Saturday, November 14, 2009

The People’s Republic of Queensland.

Hello my friends,

I have a saying: “If I haven’t learnt something new every day, I have wasted a day.”

Well, I have learnt something new today and want to share this with you. But before I tell you what it is, let me first reflect. Up till now I was under the impression that there were only two “People Republics in the world, namely:

1. The People’s Republic of China.
2. The People’s Republic of North Korea. But, surprise, surprise, today I found out that there is a third one, and it is:

3. The Peoples Republic of Queensland.

Now before you declare me insane, let me assure you that I have this information direct from the horse’s mouth, in other words from our own Kevin 07.

The last paragraph of Kevin Rudd’s speech at the Adelaide Jobs Forum at Mawson Lakes, South Australia confirms what I have been telling you. I quote:

“That if we’re serious about this principle that we’ll make a difference here in this community by being in this together. For the challenge, ladies and gentlemen, lies with you. Work with us. Work through your local members. Work through the local priority employment coordinator. There is no monopoly of wisdom on our part in terms of what’s going to work in this community. I know enough about local community life from where I come from the People’s Republic of Queensland - that everywhere is different, okay. Everywhere is different. And everyone’s got their own best ideas about how things should be done and you’ve got your own best knowledge and your own best networks.” Unquote.

I wonder now if learning Mandarin in our schools will become compulsory. So, welcome to the People's Republic of Queensland. Click on picture to enlarge. - Werner

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Activist said...

This just confirms what we've suspected for some time now - we no longer live in a democracy, but in a Blight dictatorship!