Friday, September 24, 2010

Music is Therapeutic.

The future is looking bleak, with ominous looking clouds on the horizon. We have a hung federal parliament, and the Greens will command a majority in the Australian Senate. The cost of living is constantly going up and up and many people have difficulty making ends meet. Australia ain’t what it used to be. This is causing distress, worry and anxiety.

We have some choices.
1. We can worry, but this will not improve the situation; worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get us anywhere. 2. We can turn to drink, but this can have bad side effects. 3. We can listen to beautiful music; it will uplift our spirits, and make us feel better. This is the better option, which I highly recommend. Following are some melodious selections for you from my favourite orchestra of Andre Rieu. So, sit back, listen and enjoy. Click on the respective (Click here) links. - Werner
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ANDRE RIEU -Tuscany- Italian National Anthem (M. Novaro)
This is one of the best National Anthems. - Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU – operas (trechos) in Cortona (Toscana-Italia) – Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - Hava Nigila. – Click here.

ANDRE RIEU mix. – Click here

ANDRE RIEU - Strauss-Walzer Medley. - Click here

ANDRÉ RIEU - Kaiserwalzer. – Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - Al cavallino bianco. - Click here

ANDRÉ RIEU. - Marina – Click here.

Andre Rieu & Mirusia Louwerse - Zwei kleine Italiener 2009. Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - Zirkus Renz (Circus Renz) HEIDELBERG 2009. Click here.

André Rieu & DJ Ötzi at Schönbrunn - La Ola Walzer. – Click here.

ANDRÉ RIEU - operas(trechos) in Cortona(Toscana-Italia) Click here.

And finally a special feature: The Norwegian Military Tattoo – a must see. Click here.

Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. - Red Auerbach


André Rieu Fan said...

Thank you Werner for your excellent posting. I enjoyed the music; it is certainly uplifting, enjoyable and therapeutic.

Betty & Bob said...

Thank you for the nice music and the Norwegian Tattoo; we enjoyed it tremendously.