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A Lebanese Christian woman talks about Islam.

This is supplementary to my previous posting. It is a story that all Australians should read, to become aware of and understand the potential problems we face in Australia with a rapidly increasing Muslim population in Australia. Following is a speech by Brigitte Gabriel, a woman who has grown up in Lebanon and has a much better knowledge about Islam than any of us. – Werner
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This is wide spread in France and has now started in New York. When will it start in Australia? Click here for YouTube.
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Below are selected excerpts from speech delivered at the Intelligence Summit in Washington, DC, by Brigitte Gabriel. In today's world, this has to be considered. Source: Click here. - Also, "Because They Hate," By: Brigitte Gabriel

The most important element of intelligence has to understand the mindset and intention of the enemy. The West has been wallowing in a state of ignorance and denial for thirty years as Muslim extremist perpetrated evil against innocent victims in the name of Allah. Click picture to enlarge.

I was ten years old when my home exploded around me, burying me under the rubble and leaving me to drink my blood to survive, as the perpetrators shouted, 'Allah Akbar!' My only crime was that I was a Christian living in a Christian town. At 10 years old, I learned the meaning of the word infidel.

I had a crash course in survival. Not in the Girl Scouts, but in a bomb shelter where I lived for seven years in pitch darkness, freezing cold, drinking stale water and eating grass to live. At the age of 13, dressed in my burial clothes going to bed at night, waiting to be slaughtered. By the age of 20, I had buried most of my friends--killed by Muslims. We were not Americans living in New York , or Britons in London . We were Arab Christians living in Lebanon.

As a victim of Islamic terror, I was amazed when I saw Americans waking up on September 12, 2001, and asking themselves 'Why do they hate us?' The psychoanalyst experts were coming up with all sort of excuses as to what did we do to offend the Muslim World. But if America and the West were paying attention to the Middle East they would not have had to ask the question. Simply put, they hate us because we are defined in their eyes by one simple word: infidels.

Under the banner of Islam 'None is god except Allah; Muhammad is the messenger of Allah,' they murdered Jewish children in Israel, massacred Christians in Lebanon, killed Copts in Egypt, Assyrians in Syria, Hindus in India, and expelled almost 900,000 Jews from Muslim lands.

We Middle Eastern infidels paid the price then. Now infidels worldwide are paying the price for indifference and short-sightedness.

Apathy is the weapon by which the West is committing suicide. Political correctness forms the shackles around our ankles, by which Islamist's are leading us to our demise.

America and the West are doomed to failure in this war unless they stand up and identify the real enemy: Islam.

You may hear that there are only a few extreme form of Islam. All the other Muslims, supposedly, are wonderful moderates. Closer to the truth are the pictures of the irrational eruption of violence in reaction to the cartoons of Mohammed printed by a Danish newspaper. From burning embassies, to calls to butcher those who mock Islam, to warnings that the West be prepared for another holocaust, those pictures have given us a glimpse into the real face of the enemy. News pictures and video of these events represent a canvas of hate decorated by different nationalities who share one common ideology of hate, bigotry and intolerance derived from one source: authentic Islam. An Islam that is awakening from centuries of slumber to re-ignite its wrath against the infidel and dominate the world. An Islam which has declared 'Intifada' on the West.

We are fighting a powerful ideology that is capable of altering basic human instincts, an ideology that can turn a mother into a launching pad of death. A perfect example is a recently elected Hamas official in the Palestinian Territories who raves in heavenly joy about sending her three sons to death and offering the ones who are still alive for the cause.

The United States has been a prime target for radical Islamic hatred and terror. Every Friday, mosques in the Middle East ring with shrill prayers and monotonous chants calling death, destruction and damnation down on America and its people. The radical Islamist deeds have been as vile as their words. Since the Iran hostage crisis, more than three thousand Americans have died in a terror campaign almost unprecedented in its calculated cruelty along with thousands of other citizens worldwide. This intentional, indiscriminate and wholesale murder of innocent American citizens is justified and glorified in the name of Islam.

America cannot effectively defend itself in this war unless and until the American people understand the nature of the enemy that we face.

