Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Australian Federal Government must have found a money tree.

This tree, it seems, is delivering an unlimited and prolific crop of money to the federal government that is squandered left right and centre. Will we ever be able to hold our politician accountable? Is this another monetary debacle by the Rudd government?

Following is a comment from Stewart Beattie, Australia. Who is Stewart Beattie? You may ask. He was one of the prime investigators who exposed the truth behind the Port Arthur, Tasmania massacre. He attended several Inverell Forums. What is “The Inverell Forum?” Click on this link. – Werner
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Here is what Stewart Beattie wrote.
The debacle, politicians refer to as our "Health System", and via Professor Jim Bishop the Commonwealth's Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has recently begun promoting the dire threat posed by a 'certain outbreak' of H1N1 erroneously called 'swine flu' this coming winter.

Let's get it clear in our minds: This is a monetary THREAT not a health issue. In Australia, "Rudd the Dud" the hand-out compulsive, last year authorized the CMO to order the "vaccine" which the public rejected to such an extent it has seen an oversupply of 21,000,000 doses on which the use-by-date is about to expire.

How much did that little error cost us? Is that why the PUBLIC are being asked to donate to flood victims in Queensland? These turkeys in Canberra can give away $millions to Indonesia, Haiti, the Pacific islands etc etc, but cannot and will not look after Australians properly.

This same turkey - the "Oh-dear-my-hair-is-mussed" Rudd - even had his bureaucrats do the hard sell on Canada, where tax-payers were duped into paying C$402.5 million for the 200,000 doses they purchased from Australia. Do the sums. That comes to C$201.25 per dose!!!!! This is no less than international fraud.
It was a fizzer here. It failed to materialize even in the USA - where a huge number of victims suffered the dire side effects of the 'jabs' than ever were hospitalised by the side effects of the N1H1 vaccine than all of the cases of flu (including the seasonal variety) combined!
Even if you do swallow this line by what in truth are not medical doctors, but rather mind doctors with a serious imbalance in their accounting, then you owe yourself and your family at least the consideration of what the likes of Dr Sherry Tenpenny has to say rebutting the efficacy of this product courtesy of the globalist labs staffed by men-in-white-coats. The site is below, takes only 5 minutes to read.

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My thought for today. - Werner
Nothing seems expensive on credit. Czech Proverb.


Helen Francis said...

Werner, thank you for this posting I had no idea why the government was so eager to give us swine flu shots, which we refused as we were reading bad things about it. The wasting of money by this federal government is absolutely astounding. Keep up the good work, your blog is really interesting and informative.

T. Asquith said...

Dear Helen Frances, I think I would be right when I say that far more people have died from influenza than from war. We can never stop war, but surely the pursuit of a vaccine to limit the effect of the various mutating strains of influenza is a good thing?! And Werner, there is so much so-called science out there (your link to Dr Sherry Tenpenny's article is just one), so in fairness, I ask you; how long would it take to 'Google' a contradictory article? I'd suggest a couple of minutes. Did you see that example of dodgy science/medicine re stem cells on Foreign Correspondent last night? Have you read of the Australian (businessman) who sits on the fundraising board of the Victor Chang Foundation? He is telling Indonesians that smoking can be healthy - see:

There are experts contradicting experts everywhere, the secret is to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff. No easy task.

Sonja Hardy said...

T. Asquith - Yes, science, like statistics, can be manipulated to 'prove' just about anything. In trying to 'sort the wheat from the chaff' I look for reputable scientists who don't appear to have vested interests in what they report. Google Dr Russell Blaylock, highly regarded neurosurgeon and health expert, if you want to learn about swine and seasonal flu vaccines, and why it is much safer to risk the flu than the vaccine. In the case of fluoride, Google Fluoride Action Network, a website run by a very reputable chemistry professor, and learn why thousands of scientists, medical practitioners and dentists want water fluoridation stopped world wide.