Monday, November 30, 2009

An interesting read about the current global warming debate.

The source of this article is unknown, but there are interesting lnks. - Werner


Dear Australians, we are fighting a revolution here, of people against a global power elite as represented by our own Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who has been infected with a Napoleon complex, flying from G-20 to APEC to CHOGM seeking to “unite humanity” against the “perilous threat of climate change” that has been happening on planet earth since the year dot. He is like King Canute ordering the tide to recede. Rudd’s best buddy in this charade is Malcolm Turnbull, former Australian chief of Goldman Sachs, the global commodity trading company who just coincidentally happen to trade billions of dollars worth of carbon permits. Turnbull showed his true colours by coming out on the side of the global elite who want to suck the wealth out of Australia on the basis of a scientific scam.

Yes, the Queen, Prince Charlie and their globe trotting billionaire friends like Al Gore, Maurice Strong, Bill Gates and firms like Goldman Sachs, have billions invested in the carbon trading scam funded by us, the taxpaying public. We pay for the extra cost of power caused by the carbon permits Rudd and Turnbull want to force upon electricity companies, costs that threaten to literally send them broke and lump us with summer blackouts. But for the UN greenies and their Australian bureaucratic followers, power stations are evil because they increase our ‘carbon footprint’! It’s a scandalous fraud! Why? Because we effectively pay and Goldman Sachs and their ilk trade and profit from pieces of paper representing ‘carbon pollution’. Neat deal eh?


The Daily Telegraph, Sydney: “… a whopping 60 per cent of Australians are against Kevin Rudd rushing the Emissions Trading Scheme through parliament.

Despite Mr Turnbull insisting the ETS must be passed now - ahead of the UN's Copenhagen summit - the poll overwhelmingly backs his opponents - with 81 per cent of Coalition supporters wanting the vote delayed. Incredibly, nine out of 10 Coalition supporters - and three out of four Labor voters - say they don't understand the ETS and want the Government to explain it better. The Galaxy poll, conducted exclusively for The Sunday Telegraph on Friday night, shows a huge 80 per cent of voters do not believe the Government has provided sufficient details about an ETS with only 26 per cent now supporting the Turnbull-Rudd push for the Senate to pass it into law immediately. Fewer than one in five Australians believe the Government has provided sufficient information about the ETS. Even 73 percent of Labor voters are in the dark over the ETS…

You think living under a green bureaucracy directed by faceless, offshore UN committees deciding how you should live will be a walk in the park? Please do some study on UN Agenda 21. Listen to what these speakers at a US conference found out about UN Agenda 21 – a high-tech, global environmental dictatorship that was put into motion in 1992, just before the mass propaganda global environmental scares were launched worldwide. Remember the ‘ozone hole’, the nasty CFCs, the ‘greenhouse effect’, global warming and now ‘climate change’. And now our suspicions of fraud involving climate scientists at East Anglia University are confirmed by hundreds hacked emails.

Lord Christopher Monckton says
these scientists should go to court and jail for fraud and crimes against humanity. Lord Monckton also warns that Copenhagen spells the end for our western democracies. No, it won’t be the end of the world, but the global power elite will ramp up their sophisticated global social engineering to a new level.


Yes, Australia has been subjected to probably its worst drought. However, at the risk of invoking the ‘conspiracy theorist’ slogan, you should know that large scale weather modification has already been used for at least the past decade worldwide, probably to enhance drought. Despite a general mainstream media blackout, History Channel has covered this and US government ‘insiders’ have admitted it has been happening. There are thousands of videos and photos on the internet under the search term ‘chemtrails’. Weather control technology such as the HAARP facility in Alaska is capable of disrupting weather as a form of warfare and there is even a weather warfare treaty. Click on picture to enlarge!


*Recommended revolution updates: Go to ‘listen page’ to listen on your PC media player.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Muslims, Boat People, Copenhagen and Afghanistan: a costly mix!