Even after 9/11 there are those who say that we must engage our terrorist enemies, that we must address their grievances. Their grievance is our freedom of religion. Their grievance is our freedom of speech. Their grievance is our democratic process where the rule of law comes from the voices of many not that of just one prophet. It is the respect we instil in our children towards all religions. It is the equality we grant each other as human beings sharing a planet and striving to make the world a better place for all humanity. Their grievance is the kindness and respect a man shows a woman, the justice we practice as equals under the law, and the mercy we grant our enemy. Their grievance cannot be answered by an apology for who or what we are.
If we don't wake up and challenge our Muslim community to take action against the terrorists within it, if we don't believe in ourselves as Americans and in the standards we should hold every patriotic American to, we are going to pay a price for our delusion. For the sake of our children and our country, we must wake up and take action. In the face of a torrent of hateful invective and terrorist murder, America's learning curve since the Iran hostage crisis is so shallow that it is almost flat. The longer we lay supine, the more difficult it will be to stand erect.

This is all coming true. A non-patriot is President of this great country. He has openly admitted his Muslim roots and his sympathy for all Muslims. How can this happen?? APATHY, that's how!!!

Brigitte Gabriel is an expert on the Middle East conflict and lectures nationally and internationally on the subject. She's the former news anchor of World News for Middle East television and the founder of American Congress.

My thought for today: - Werner
We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. Anon

Monday, September 27, 2010

Germany Debates Muslim Immigration.

Most Australians will be able to relate to the problems encountered in Germany and Europe. Ironically; in the immediate post-war years, Germans migrated to Australia in droves.To fill the gap of badly needed workers in the German booming economy, caused by out-migration of Germans. They invited “guest workers” from Islamic Turkey, to settle temporarily in Germany, and they had similar treaties with Greece, Italy and Spain, but they were insufficient to supply Germany's seemingly endless demand for labour. By the end of 1969, more than one million Turkish "guest workers" had arrived in Germany to work in the "host country's" industrial zones.

The initial idea was that the Turkish labourers would return home after a period of two years, but the so-called "rotation clause" was removed from the German-Turkish treaty in 1964, partly due to pressure from German industry, which did not want to pay the costs of constantly training new workers. The predictable result was that many Turks never returned home. Germany is now awakening to the fact how foolish it was to overturn the "rotation clause."

Europe has learnt the hard way of the problems Muslim migran
ts can bring to their respective countries. They are trying now to shut the gate after the proverbial horse had bolted, (We keep it wide open), but they are realising now (too late) that once you have noncompliant migrants in the country it is very hard to get rid of them.

We in Australia are at present bursting at the seams with illegal “migrants” arriving in boatloads and uninvited, most, or all of them are Muslims. Will we learn from the German Experiment? The slogan “populate or perish” is perhaps still having relevance in our country today, but it is imperative that we must select
migrants that are willing to adapt and integrate into the Australian society, otherwise our culture will “perish” and another will come into place, which most of us would not be happy with. It is time we take our blinkers off, and that applies in particular, to our politicians.

For the record: To what religion, or race a person belongs to, has no bearing on me whatsoever; I judge people on their merit and their attitude and not their religion or race. I never had a problem with employing and training aborigines. Can Islam and (we) Australians infidels form a close-knit homogeneous group in our country? What do you think?

And finally, I assume we have a world first. We have now a Prime Minister, who is unmarried and an atheist, which means that she is “religion neutral.” She moved now into the “Lodge” with her partner, the official residence of Australian Prime Ministers. One would have to assume that her partner will be known as the “F
irst Man," after all, the wives of PMs are usually referred to as the “First Lady." - Werner
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Following are excerpts from an interesting article by Soeren Kern, To read the whole article, click here. For reading Related Topics by Soeren Kern. Click here. Send this to your federal Member of Parliament. - Werner

A national debate is raging in Germany over Muslim
immigration. The issue is drawing attention not only to Germany's broken immigration system, which for many decades now has failed to integrate Germany's Muslim population, but also to Germany's demographic time bomb, which is significantly accelerating the pace of Muslim immigration. Click on picture to enlarge.

The debate is also exposing deep rifts between Germany's politically correct elites, who for years have tried to silence discussion about Muslim immigration, and vast numbers of ordinary Germans, who are becoming increasingly uneasy about the social changes that are transforming Germany, largely due to the presence of millions of non-integrated Muslims in the country.

The debate over Muslim immigration is being fuelled by an explosive new book titled "Germany Does Away With Itself." The best-seller, authored by 65-year-old Thilo Sarrazin, a prominent German banker who is also a long-time member of the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), has broken Germany's long-standing taboo on discussing the impact of Muslim immigration by highlighting painful truths about the current state of affairs.

