today’s food is not what it used to be, with all sorts of chemicals added to grow it or preserve it, and those additives may also make us sick. Cancer is very prevalent in our country and around the world. To be aware of what we eat is of paramount importance. Good nutrition contributes to a healthy immune system, whereas chemicals in our food can damage our immunity. Here is an interesting article I’d like to share with you. - Werner
Almost 1.5 million people have been reported to be diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Most people become aware of the health diet and care about what kinds of food we should eat or avoid. Here we compile some foods that you eat every day that may cause cancer.

1. Canned Tomatoes, Surprised?
Yes canned foods such as canned tomatoes are a leading cause of cancer and cancerous cells in our body. Canned foods are lined with the chemical substance called Bisphenol-A, or BPA, which has been proved to affect the genes work inside the brain of rats by NAS. Tomatoes are exceptionally high in acidity, which is the cause of absorbing BPA from the lining of the can into tomatoes themselves. Be safe and cook fresh if you like tomatoes. You should start thinking of eating fresh foods, that can be hard but has been proven to keep us much healthier and at least we now know; keeps us from away cancer.

 Popcorn cannot be left out of this list. Sorry popcorn fans, microwave popcorns contain chemicals that are known to cause mainly liver cancer and several other types of cancer.  Did you know the fumes produced from micro waved popcorn contain chemical, diacetyl which is so harmful?   The health threat also lies in the preservatives and chemicals added to popcorn. Propyl gallate is a preservative that can cause skin and stomach problems, while a chemical called diacetyl can cause lung diseases. This chemical is added to packaged popcorn, and it can also be found in small amounts in butter, cheese, milk, cookies, etc. So if you are a popcorn lover please reduce or cut-off intake of popcorn so as to reduce risks of cancer.

Then we have the popcorn bags that have linings that contain chemicals that increase the risk of cancer. Microwave popcorn is usually bought in supermarkets, in a convenient bag. However, this convenient bag can cause many inconveniences for our health. Bags of popcorn contain a toxin called PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) that is connected with infertility in women. According to studies conducted by American Cancer Society , exposure to PFOA increases the risk of bladder, testicular and kidney cancers. This toxin is also contained in Teflon, so we need to be very careful when using Teflon coated pans (if the pan is damaged, don’t use it). And this was only the package of microwave popcorns. You can find more information about diacetyl on this website.

3. Farmed Salmon.
Although fish is a possible healthy food, farmed salmon is one you should avoid. These fish live in very crowded conditions which result in having 30 times the number of sea lice than wild salmon. To look reddish pink, they are even fed chemicals. Also, they contain less omega-3 but high levels of PCB’s, mercury, and cancer-causing dioxins. Try to avoid it and choose canned ones or make sure you are buying wild fish.

 4. Hydrogenated Oils.
Processed foods are really bad for you, this we probably all know already. However, it is what is in the processed food that is the problem for most people. These hydrogenated oils are commonly used to preserve processed food and to keep them stable while being stuck on a shelf for long periods of time. These oils tend to alter the structure and integrity of cell membranes within the human body, which tends to lead towards diseases such as cancer. Some manufacturers are working to remove the usage of hydrogenated oils and replace them with palm oil or another safe alternative. Trans fats are still widely used, unfortunately. Vegetable oils tend to contain high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids, of which an excess can cause health problems. A balance must be formed between Omega 3 and Omega 6 for a healthy diet. Supplements and grass fed meats should do the trick to balance oils out.   Hydrogenated oils are vegetable oils that that must be chemically removed from their source and frequently deodorized as well as coloured to look appealing. All vegetable oils are high in Omega–6 fatty acids which may cause heart disease and various cancers, especially skin cancer. Try to get Omega 3 every day to keep a good balance by taking in grass fed meats, also fatty fish.

5. Salted, Smoked, or Pickled Foods.
Nitrates don’t cause cancer on their own, but under certain conditions the chemicals can be changed within the body intro N-nitroso composites. It is these that are associated with a greater increase in the risk of developer certain types of cancer. Foods that are cured by the usage of nitrates or nitrites to act as preservatives or add color to the food in question tend to be the worst off. Smoking foods such as meat or nuts causes them to absorb the tar from the smoke. Meats such as bacon, sausage, bologna, and salami are high in fat and salt. While pickled foods tend to have high amounts of salt, too. Evidence has pointed towards these types of foods producing colorectal cancer and high rates of stomach cancer within people. Places such as Japan have an even higher rate of stomach cancer due to the amount of highly salted or smoked foods that ingest regularly.

6. Refined Sugars.
Refined sugar is typically made from genetically modified sugar beets and consuming it spike your body’s insulin levels which can in turn feed cancer cells. Refined sugar, like the kind you pour in your coffee, eat as sweets, or that’s in store-bought tomato sauce you pour on your spaghetti, has been credited with feeding cancer cells.

7. Artificial Sweeteners and food colouring.
 Artificial sweeteners tend to be used when people try to lose weight or avoid sugar due to their dietary concerns. They also do far little to nothing to help with those suffering from diabetes. In fact, artificial sweeteners tend to make it far more difficult for the body to regular the blood sugar levels. Aspartame, a chemical within the sweeteners, has been found to cause convulsions in some people. These chemicals are broken down within the body into a deadly toxin known as DKP. Your stomach then processes this toxin and it will produce chemicals that may cause brain tumors in some people.