Where are we heading in Australia?
Who should come to our country?
I’m not against Australia reaching a population of 35 million, but I hope that they will be offspring of people who want to preserve the Australian way of life, and not of the people whose “bible” says to destroy the infidels, in other words anybody other than Muslims.

When will the Australian government wake up to the fact that the Muslims in this country are producing far more children than anybody else? Would that ring a bell with them? Of course not, they are all bleeding hearts and they can only think as far as to the next election and the votes they get from those people. Unfortunately Australians are producing far too few children to preserve our culture, and Australia will be a Muslim country and under Sharia Law in the not too distant future. I am worried about the kind of Australia in which our grandchildren and great grandchildren will be living.

We can already see which way we are heading; our own Cadbury Company is kowtowing to the Muslims here in Australia, by putting the Halal certification symbol on their chocolate. The question begs, why they didn’t also put a Christian or Jewish symbol on the packet – no more Cadbury chocolate for us.

I’m not xenophobic, but I believe that only people with the same mindset as we Australians who will assimilate and integrate should be allowed into this country, and not people who cover up their faces and walk around in pyjama-like drapes, and people you never see talking to Australian neighbours or see at our sporting venues.

The Howard doctrine
“We decide who comes to this country and under what circumstances” should still be in place, and not the soft options that Rudd has replaced this with. We will now have more trouble watching our northern Coastline, which will cost us millions, and of course the sm
ugglers know now that when they are close to Australia they do something to the boat, and if any of our ships is close by we are obliged to rescue them, then it immediately becomes our problem. Click on picture to enlarge.

I agree with Barnaby Joyce, either send them back to the country they came from or to a country of their religion, which would be a potent message.

The latest pursuit of Rudd and his cohorts is to sign the ETS treaty in Copenhagen, which will cost Australians billions, will do nothing for global warming, and will give significant control over how we run our economy to an unelected overseas mob we probably do not want to have anything to do with. This money could be much better spent in Australia than in countries that the corrupt United Nation’s majority of third country members would dictate that it will have to be spent. Let’s hope that enough countries with common sense see the folly of this treaty and will not sign, and hopefully for our interest it will not see the light of day.

It could be the start of a One World Government, controlling trade, finance and even our personal freedoms. I will say no more except you will be shocked by what you will hear. Click on the link below and listen to the eye opening video

If you value your life and your freedom, listen and pass it on to all your contacts and especially your local politicians. . Alan Jones talks to Lord Monckton, British climate change sceptic, who says the Copenhagen treaty is about creating a world government.

I doubt if Rudd really knows what is going on in this country; he is more out of it than in it, just grandstanding in other countries and inflating his already over inflated ego. I often wonder why we have a Minister of Foreign affairs who should be talking to other heads of government when Rudd is doing it all, and only giving the Foreign Minister tasks that Rudd doesn't want because they bring less media attention or exposure.

And since I’m in full flight expressing an opinion, I have to say something about the futile, un-winnable, and costly in lives and money, war in Afghanistan. Recently another frightening form of casualties of that war came to light, which is almost as bad as the death of our young soldiers. It is the drug addiction of the soldiers that are returning, with their lives probably ruined or needing long term rehabilitation, which may or may not bring them back on track. I don’t know why we are there. If our government, or any other government involved in this conflict believes that we can defeat terrorism there, or bring change to this country, then they are engaged in wishful thinking or it is just unmitigated pie in the sky.

The Russians left Afghanistan like a dog with its tail between its legs after fighting for nine years. The countries that are now involved in Afghanistan will sooner or later experience the same fate. The troops presently in Afghanistan have far superior firepower than the Terrorists or the Taliban, but after eight years there are few noticeable benefits, if any, to the Afghan population. What is noticeable is the heartbreak, the destruction and the corrupt government. This is not a worthy cause for us.

The war in Afghanistan is like the war on drugs: we can fight it endlessly, but it cannot be won.