Apprehension about the future explains why Sarrazin's concerns over Muslim integration are resonating with the German population at large. (Sarrazin's book has topped the bestseller list on bookseller Amazon's German website since its publication in late August, and book tour dates are sold out across the country.) Polls show broad public support for Sarrazin's anger that many Muslim immigrants shut themselves off from Germany, do not speak German and do not share the German and European worldview.

According to a recent survey conducted by TNS Emnid pollsters, around 20 percent of German voters would back a hypothetical political party led by Sarrazin. Another poll conducted by the mass-circulation Bild am Sonntag shows that 89 percent of those surveyed say Sarrazin's arguments are convincing. "For them, Sarrazin is somebody who is finally saying what many are thinking," according to Emnid.

This worries the uppity guardians of German political correctness, who have tried to silence Sarrazin by getting him removed from the board of the German central bank, the Bundesbank, and expelled from the Social Democratic Party. Infuriated by Sarrazin's audacity to question the status quo of German multiculturalism, the bulk of Germany's political and media class has been working overtime to delegitimize Sarrazin as a "racial arsonist."

Excerpts from the book, which is written in a highly confrontational style, include the following:

"In every European country, due to their low participation in the labor market and high claim on state welfare benefits, Muslim migrants cost the state more than they generate in added economic value. In terms of culture and civilization, their notions of society and values are a step backwards."

"No other religion in Europe is so demanding and no other migration group depends so much on the social welfare state and is so much connected to criminality."

"Most of the cultural and economic problems [in Germany] are concentrated in a group of the five to six million immigrants from Muslim countries."

"I do not want my grandchildren and great-grandchildren to live in a mostly Muslim country where Turkish and Arabic are widely spoken, women wear headscarves and the day's rhythm is determined by the call of the muezzin."

"If the birthrate of migrants remains higher than that of the indigenous population, within a few generations, the migrants will take over the state and society."

"I do not want us to end up as strangers in our own land, not even on a regional basis.
From today's perspective, the immigration of guest workers in the 1960s and 1970s was a gigantic mistake."

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My thought for today. - Werner
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Music is Therapeutic.

The future is looking bleak, with ominous looking clouds on the horizon. We have a hung federal parliament, and the Greens will command a majority in the Australian Senate. The cost of living is constantly going up and up and many people have difficulty making ends meet. Australia ain’t what it used to be. This is causing distress, worry and anxiety.

We have some choices.
1. We can worry, but this will not improve the situation; worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get us anywhere. 2. We can turn to drink, but this can have bad side effects. 3. We can listen to beautiful music; it will uplift our spirits, and make us feel better. This is the better option, which I highly recommend. Following are some melodious selections for you from my favourite orchestra of Andre Rieu. So, sit back, listen and enjoy. Click on the respective (Click here) links. - Werner
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ANDRE RIEU -Tuscany- Italian National Anthem (M. Novaro)
This is one of the best National Anthems. - Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU – operas (trechos) in Cortona (Toscana-Italia) – Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - Hava Nigila. – Click here.

ANDRE RIEU mix. – Click here

ANDRE RIEU - Strauss-Walzer Medley. - Click here

ANDRÉ RIEU - Kaiserwalzer. – Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - Al cavallino bianco. - Click here

ANDRÉ RIEU. - Marina – Click here.

Andre Rieu & Mirusia Louwerse - Zwei kleine Italiener 2009. Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - Zirkus Renz (Circus Renz) HEIDELBERG 2009. Click here.

André Rieu & DJ Ötzi at Schönbrunn - La Ola Walzer. – Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - operas(trechos) in Cortona(Toscana-Italia) Click here.

And finally a special feature: The Norwegian Military Tattoo – a must see. Click here.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. - Red Auerbach

Sunday, September 19, 2010

“Warm, Watered and Well Fed is Better”.

Hi everybody, I’m back again after two weeks in (for us) cold Brisbane. Here is what Viv. Forbes, of “Carbon Sense” had to say. Please note. This is published for your interest and is not necessarily the opinion of the blogger. I'm sure that you will be able to sort out fact from fiction. - Werner
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Following are two interesting links.
Climate change legislation benefits the elite, not the people.” Click here.

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Will we Learn from History? Or just Become History? Click here.

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The Carbon Sense Coalition today claimed that all government efforts to stop global warming and cut carbon dioxide emissions were anti-life and against the interests of all mankind.

The Chairman of “Carbon Sense”, Mr. Viv Forbes, said that this generation of foolish politicians are the first in history to complain about the beneficial effects that have always accompanied the periodic but short warm eras that punctuate earth’s history. Click on picture to enlarge.

“The human story is intimately tied to the grand cycles of climate and the Chicken Littles should study these before squawking.

