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Terrorizing Muslim Women.

Some time ago I received an e-mail titled the “Joys of Muslim women” and the author was given as Nonie Darwish. I wrote to her to ask for permission to publish this article and she wrote back that she wasn’t the author, and gave me permission to publish her article, “Terrorizing Muslim Women," which was published in the FrontPage Magazine USA in July 2010. Picture: Nonnie Darwish.

Nonie Darwish was born in Egypt, she is the daughter of an Egyptian Army lieutenant general, who was called a "shahid" (click this link) by the Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser, after being killed in a targeted killing in 1956. Darwish blames "the Middle Eastern Islamic culture and the propaganda of hatred taught to children from birth" for his death. In 1978, she moved with her husband to the United States, and converted to Christianity there. After September 11, 2001 she has written on Islam-related topics.

The people of Australia are getting increasingly concerned, about the rapid increase of Muslims in this country.
The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said recently that Multiculturalism is a dismal failure in Germany and the rest of Europe can echo the same sentiments. It is a sad and well-known fact that Muslims in Europe refuse to integrate in their respective European counties – and the same is the case in Australia. I would like to stress that I’m not xenophobic, I’m publishing this to inform. - Werner
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Terrorizing Muslim Women, by Nonie Darwish
There is an article floating all over the Internet, “Joys of Muslim Women, which discusses the horrific truth about how Islam legally treats women. The article claims to have been written by me, but that is false: I am not the author. Let me use this occasion, however, to set a few matters straight:

The silence is deafening around the world in regards to the inhumanity and brutality of Sharia towards women. Most of the activism against stoning, flogging and abuse of women under Sharia is heard from former Muslim women, like myself, and a few others in the West who dare to expose the truth.

Muslim women have no choice but to abide by Sharia, since rejecting it is grounds for the charge of apostasy, punishable by death. Having been exposed to Sharia for centuries, Muslim women have learned convoluted coping mechanisms to avoid Sharia’s wrath. Engaging in their own form of Stockholm Syndrome, most Muslim women publicly defend the very laws that enslave them. Even Obama’s advisor on Islamic affairs, Dalia Mujahed, stated that Sharia is “misunderstood.” Muslim women end up as the guardians of their own jails. It is women who often report younger girls who refuse to wear the head cover, and some wives cover up for the honor killing of a daughter by their husband or son. Many have accepted their inferior status and wear it as a badge of honor.

That is why there is no significant grass-roots feminist movement in the Muslim world today. Muslim feminists are routinely accused of apostasy - with its death penalty hanging over their heads. The only feminist movements to speak of in the Muslim world occurred during British colonial rule and, on a smaller scale, when the French conquered Egypt in 1798. By the end of the British rule, feminism ended inside the Muslim world.
Many Muslims claim that “Islam honors women” just as they claim that Islam is a “Religion of Peace.” The truth however, is just the opposite. Islam does not honor women, but rather holds their very lives in absolute bondage.

America must outlaw Sharia from ever being practiced by anyone on American soil. If we fail to do this, if we permit Sharia to creep into our legal system, we might as well say goodbye to our freedom. Here are just a few examples of what Muslim women must live under:

[1] There is no age limit for marriage of girls under Sharia. A man can pay a dowry and sign a marriage contract with parents of a toddler girl and consummate the marriage at age 9. Recent cases in Yemen and Saudi Arabia exposed this tragedy when 8-year-old girls filed for divorce from their over 50-year-old husbands. Not one Muslim authority challenged the Saudi marriage high official, Dr. Ahmad Al Mubi, who stated in 2008, in an interview that aired on LBC TV: “There is no minimal age for entering marriage. The Prophet Muhammad is the model we follow.”

[2] Islamic law states: “a Muslim will not be punished for killing an adulterer.” Islam, therefore, encourages honor killing of women. Since men have more sexual rights than women in Islam, it becomes harder to catch a man committing adultery. Thus women become more susceptible to becoming the victims of the above law, which allows vigilante street justice against adulterous women. I have never heard a Friday sermon stating that honor killing is forbidden in no uncertain terms.

[3] A rebellious wife is one who “answers her husband coldly” or refuses to go to bed with him. Rebelliousness on the part of the wife nullifies the husband’s obligation to support her and gives him permission to beat her (Shafi Law m10 and m11 p. 541-2). The Prophet said: “A man will not be asked as to why he beat his wife”.–Sunaan Abu Dawud, 11.2142.

[4] Divorce is only in the hands of the husband and is as easy as verbally saying “I divorce you.” Thus the wife is divorced whether the husband had the intention to do it or not. Law n3.2 p 559.

[5] There is no community property between husband and wife in Islam. A Muslim wife would be lucky to inherit 20% from her husband. A man’s property after his death is not given to his wife, but is divided among many members of the family such as his parents, other wives; sons take double what daughters get.

[6] A man has the right to have up to 4 wives. Polygamy is not just a right, but loyalty to one wife is discouraged. Mohammed said: “The best Muslims had the largest number of wives,” Bukhari 7.62.7. A Muslim man does not vow loyalty to his bride in the marriage ceremony and the bride must not expect it. In the Muslim marriage contract itself, the husband is asked to give name and address of wife number 1, 2 and 3 if any. (See a copy of the Muslim marriage contract in my book, chapter 2 of Cruel and Usual Punishment.)

[7] Mutaa or pleasure marriage gives the right to a man to marry a woman for a fixed amount of time, from a few hours to several years. That takes away any holiness in the concept of marriage. The only condition is that the man must pay the woman money (dowry) in exchange for sexual rights over her body. This is simply legalized prostitution, exploiting needy and poor women. This form of marriage is not registered or regulated by the State.
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My thought for today: - Werner
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. Konrad Adenauer


True Blue Aussie said...

Werner, this is edifying as well worrisome. I’m not worried about myself, but our future generations. They way Muslims produce children, they will eventually gain a majority in this country and we will be subject to Sharia law. The leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, was quoted as saying, “We don’t have to fight to attain world domination, we obtain it by producing more children than the infidels.” We will lose our culture as was portrayed by Channel 7 on Sunday.

sheik yer'mami said...


Your e-mail bounced, so I post it here:

Merkel jumps on xenophobe bandwagon

Leo Kretzenbacher
October 30, 2010

IF A statement is completely wrong and illogical, Germans call it "so wrong that not even its opposite is correct". Seldom has this characterisation been more fitting than for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's recent announcement that multiculturalism in Germany had failed.

sheik yer'mami said...

Jihad Watch has a transcript with lots of comments up, especially on the taqiyya artist Reza Aslan, an Iranian agent for the mullahs.