Anybody who has watched the ABC’s Four Corners program “Afghanistan, on the Dollar Trail” on the 19.10.09 would have been utterly disgusted to see the corruption on a grand scale. I cannot understand why we and other countries keep pouring money into this country where it will disappear without a trace. The Millions of dollars Australia is spending in Afghanistan has to be borrowed money, because the nest egg put aside by the Howard government for a rainy day has gone. This money will have to be paid back and will be a millstone around the neck of generations of Australians.

It is amazing that the Australian government can find money to support this futile war, yet there is no money, for hospitals, schools and infrastructure etc in Australia, it just does not make sense.

This is just my humble opinion and if someone can convince me otherwise, I would like to hear from them. - Werner

Monday, November 23, 2009

The people in Victoria, Australia, are also fighting forced fluoridation.

This has just come in, a must read, click on the link for the full story. - Werner
Joining the Dots on Australian Fluoridation Fraud
By Paul Connett, - November 10, 2008

I would like to draw your attention to four events in Australia which I believe demonstrate the corruption of science needed to propagate the discredited practice of water fluoridation in that country. Just join the dots.
* * * * * *
Queensland is not alone, in fighting mandatory fluoridation that was imposed on them by
the dictatorial Labor government and made look good and healthy by their paid “Spin Doctors.”

But no compassion is shown by any of them towards people who suffer severe health problems by ingesting this poison. They just say, too bad, or bad luck for you, we don’t really CARE. But the fight will go on and in time fluoride will go the same way as lead in paint and petrol, asbestos, thalidomide, and amalgam fillings in teeth – and some politicians and spin doctors will have egg on their faces. But how much damage has to be inflicted before they will realize their folly and how much money that could be spend on worthwhile things, has to be wasted on useless fluoride before someone wakes up what an eminent scientist had to say, I Quote:

"Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century."
- Robert Carlton, PhD, former EPA scientist, 1992 - *Environmental Protection Agency. * Unquote. Werner Schmidlin
* * * *
Here are some letters to THE EDITOR, published in a Ballarat newspaper early November 2009.

On fluoride the few rule the many.
It has bemused me how the few can rule the many. I have friends who fought the fluoride in Geelong more than 25 years and then they moved to Ballarat after the battle was won here. Can I ask you if you have a Committee for Ballarat and if it was 'headed up by Dr Stephen Vaughan, oncologist and former head of Barwon Water, Geelong? If so, I am not surprised about the push, for fluoridation as the Committee for themselves, Geelong were the ones who lobbied government here.

Natural justice in the world would be a fine thing and we, as residents of this great nation having a democratic say in all things which affect us would be fair. Is your paper aware that the fluoride you will be having diluted in your water is slurry from smokestack chimneys? Will your fluoride come from your brickworks or from Incitec Pivot's Portland or Geelong industry?

Unfortunately, many people will stop visiting your city if your businesses serve coffee, tea or anything which is cooked, grown or canned in fluoridated toxic water.

If you export anything which has been near fluoridated water it would be best if you checked with your overseas customers as the EU has banned any produce which contains fluoride, 98 per cent of the world is not fluoridated.

I suffer from chemical toxicity, I am affected.
* * * * * *
Other causes for dental decay rise.
AS A visitor to Ballarat I am upset that I will have to resort to buying bottled water due to your town water supply being fluoridated.

I have kidney problems and will be forced to avoid the poison hydroflurosilicic acid (fluoride). I greatly resent that my choice of a morning cuppa at a Ballarat coffee shop is now a no-no.

Anyone who has researched the adverse effects of fluoridation will also be concerned.

A Department of Education survey in Sydney showed that dental decay rates in children were declining prior to the introduction of fluoridation the reasons being improved dental hygiene and fluoridated toothpaste. In Sweden, fluoridation was declared illegal after 10 years' research found fluoride to be ineffective, inefficient and dangerous.