“Distant climate history is well recorded in rock strata, ice cores, tree rings, ancient shore lines, marine sediments, pollen distribution, fossil occurrences, coral reef growth, distribution of ancient vegetation, stalactite growth rings and carbon isotope ratios. More recent history is abundantly supplemented in clay tablets, cave paintings, rock art, ancient scrolls, inscriptions, historical events and records, monuments and epitaphs, the rise and fall of empires and direct records of temperature, sun spots, river levels, rainfall, droughts, floods, heat waves and bone chilling blizzards.

“Anyone who studies these records will see that eras warmer than today are periodic but short chapters in the earth story. The most recent major ice age ended a mere 11,500 year ago, when the Modern Interglacial commenced. Since then, earth has experienced five warm eras.

“In the first warm era starting about 4300 BC, the Sahara bloomed with plants, forests spread over Northern Europe and Canada and there was sufficient water for irrigation in Arabia. This era ended when blizzards and ice returned for nearly 1,000 years. Another short warm era started about 1450 BC, but was ended by another bout of cold dry weather that caused depopulation in Greece and Turkey and hardship everywhere.

“In the Roman Warm era, starting about 250 BC, the world smiled again and populations grew. But the warmth was cut short by the return of the snows which forced Vikings and Norsemen out of their frozen North to pillage and then colonise warmer southern lands.

“Then we had the Medieval Warm Period, starting about 800 AD, a time of great achievement and prosperity. Farmers moved back into Scotland and Norway, Greenland was colonised and corn was grown. Vineyards produced wine near Manchester, in East Prussia and Norway. Even Tasmania warmed up. Trade and industry flourished and people had surpluses for culture and education. Cambridge, Oxford and Bologna Universities were founded and cathedrals and temples were built at Westminster Abbey, Notre Dame, Canterbury, Cologne, Florence, Castile and Angkor Wat.

“But Jack Frost returned with the Little Ice Age starting about 1300 AD. Famine, food riots and disease again stalked Europe. Glaciers advanced, ice caps expanded, droughts and blizzards became more common and gales wracked Europe (and destroyed the Spanish Armada). Frosts killed orchards, North Sea cod moved south, food prices soared and farms were abandoned. In Scotland and Norway the capitals moved south and villages were abandoned. The Greenland colony perished. During the frigid years of the Dalton Minimum (1790 – 1820 AD) Napoleon’s Grand Army perished in a bitter Russian winter.

“Then in 1860, with no help from men burning coal or oil, earth started to warm again. This continued until 1942. A cooling spell from 1942 to 1976 had the Alarmists worried that the ice was about to return, but warming resumed from 1976 to 1998. Temperatures have been cooling slightly since then, despite the boom in burning of coal and oil.

“Even a casual glance at climate and human history will show that the warm eras like today are far more beneficial for all life than the cold dry eras.

“People prefer warm climates. They do not flock to Alaska, Archangel or Antarctica for winter – they head for Bermuda, the Black Sea or Bali. All over the world, the human race is migrating towards the sun belts – Florida, the Riviera, and Capricornia – very few volunteer to live in Siberia or Patagonia. President Putin voiced what many Russians must think – “a bit of warmth would be welcome here”.

“Moreover, a bit of warmth would vastly increase the land suitable for growing food and fibres. On the other hand, a slight cooling would take much of the farmlands of Canada, Northern Eurasia and New Zealand out of production, and parts of Tasmania and Victoria may have to convert from producing wheat and dairy products to farming caribou or reindeer.

“Warm eras also provide more rainfall because of the additional evaporation from oceans, lakes, snow and ice, followed by additional precipitation via rain and snow.

“When warmth and moisture are combined with more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the beneficial effects on plant life are multiplied. A doubling of the CO2 content of the air would have insignificant effect on global warming but would have marvellous effects on plant (and then animal) life:

1. Growth rate of herbaceous plants would increase 30%
2. Growth rate of forest plants would increase 50%
3. All plants would be more tolerant of drought and heat
4. Food production would need less land and less artificial fertiliser

“All of this magic can be achieved by allowing man’s activities to recycle more CO2 and water to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide is a colourless, harmless “gas of life” which is in trace quantities in the atmosphere, and has insignificant effects on global temperatures. Why then are politicians taxing carbon and encouraging people to waste money on foolish schemes such as trying to bury valuable carbon dioxide in artificial and expensive carbon cemeteries?

