Monday, April 26, 2010

Vaccination death! Government cover-up?

Merilyn Haines, a Medical Scientist, is asking a pertinent question. The Queensland Labor government is an expert at concealing the unpalatable truth from its citizens; take forced water fluoridation for example. The Queensland population is becoming increasingly cynical about this government – and I don’t blame them. Please, make every parent with young children aware of what Merilyn wrote. - Werner
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Are the Queensland Health Minister and Queensland Chief Health Officer lying over when they said they knew about toddler’s death post Flu vaccination ?

The Brisbane Channel 10 5pm news, Friday 9th April reported Upper Mt Gravatt Police were investigating the sudden death of a 2 year old the day after she and her family had been vaccinated for Swine Flu.

The Channel 10 news also reported that evening that the deputy Premier ( Paul Lucas - who is also Health Minister ) as saying no-one should avoid vaccinations.

As there did not seem to be any other reports of this death, I personally contacted Channel 10 on Monday 12th April to check the details which they confirmed and also said that there was to be a post mortem on the Monday.

A week later, there were no still no reports of the death in the Courier Mail. I personally contacted a Courier Mail medical reporter on Friday morning 16th April and she confirmed that the Courier Mail knew about the death , but had decided not to report it, citing there was no evidence.

On Sunday the 25 th April, the Sunday Mail finally reported the death of the 2 yr old , after dozens of Western Australian children suffering severe adverse reactions following seasonal flu vaccinations started being reported.

The Courier Mail today ( 26th April ) reported Qld Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young as saying “ until now, neither Queensland Health , nor the relevant national body had been advised of, or were aware of, any death allegedly related to a 2010 seasonal flu vaccine in Queensland”

So how did Channel 10 news report the Deputy Premier as saying on the 9th April that no one should avoid vaccinations?

Did Channel 10 make this up? Did some Qld Health bureaucrat give this statement on behalf of Paul Lucas?

Police were investigating the child’s death on the 9th April, so why didn’t the Police and the doctor involved alert Queensland Health and the Adverse Medicine Events hotline?

If Dr Young or Paul Lucas knew about the death and kept silent for weeks, in which time dozens, probably hundreds of young West Australian children have suffered adverse health effects that may have been prevented , this may be a criminal action.

It is believed a one year old is lying brain dead in a Perth Hospital as a consequence of a recent seasonal flu vaccination.

As a mother and an Aunt and someone who just wants a fair deal for our kids, I am one of many who will be demanding a full Parliamentary Inquiry and the sacking of Paul Lucas and Jeannette Young.

Merilyn Haines

PS. I am not opposed to vaccinations, only opposed to politicians who lie and those who would let harm befall our children.
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My thought for today. – Werner
A good time to keep your mouth shut is when you're in deep water. -. Sidney Goff

(One can assume that this is the modus operandi, Paul Lucas and Jeannette Young, applied to this case.. - Werner)

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