When requested by the Swedish Government, WHO failed to provide evidence of their claim that fluoridation was totally safe.

Reduced dental care/funding and the high cost of visiting a dentist are more likely to be the contributor to the waiting list in Ballarat.
* * * *
Referendum on water treatment.
ON NOVEMBER 16, the people of Ballarat are to have fluoride in their water whether they want it or not. A small band of dictators, health services, Central Highland Water and Ballarat City Council agree that it will be better.

So with no referendum, in it goes. It does not matter about the bad reports on its affects from other countries, Some who have had it and no longer will allow it due to its bad effects.

I won’t drink it because I have false teeth and have a tank. A lot might not be in that position and they will not be able to buy tablets even if they object to it. This is because no referendum was held to properly gauge the residents of Ballarat's views.

Also' what happened to the union who opposed it before and had it stopped? Have they been swayed to change their mind now? What a pity.
* * * *
Education not fluoridation please.
WHENEVER our government is questioned about the sense behind fluoridation, the reply is, they are committed to improving the oral health of Victorians. So why haven't they introduced a well-funded public dental service that educates people in dental hygiene and appropriate diet - one that treats problems early.

This would also address other major health problems, such as obesity. Or maybe they could put diet pills in our water too!

Mass medicating, forcing people to drink a chemical for the greater good, is wrong on so many levels.

If people want to use fluoride, let them use it. Everyone has the right to choose what goes into (and on) their bodies.

If I'm in the habit of drinking two litres of water a day in an aim to stay healthy what will my daily dose of fluoride be?

But if I’m In the 'habit of drinking soft drink and sweetened fruit juices, how is a chemical in the water going to solve my dental problems? Teeth of people drinking sugary drinks are in need of more care, but they probably rarely drink water.

They need educating, not a bath in chemicals.

The fact that both American and European cities are now stopping fluoridation has to sound alarm bells. Why do we always follow their mistakes instead of learning from them?

If there is one ounce of doubt about the side-effects of fluoridation, then it simply should not be used.

You have to wonder who benefits the most by putting fluoride into our water.
* * * * *
Look at parents for dental problems.
IN THE letter by Andrew R. Row the CEO of Ballarat Health Services (BHS welcomes fluoridation, November 7.) He lists a few figures stating that 90% of children under four admitted to hospital are there for dental related conditions.

He then goes on to say about the 140 pre-school children are waiting for dental care under general anaesthetic “because of the amount and complexity of their dental decay.”

Has BHS taken into account the amount of parents who have given their children cordial, juice and soft drink in bottles since they were babies?

With most arguing that their little darlings refuse to drink plain water or milk.

I would ask Mr. Rowe if fluoridated water will be of any benefit with sweetened additives.

And as for visiting the dentist I took my four your old and two year old to my dentist recently and paid a whopping $80.00 for them to have a quick ride in the chair and a check-up that lasted les then than ten minutes for both.

If BHS wants to see less dental problems in young children, perhaps they should push for dental care to be provided alongside maternal health nurses in those early years to prevent any problems by weeding out the parents who have decided to make life a bit sweeter.

Why should we have fluoride forced upon us when some parents look after our children’s teeth because it's the most economical thing to do?

* * * *
Evidence against fluoridation.
WORLDWIDE scientific studies (23) have found statistically significant declines in IQ in children exposed to elevated levels of fluoride.

There has been found to be a consistent and strong association between exposure to fluoride and decreased human intelligence.

Children living in water fluoridated areas have five times higher odds of developing low IQ than those who live in non-fluoridated areas.

Preschool children, and intake of fluoridated water before birth has an extremely
harmful influence on children's IQ as it disrupts intellectual development.

The International Association for Dental Research, Toronto, Canada, among others are not "dodgy" as some would have us believe.

Is it any wonder that referendums for fluoridated water have failed three out, of five times, and, in some areas, four out of five times?