“The whole animal kingdom, including mankind, relies totally on plants to survive. Without grasses and cereals on land and plankton in the sea, most of mankind would starve.

“All plants need moisture, warmth, and carbon dioxide to grow and flourish. Why then are we having hysterics because the earth is currently blessed with more than average of these three magic life sustainers?

“Even the dumbest sheep in Australia knows that being warm, watered and well fed is better than being cold, thirsty and starving.”

“Maybe we should give sheep a vote?”

Viv Forbes Chairman
The Carbon Sense Coalition MS 23 Rosewood Qld.- 0754 640 533. E-mail:

Disclosure of Interest:
Viv Forbes earns income from three carbon emitting industries, coal, cattle and sheep. He hates frosts, droughts and starving stock. He also uses cement, steel and electricity, buys diesel for his tractor, petrol for his car and gas for his barby. He uses trains and occasionally boards an aeroplane. He eats carbon based foods, pays taxes and uses government services funded by taxes on the carbon industries. All of these industries and services will be harmed by carbon taxes, emissions trading or carbon sequestration. He is also a scientist, investment analyst, computer modeller and political analyst. Like the great majority of Australians, he has a big vested interest in the outcome of this historic debate
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My thought for today. – Werner
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The pineapple is more than just a luscious sweet delight.

There are people who say that Queensland is “Gods own country.” Queensland is often nicknamed the Sunshine State, since it enjoys warm weather and a sizeable portion of the state is in the tropics. It can be beautiful one day, and perfect the next. All this may well lend itself to the fact that we grow the juiciest and the sweetest pineapples. So, it could also be said that the pineapple is the "Sunshine Fruit from the Sunshine State."
A German visitor who tasted our pineapples exclaimed: Brutal süß! (In this case, brutal is a vernacular meaning “extremely” or” tremendously” and “süß” means sweet.)

Pineapple is one of those foods that is heaven to eat. A good, juicy ripe pineapple can satisfy a sweet craving as well as any chocolate bar. In addition to being a delicious food, Pineapple is loaded with Vitamins and Minerals. The obvious benefits of pineapple are all the vitamins and minerals the fruit is loaded with. Its nutrients include calcium, potassium, fibre, and vitamin C. In addition it is low in fat and cholesterol.

We also grow a variety here in North Queensland called: “Mareeba Gold” for which the term “Brutal süß” would be an understatement.

When you taste a “Mareeba Gold” pineapple, you will notice it is different from other pineapples because of its low acid, high sweetness and soft aroma. To read more, click here. - Werner
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Click here for something different, a brilliant video clip; nothing to do with pineapples.
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Health Benefits of Pineapple.
This sticky and sweet tropical fruit is a favourite with children of all ages. The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family and are composed of many flowers whose fruitlets are fused around a core. It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit. The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad today. It is a multiple fruit. One pineapple is actually made up of dozens of individual flowerets that grow together to form the entire fruit. Each fruitlet has an eye which is the spiny part on the pineapple's surface. Pineapples are both sweet and tart with a beautiful, tropical yellow colour, reminiscent of warm summer days at the beach. They are also an integral part of sweet and sour sauce, you can't go past the wonderful pineapple. Click on picture to enlarge.

The benefits of pineapple can be achieved through eating fresh, canned, or frozen pineapple or by drinking its juice.
Pineapple is the second most popular tropical fruit, next to bananas. Some people find pineapples as a very luxurious and even exotic fruit. Eating this delicious fruit on regular basis provides immense health benefits one could ever think of. Here are a few given below:

Strengthens weak bones:
One of the benefits of pineapple is that it helps to build healthy bones. Pineapples are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is needed for your body to build bone and connective tissues. Just one cup of pineapple provides 73% of the daily recommended amount of manganese. The benefits of pineapple can effect the growth of bones in young people and the strengthening of bones in older people.

Good for Gums: Your gums are very important to keep healthy. The gums hold the teeth in place and your teeth would be in bad condition if you have unhealthy gums. By eating pineapple, you are strengthening your gums to make it through the hard years later.

Prevents Macular Degeneration: Pineapples contain a lot of beta-carotene that is good for the eyes and for your vision. Studies show that eating three or more helpings of pineapple a day may lower your chance of getting age-related macular degeneration, the main cause of vision loss in older folks. Pineapple and other fruit have been shown to be important in maintaining good eye health.