When you need to find a substitute for your substitute sweetener, you know the chemicals used are getting out of hand in the food industry.Many diet food have reduced sugar and fat levels, which are then replaced with artificial alternatives such as saccharin or Yellow 5/6 dye’s.    All are known carcinogens, so if you’re after a “little less” in your diet…just reduce your food intake. FDA (Food and Drug Administration,) conducted a research in 1996, which showed that there was an increase in brain tumours between 1975 and 1992, which was associated with the introduction and use of artificial sweeteners in the U.S.

8. Alcohol has always been known to cause problems within the human body, especially when one drinks far more than they should. An American study revealed that the intake of alcohol in over 200,000 women who drank one drink per day or less had an almost 30 percent increase in breast cancer rates when compared to those who did not drink at all. Alcohol is currently the second leading cause of cancer, just behind tobacco usage. Moderate to low consumption of alcohol can be healthy and even lead to a reduced risk in heart disease, but excessive drinking may cause heart failure, stroke, or sudden death. Alcohol has been shown to be the cause of many types of cancer, including mouth, liver, breast, bowel and throat cancers. Which has includes the World Health Organizations International Agency for Research on Cancer found that alcohol usage may cause mouth, oesophagus, bowel, liver, colon, rectum, and female breast cancers.

A glass of wine or alcohol after dinner could be good for your health, but leave it at one to ensure nothing bad occurs. According to a review done by Cancer Research UK, 4% of cancers are linked to alcohol and according to the American Cancer Society, the risk of cancer increases with the amount of alcohol consumed. They also state that drinking and smoking together brings a much higher cancer risk than just drinking, or just smoking, because alcohol slows down the reparation of the cells in the digestive tract, and limits their ability to repair the damage that chemicals in tobacco cause in their DNA.

9. White Flours.
Refined white flour is a common ingredient within the majority of processed foods. The excess carbohydrate content within the flour is the main cause for concern, however. A study published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Mile Markers, and Prevention discovered that refined carbohydrates were linked to a 220 percent increase in breast cancer among women. Rapid rises in blood sugar levels throughout the body, which fuel cancer cell growth and spread, were also discovered within high-glycemic foods in general.
The mills that bleach this flour tend to use a chemical known as chlorine gas, which is a dangerous irritant that is unsafe to inhale and can be lethal in large quantities. Cancerous tumours feed on sugars within the bloodstream, so avoiding refined grains can starve a tumour completely. Find healthier options at your local store if you need to get your hands on flour. Choosing flour that has not been bleached white is the best option you can choose, too.

10 Cancer-Causing Foods You Are Probably Eating Every Day.
11. Non-organic fruits.Now, you are probably annoyed and thinking “Who can afford eating organic fruit all the time?” However, you need to have in mind that non-organic fruits contain dangerous pesticides that are very harmful to our organism. These pesticides, such as atrazine and organophospates are added to kill the insects that would eat those fruits and of course they are not harmless to humans, and they can cause reproductive problems. There is no firm evidence that non-organic fruits definitely cause cancer, but they do cause health problems, so it is better to be careful, than to be sorry later. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) made a list of the fruits that are most often contaminated with pesticides, some of which are apples, grapes, nectarines, peaches, etc. Organic fruits are more expensive, but might prevent the damage that non-organic fruits cause. However, if you cannot afford organic fruits, be sure to wash your fruits thoroughly and to take off the peal in order to remove at least some pesticides, but by taking of the peal you also take off a lot of goodness, there is more to the skins than just goodness.  Like humans the peal has to build up an immunity to diseases, and bugs which in turn is good for us.

12. French Fries.
French fries, much like potato chips, have high levels of acrylamide, a carcinogenic substance that forms within food at high temperatures, such as when they are baked or fried. Studies have shown this substance will increase the risk of numerous different types of cancer within the human body. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has said that acrylamide is a probable human carcinogen. Food heated to a temperature above 242 degrees Fahrenheit generally has levels of the substance within them. However, French fries tend to contain one of the highest levels amongst food tested by the Research agency. More research is needed to determine the exact facts, but it is known to cause forms of cancer within the host. Limiting the amount of French fries you eat, or finding a healthier alternative overall, is the best option when attempting to avoid the growth or spread of cancerous cells in the body.

13. Soda Pop.
Fructose, the type of sugar found in soda, is a serious carcinogen, as is the brown colouring found in some cola’s. One study found a link between fructose and pancreatic cancer. Soda also acidifies the body, which in turn causes cancer cells to multiply. Day Sodas are a type of drink that is packed with artificial ingredients. Flavorings that tickle our taste buds and make us want to buy that product again and again can be very addictive. Not to mention the amount of sugar they contain. If we drink a large amount of soda at once, we cause our blood sugar to spike which leads to insulin resistance. People who drink too much soda on a daily basis consume much more sugar than recommended, which leads to quick weight gain and even obesity, and, according to the National Cancer Institute, obesity is closely connected to increasing risks of many cancer types, including oesophagus, pancreas, colon and rectum, thyroid, kidney, etc.
14. Diet Anything.
Diet foods, including frozen foods, or prepackaged foods labeled as “diet” or “low fat”, including diet sodas, generally contain aspartame, which is a chemical, artificial sweetener. There are numerous studies showing that aspartame causes many diseases and sicknesses such as cancers, birth defects, and heart problems.