Optimal brain function for individuals and society is a public health priority. Further evidence on fluoridation is absolutely necessary before we poison our water supplies.
* * * * *
Click to enlarge the picture and have good
look at the cartoon especially made for me - and you have my permission to use it - as well as the other one. . - Werner

Friday, November 20, 2009

God created Heaven and Earth - and Queensland.

Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Heaven, God went missing for six days. Eventually, Michael the archangel found him on the seventh day resting. He enquired of God, "Where have you been?" God pointed downwards through the clouds. "Look Michael, look what I've made" said God.

Archangel Michael looked puzzled and said, "What is it?" "It's a planet," replied God, "and I've put LIFE on it. I'm going to call it Earth and its going to be a great world of balance." "Balance?" inquired Michael, still confused. God explained, pointing down to different parts of the Earth and showed him different countries and pointed out the people who live there.

The Archangel, impressed by God's work, then pointed to another area of land and asked, "What's that?" Ah," said God. "That's Queensland, the most glorious place on earth. A land of sunshine, there are beautiful people, impressive towns; it is the home of beautiful rain forests, magnificent islands and beaches, a beautiful reef, the world's finest sportsmen and women, artists, musicians, writers, philosophers, explorers and, he continued, unfortunately, politicians, like Anna Bligh, who adulterated their pristine water with poisonous Sodium Silicofluoride, wrongly believing that it will stop tooth decay. So, I have to work on them to bring them in line or make them lose the next election. (That would be awfully nice! - Werner)

The picture below shows you Tasmanians that have been drinking fluoridated water for 50 years, just click on the picture to enlarge and have a close look at their "perfect" teeth!

There is also an abundance of minerals and fantastic farming land. And, he continued: “There is the seaside village of Yorkeys Knob, just north of Cairns, where you will find Werner Schmidlin, who has his own blog now, which contains very interesting reading,” he said, enthusiastically. You will find Werner’s blog at:

Queensland is a place where everyone from around the world will come for their holidays to relax and enjoy themselves. The people from Queensland are going to be modest, intelligent and humorous and they're going to be found travelling the world. They'll be extremely sociable, hard-working and high-achieving, and they will be known throughout the world as speakers of truth, with the sad exception of politicians.

Michael gasped in wonder and admiration but then proclaimed, "What about balance? God, you said there will be BALANCE!" God replied very wisely, "Wait till you see the idiots I'm putting next to them in New South Wales and especially in Canberra ACT.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

An important message to pregnant women.

Pregnant women or women who are intent to become pregnant should be aware of this important finding. To read more go to the link I inserted in the first paragraph. - Werner

Medications that contain chemicals that "feminize" unborn baby boys.

In a bombshell finding that has far-reaching implications for society and culture, scientists at the University of Rochester have found that phthalates -- the chemical found in many vinyl and plastic products -- tends to "feminize" boys, altering their brains to express more feminine characteristics. The study has been published in the Journal of Andrology.

Phthalates are found in vinyl products (including vinyl flooring), PVC shower curtains, plastic furniture and even in the plastic coating of the insides of dishwashing machines.

The feminization process happens during pregnancy when phthalate exposure causes hormone disruptions in the unborn baby. This chemical feminizes males by disrupting the action of the hormone testosterone.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The People’s Republic of Queensland.

Hello my friends,

I have a saying: “If I haven’t learnt something new every day, I have wasted a day.”

Well, I have learnt something new today and want to share this with you. But before I tell you what it is, let me first reflect. Up till now I was under the impression that there were only two “People Republics in the world, namely:

1. The People’s Republic of China.
2. The People’s Republic of North Korea. But, surprise, surprise, today I found out that there is a third one, and it is:

3. The Peoples Republic of Queensland.

Now before you declare me insane, let me assure you that I have this information direct from the horse’s mouth, in other words from our own Kevin 07.