Helps Arthritis: Bromelain is also considered an effective anti-inflammatory. Regular ingestion of at least one half cup of fresh pineapple daily is purported to relieve painful joints common to osteoarthritis. It produces mild pain relief. In Germany, bromelain is approved as a post-injury medication because it is thought to reduce inflammation and swelling. Bromelain can refer to one of two protease enzymes extracted from the plant family Bromeliaceae, or it can refer to a combination of those enzymes along with other compounds produced in an extract. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme (an enzyme that digests proteins) found in fresh pineapple. It is often used to treat muscle injuries and as a digestive aid.

Coughs and Colds: While many people often take extra vitamin C or drink extra orange juice when they have a cold, few consider eating pineapple. The benefits of pineapple when you have a cold or cough are the same as the benefits of orange juice, but there is an additional benefit of pineapple. Bromelain, which is found in pineapples, has been found to help suppress coughs and loosen mucus.

Digestion: The bromelain found in pineapples aids in digestion. Eating one slice of pineapple after each meal will reduce gas, bloating, nausea, constipation and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Fresh pineapple juice also aids in removing intestinal worms.

Sinusitis and Bronchitis: Bromelain has been shown helpful for upper respiratory tract infections such as Sinusitis and Bronchitis. Bromelain helps to reducing nasal inflammation and break up the mucus in the nasal, sinus and respiratory area.

Blood Clots: Pineapples can help reduce the risk of blood clots due to the bromelain present in the fruit and thereby preventing heart problems.

One of the most important enzymes in pineapples is Bromelain and it is this enzyme that holds the key to many of the pineapple's health benefits. Fresh pineapple is full of these sulphur-containing, protein-digesting compounds. So, what can it do for you?

Bromelain and pineapples
Bromelain has been found to be a useful anti-inflammatory, effective in reducing swelling and assisting in the treatment of conditions such as acute sinusitis, sore throat, arthritis and gout. For increased effectiveness, pineapple should be eaten between meals without other food. This is because of another of bromelaid's properties, that as an aid to digestion. If eaten with other food, bromelaid's health benefits will be taken up in helping to digest the other food.

Pineapple is also an excellent source of manganese, a mineral essential in some of the enzymes necessary in the body for energy production. It also has very good amounts of thiamine (vitamin B1) which is also important in these energy producing enzymes.

Pineapple is high in anti-oxidants.
A very good source of vitamin C, pineapple offers your body an excellent protection against free-radicals, substances that attack healthy cells. A build up of free-radicals can lead to atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease, an increase in asthma attacks and an increased risk of developing certain cancers, such as colon cancer. Free-radicals have also been shown to accentuate the problems associated with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Vitamin C, your body's most important water-soluble anti-oxidant has proven itself invaluable in fighting against and aiding treatment for these conditions. Vitamin C is, of course, also an excellent cold and flu fighter due to its importance to the proper functioning of the immune system.

As pineapple stops ripening when picked, choose carefully and don't select one that looks immature. Pineapples can be stored at room temperature; however they spoil easily and should be watched carefully. To keep it longer than a day or two, wrap in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator for up to five days. If you've cut your pineapple, store unused pieces in the refrigerator in an airtight container and use as soon as possible. They can be frozen, however this will change the flavour so be careful.

When you eat pineapples, you have a better chance at having a healthier life. Doctors have been preaching the eating of fruits for centuries. There is always good things that come from fruits. Be aware of all the benefits of the fruit you eat so you know what you are lacking for the day. Our bodies need a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins a day. By eating fruit, we have a happy, healthier life.

Pineapple and its acid.
As we already know,pineapple is an excellent source of vitamins A, C and to a lesser extent, B. It is rich in manganese, which is an essential part of certain enzymes needed for metabolizing proteins and carbohydrates. Its enzyme Bromelain is used for digesting proteins. While thus digesting proteins, it gives some effective anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also known to both enhance the effectiveness of medical antibiotics and also to contain antibiotic potential itself. This has been observed in treating abscesses, pneumonia, kidney infection and bronchitis. Ripe pineapple contains about 10% fruit sugar. Its high chlorine content is a digestive aid.

A glass of juice or a few pieces of pineapple after meals, relieve the digestive disorders of the dyspeptics. Its fresh juice soothes the throat. Pineapple juice is a specific for diphtheria. Pineapple is antiseptic and a gland regulator. It tends to reduce the acidity of urine. It helps in normalising menstruation. It is good for high blood pressure. It really has eye opening uses and benefits.

An enzyme extracted from the stem of the pineapple is used for tenderizing meat. Liquid sugar for canning, citric acid for drinks and flavouring for pharmaceuticals are the by products from its juice.

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