Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Chemist, Mario Calanna has his say on water fluoridation.

Eminent Cairns chemist, Mario Calanna, wrote the following letter to the Cairns Regional Council on 28th October 2009 about “Fluoride in the water.” As a chemist he would also know, like the other people mentioned, when a substance is a poison and when it is not. He makes some very interesting points, but of course the Queensland people are totally helpless and are forced to drink fluoridated water, regardless of their health problems that come with it – this government couldn’t give a shit, excuse my language, but there is no other word to describe it. – Werner

Before you read any further, click on the picture to enlarge and see the wonderful “Fluoride Smile”

Fluoride in Water, by Mario Calanna Cairns Qld.

At a public meeting earlier this year, a nurse from Brisbane, Cr. Di Forsyth and Dr Sue Cory produced enough evidence to conclude that:

1. Fluoride is a poison.

2. Proof that it does reduce tooth decay if ingested in water is not conclusive by any means.

3. Fluoride poses many health dangers, especially to kidney and Cardio vascular sufferers and new born babies.

4. The dosage that any person ingests cannot be regulated – some people could drink up to 12 litres of water per day.

Other arguments against usage were:

1. The high wastage factor. If we are limited to 140 litres per person per day for all our needs, if we drank 2 litres of these – 138 litres is going down the drain into our rivers and out to sea. Wastage and pollution are very real.

2. People who have bad teeth probably don’t drink water anyway.

3. If poisons run off from farms and CO2 destroys the reef – why is Fluoride not included or considered as an additional pollutant?

There is really no conclusive evidence that drinking Fluoridated water improves dental health and does not affect the health of our community. The evidence publicly provided is largely dominated by the pro-Fluoride side. The other data is not considered.

Some points I would like to make:

1. All Councilors have been elected by the people. The Mayor was elected on a “green” platform – Fluoride usage is not “green”.

2. All the MP’s have been elected by the people.

3. The State Government has no right to impose or mandate anything the people do not want. Especially if it is a poison that will be ingested.

4. The Councilors also have no right to ignore the will of the people. They should stand up and say “NO”. This Democracy is quickly becoming a Dictatorship.

5. There is no dogmatic or irrefutable proof that drinking Fluoridated water helps reduce tooth decay.

6. We could put the money into employing and training hygienists to visit schools etc and change eating, drinking and dental care habits.

7. Any kind of Fluoride is a poison - it is a halogen like Chlorine and Bromide.

8. It is difficult to argue that Chlorine should not be used. But it responsible for compromising the immune, kidney and cardio vascular systems. The upside is that it is easily removed from the water by a basic filter.

9. Fluoride is the most difficult to remove and it is a poison of the most noxious type.

10. To quote the Mayor’s information: “some of the available fluoride compounds are ‘less toxic’ or ‘less poisonous’ than others”. Perhaps this is taken out of context, but the information and argument provided does say - it is a poison (S7).

11. It will cost much money, people’s health will be compromised (it will be ingested through water, through food, through alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages). Companies that produce these will not go to the expense of filtering out the Fluoride. How much will a person ingest? It cannot be controlled.

12. Di Forsyth and Dr Sue Cory have provided much information as to the detrimental effects of Fluoride and Steve Wettenhall (who was at the public meeting) could not refute any of the facts supplied by them.

13. Information supplied by the Mayor says: “The decision to use Sodium Silicofluoride over the other compounds has been thoroughly researched and made on factual technical grounds.” This really depends upon who provides the information. The results of people who favour Fluoride or the people who are rarely mentioned (those who do not favour Fluoride).

14. It is a question of who and what is promoted to ensure the result, which favours the decision to Fluoridate. I question its validity and integrity.

15. When it is all weighed up – the Sate MPs and Cairns Councilors (by majority) – are mandating or allowing a poison with questionable efficacy to be added to our water supply to achieve a pipe dream of improved dental health. It will not happen.

Perhaps this letter is too late. It has been written as a result of many requests in the last two weeks. Many people are concerned and I ask the Council to reconsider and reverse the decision to fluoridate our water supply.

Kind Regards,

Mario Calanna. B.Pharm.


Sonja Hardy said...

It's good to hear from yet another health professional prepared to speak out against this outdated, dangerous practice. That takes some courage - in light of the dogmatically ignorant stance taken by the various health authorities, which clearly have an agenda other than acting in our best interests. How many more will it take before the powers that be finally take notice?

Angry Queenslander said...

Mario, you said: “This Democracy is quickly becoming a Dictatorship."

Are you kidding?
The Queensland government is already a dictatorship, full stop!

Sonja Hardy said...
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Michael P Moore said...

Great posting and a great Blog Werner!