The last paragraph of Kevin Rudd’s speech at the Adelaide Jobs Forum at Mawson Lakes, South Australia confirms what I have been telling you. I quote:

“That if we’re serious about this principle that we’ll make a difference here in this community by being in this together. For the challenge, ladies and gentlemen, lies with you. Work with us. Work through your local members. Work through the local priority employment coordinator. There is no monopoly of wisdom on our part in terms of what’s going to work in this community. I know enough about local community life from where I come from the People’s Republic of Queensland - that everywhere is different, okay. Everywhere is different. And everyone’s got their own best ideas about how things should be done and you’ve got your own best knowledge and your own best networks.” Unquote.

I wonder now if learning Mandarin in our schools will become compulsory. So, welcome to the People's Republic of Queensland. Click on picture to enlarge. - Werner

Friday, November 13, 2009

My full reply to Werner Sandner's letter to the editor

Below is the letter to the editor in Tuesday’s Cairns Post by Werner Sandner, Woree. I’m amazed that the Cairns Post editor gave this letter the prominence of the “Editors Pick.” My reply to this letter was emasculated by the editor, a well-known proclivity of the Cairns Post. I had no choice, but to publish Sandner’s letter and my full reply in my blog. – Werner
Werner Sandner’s letter, I Quote:

“Refugee fear can turn government.
THE Rudd Labor Gov­ernment is facing a di­lemma: it needs to let refugees come into Aus­tralia, but can't due to the pathetic fears of the public, which is more based on lack of knowl­edge, education and the consequent paranoia.

Australians really are not compassionate people, even though many think they are.

As far as they are concerned, these refu­gees are something sub­human and someone may just as well put them to the wall and shoot them. This is un­fortunate, but a fact and the Government cannot ignore it.

If the Rudd Govern­ment lets these unfor­tunate souls into this country, it will face eventual defeat, because the Opposition has noth­ing else to offer to ordi­nary Australians other than the fear of terror­ism, the fear of weap­ons of mass destruction and, most of all, the fear of refugees.

We have seen how long the previous gov­ernment has lasted and managed to make a few rich Australians richer (for example, by topping up their super, giving them health insurance rebates) at the cost of our public welfare and health care system.

They managed to put a blanket of fear over their disgusting poli­cies by creating fear in most Australians about refugees, about terror­ism and weapons of mass destruction.

This worked under John Howard and it will work well again under Malcolm Turnbull.

I hate to say it, but I hope the present Rudd Government will not let those poor refugees into Australia because I don't think this country can yet afford another Liberal-National coali­tion government. - Werner Sandner, Woree.” Unquote
Here is my full reply. Hopefully you will reply to Sandner's letter too. - Werner

The Editor

The Cairns Post

Dear Sir or Madam, Letters to the editor

Werner Sandner, “Refugees fear can turn Government” CP 10.11.09. His letter really incensed me to boiling point, and wrenched my gut, and that is an understatement. If there were a prize for claptrap, he would win it hands down.

To say that Australians are not passionate is a breathtaking insult to us all. Look at the billion we squander to help foreign countries in distress or having a natural disaster, the bulk of the popularities of those countries don’t even know that we gave assistance and many hate us despite our generosity. This is like feeding a crocodile, but it will never become your friend.

I agree with the John Howard doctrine, “We decide who comes to this country and under what circumstances? We came here under this ruling, we had no trouble with it, are happy to be here and are fully integrated into the Australian community, we have no divided loyalties, but are still proud of our heritage.

Werner Sandner, you should go back to Austria if you can’t bear a coalition government in Australia and tell the Austrian government to take in every "poor downtrodden" Muslim that appears on their doorstep.

Your beloved Rudd government inherited over ninety billions from the previous coalition government, this has gone, they are squandering more money in Afghanistan, Timor, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands to name a few. Where do we get the money from? Borrowing from the World Bank of course, and we are getting in debt over our eyeballs and the time will come when the World Bank will dictate to us to tighten our belts; pay back debt and reduce the pension, which also comes now from borrowed money.