15. Processed Meats.
When making processed meats like sausages, hot dogs, bacon, excessive salts and chemicals that are used that are harmful to your health. They contain a lot of chemicals including sodium nitrates, which make them look appealing and fresh but are well-known carcinogens.

16. Potato Chips.
Potato chips are high in both fat and calories which cause obesity and even high blood pressure. It has been studied that eating just 1 ounce of potato chips per day caused an average 2-pound weight gain. To make it taste great, manufacturers add numerous preservatives. What's more, the high process temperature causes to make a carcinogen called acrylamide. These tasty, popular snacks find their place in every get-together, or movie night, and there are not many people who don’t like them. However, potato chips have a high glycemic index, which makes them a health hazard. This snack is fatty, very salty, and one bag contains enough calories for one whole meal (or more). Besides these threatening factors, there are also preservatives, artificial aromas added to improve the taste, and preservatives to keep it ‘fresh’.  In the frying process, a carcinogen called acrylamide (also found in cigarettes) is created due to the high temperatures. This type of food is especially dangerous because it is cheap, doesn’t require preparation and is very well commercialized as an inevitable part of nutrition. You have heard it a hundred times but here it is again, stay away from potato chips.

17. GMO Food.
One reason to look for Australian and NZ grown food only, it gives you a better chance to avoid GMO food, not completely but at least a better chance. You hear this term, probably, every day. But do you know what it implies? GMOs are genetically modified organisms, whose growth and look is achieved with the use of chemicals. The sad fact is that many foods these days are GMO, and the food declarations do not state this (Sometimes we can read that some food is GMO free, and those are the foods we should choose). The foods that are most probably always GMO are wheat, corn, almost all grains, soybeans, etc.  Dr. Pusztai from Scotland conducted a research, where rats were fed with GMO potatoes. This proved to be damaging to all the rats, as there was damage to their immune systems, brains and livers, along with the growth of pre-cancerous cells. However, this study included rats, and not humans, and we cannot be sure of the influence GMO products have on the human organism. Still, even if we are not sure that it is damaging, we should be careful with the amounts and the frequency when eating this type of food.

18. Hydrogenated oils.
These are vegetable oils that are often coloured to look appealing to buyers. They are high in Omega-6 fatty acids which can cause skin cancer if consummated in excess amounts. These oils also affect the flexibility of our cell membranes which can also lead to cancer.The fact that the World Health Organization tried to ban the use of hydrogenated oils proves that they are not healthy. We have been told that these oils are healthier than, for example, butter, but it seems that this is not quite true. According to Mike Adams, the author of “Poison in the Food: Hydrogenated Oils”, hydrogenated oils, besides causing breast, colon and prostate cancers, also cause birth defects, liver and heart diseases and damage of the brain cells. These facts should be enough to convince us to turn to healthier sources of fat. You can lower the risk by buying natural butter or virgin oils instead of hydrogenated oils.

19. Foods that is highly salted, pickled, or smoked.
These food items are known to cause higher rates of stomach cancer. Tagged Canned Tomatoes, Farmed Salmon, GMO’s, Highly processed white flours, Hydrogenated oil, Hydrogenated oils, Potato Chips, Processed Meats, Soda Pop, unsafe fertilizers.

20.  Everyone is at an uproar because of the recent confirmation that processed meat causes cancer. According to the latest study of the World Health Organisation (WHO), processed meat is carcinogenic, and red meat might be as well.

21. Glass noodles and rice noodles.
Alum, the essential food additive used in these foods, is linked with breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

22. Fermented tofu.
The fermentation process is very vulnerable to microbial contamination.

All the foods mentioned in this article are said to be damaging to our organism in some way. However, that doesn’t mean that we need to exclude these foods from our diet completely. Limited amounts and infrequent intake won’t do you harm. If eaten in moderation and not on a daily basis these foods will not cause you many health problems, if any at all.  However, keep in mind that overindulgence and frequent use of these foods may cause damage to your health, and always try to eat healthier foods on a daily basis.It is important to note that all of the foods discussed in this article will not kill you. You will not get cancer immediately after you eat one of these foods, as they do not directly create cancer, but in some specific occasions (for example, when you eat too much of some of those foods regularly) will increase the risk of developing it. Over the past few decades, the development of the society has unfortunately led us to heavy pollution and all sorts of chemicals surround us wherever we go, so we could literally say that everything could increase the risk of developing cancer. Therefore, it is important to get well informed on what we can do to reduce the risk. And one of the things we can do to stay healthy is eat these foods in moderation alongside trying to be as active as possible. Source:
Cancer preventing strategies.
My thought for today. – Werner
Good health is merely the slowest way someone can die.  ~ Author Unknown