And once again, Werner Sandner, if you don’t like it here, go back to Austria, we have enough non-Australians whingers here, like you.

Sincerely yours,
Werner Schmidlin

My thought for today. - Werner
There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us. That it hardly behoves any of us, to talk about the rest of us.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chemist, Mario Calanna has his say on water fluoridation.

Eminent Cairns chemist, Mario Calanna, wrote the following letter to the Cairns Regional Council on 28th October 2009 about “Fluoride in the water.” As a chemist he would also know, like the other people mentioned, when a substance is a poison and when it is not. He makes some very interesting points, but of course the Queensland people are totally helpless and are forced to drink fluoridated water, regardless of their health problems that come with it – this government couldn’t give a shit, excuse my language, but there is no other word to describe it. – Werner

Before you read any further, click on the picture to enlarge and see the wonderful “Fluoride Smile”

Fluoride in Water, by Mario Calanna Cairns Qld.

At a public meeting earlier this year, a nurse from Brisbane, Cr. Di Forsyth and Dr Sue Cory produced enough evidence to conclude that:

1. Fluoride is a poison.

2. Proof that it does reduce tooth decay if ingested in water is not conclusive by any means.

3. Fluoride poses many health dangers, especially to kidney and Cardio vascular sufferers and new born babies.

4. The dosage that any person ingests cannot be regulated – some people could drink up to 12 litres of water per day.

Other arguments against usage were:

1. The high wastage factor. If we are limited to 140 litres per person per day for all our needs, if we drank 2 litres of these – 138 litres is going down the drain into our rivers and out to sea. Wastage and pollution are very real.

2. People who have bad teeth probably don’t drink water anyway.

3. If poisons run off from farms and CO2 destroys the reef – why is Fluoride not included or considered as an additional pollutant?

There is really no conclusive evidence that drinking Fluoridated water improves dental health and does not affect the health of our community. The evidence publicly provided is largely dominated by the pro-Fluoride side. The other data is not considered.

Some points I would like to make:

1. All Councilors have been elected by the people. The Mayor was elected on a “green” platform – Fluoride usage is not “green”.

2. All the MP’s have been elected by the people.

3. The State Government has no right to impose or mandate anything the people do not want. Especially if it is a poison that will be ingested.

4. The Councilors also have no right to ignore the will of the people. They should stand up and say “NO”. This Democracy is quickly becoming a Dictatorship.

5. There is no dogmatic or irrefutable proof that drinking Fluoridated water helps reduce tooth decay.

6. We could put the money into employing and training hygienists to visit schools etc and change eating, drinking and dental care habits.

7. Any kind of Fluoride is a poison - it is a halogen like Chlorine and Bromide.

8. It is difficult to argue that Chlorine should not be used. But it responsible for compromising the immune, kidney and cardio vascular systems. The upside is that it is easily removed from the water by a basic filter.

9. Fluoride is the most difficult to remove and it is a poison of the most noxious type.

10. To quote the Mayor’s information: “some of the available fluoride compounds are ‘less toxic’ or ‘less poisonous’ than others”. Perhaps this is taken out of context, but the information and argument provided does say - it is a poison (S7).

11. It will cost much money, people’s health will be compromised (it will be ingested through water, through food, through alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). Companies that produce these will not go to the expense of filtering out the Fluoride. How much will a person ingest? It cannot be controlled.

12. Di Forsyth and Dr Sue Cory have provided much information as to the detrimental effects of Fluoride and Steve Wettenhall (who was at the public meeting) could not refute any of the facts supplied by them.

13. Information supplied by the Mayor says: “The decision to use Sodium Silicofluoride over the other compounds has been thoroughly researched and made on factual technical grounds.” This really depends upon who provides the information. The results of people who favour Fluoride or the people who are rarely mentioned (those who do not favour Fluoride).

14. It is a question of who and what is promoted to ensure the result, which favours the decision to Fluoridate. I question its validity and integrity.

15. When it is all weighed up – the Sate MPs and Cairns Councilors (by majority) – are mandating or allowing a poison with questionable efficacy to be added to our water supply to achieve a pipe dream of improved dental health. It will not happen.

Perhaps this letter is too late. It has been written as a result of many requests in the last two weeks. Many people are concerned and I ask the Council to reconsider and reverse the decision to fluoridate our water supply.

Kind Regards,

Mario Calanna. B.Pharm.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Opinion and questions from a Queensland voter.

A Gold Coast housewife, Sandra Harvey, sent this for publication. She raised some interesting issues; is asking some pertinent questions and is hoping to get honest answers. I just hope that she will not hold her breath. I would like to stress that the opinion expressed and the matters raised are not necessarily those of the blogger. - Werner

Queensland’s status progressed from the Hillbilly State of the 1960s, after Labor had been in control for over forty years. We became the clever state and the smart state. Anna Bligh has now brought it back to the hillbilly status.

“Thank you, thank you, Queensland!”
Anna Bligh’s euphoric utterance on election night still rings in my ears, and I wonder if the people she thanked for re-electing her will be thankful for what she has done to this state.

The LNP are of course rubbing their hands in glee for their high ratings in the opinion polls, but they have two years to wait before they get another chance to govern Queensland, and should not count their chickens yet.

In the meantime I find their silence deafening, and when election time finally comes around again I would be in a quandary as to whom to vote for. Hopefully, plenty of decent independents, who will give us honest representation, will put their hands up.

I and many others haven’t forgotten that J.P Langbroek and Bob Quinn, two former Liberals, wanted to introduce mandatory fluoridation through a private members bill in 2005. It was defeated by the majority of the Labor party, who surprisingly made a somersault a couple of years later and legislated mandatory fluoridation.

Astonishingly, they added a clause to their legislation that exempted them from prosecution should anybody suffer any ill effects from the poison they put into our water. The question begs; what were they worried about? It tells me that they were not convinced that fluoride was harmless.

As a dentist, Langbroek is absolutely myopic and dogmatic about having Fluorosilicic Acid in our drinking water. Dentists are neither scientists nor researchers and blindly stay inside the square of what they have been taught. The $220.000 the Queensland branch of the ADA received from the government has helped Queensland dentists to stay in that square and meekly accept the spin of Qld Health.

Our parliamentary system needs a complete overhaul to give the people of Queensland true representation, which at present they do not have, and they are becoming increasingly cynical about our political system. Perhaps we need another Eureka Stockade in Queensland.

Following are some questions I and many others would like to have answered by someone from the LNP:

• What would they do about the shameful mandatory fluoridation of our water, which is totally against democratic principle? Would they give us a referendum, which is at the heart of democracy, as the deputy premier, Paul Lucas so eloquently put?

• Further, with the state in such a financial and economic mess, what would the LNP do to reduce debt? With empty government coffers they wouldn’t be in a position to make voter enticing election promises.

And finally, with Langbroek still as the leader of the LNP I would be troubled and definitely would look for independents. He hasn’t the experience to lead a government, having been in Parliament only a short time and holding a very minor shadow portfolio. The experienced ALP spin doctor hounds will latch onto this and make mince meat of Langbroek at election time. Bring Springborg back; he is the best performer the LNP has.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cairns Small Business Promotion.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our nation, I believe that we must support them or lose them. When they are gone we are at the mercy of the big corporations and monopolies that will control our lives and prices. It is my intention to promote our small businesses in our immediate area in this forum at regular intervals to make the public aware of them. This is a free service. Phone: 40557122 - Werner Schmidlin

Shayne Thomson is a North Queensland small business operator. He can help you with advertising, can tell professional fisherman about weather and wind conditions, or windsurfer about the right wind, and on the right are more of his activities. Click on the picture to enlarge it. To find out more go to his site at or phone Shayne. Phone: 40810181