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Avocados, a treasure trove of nutrients.

Some of our fruit and vegetable growers have been badly affected by recent natural disasters like floods and cyclones. Our farmers are the backbone of our nation and we have to support them whenever we can and buy Australian produce.

Shepard avocados are now in season and Australian avocado growers are urging consumers to try this fantastic variety while it’s still in stores. Shepard avocados are a delicious, buttery, green-skinned avocado variety available only between the months of February and April.

Many consumers may only be familiar with Hass avocados. Hass avocados are a wonderfully versatile variety available year-round that changes from a green to a dark purple colour as it ripens.

Shepard avocados will keep their green colour even when the fruit is ripe and ready to eat. Shepard avocados are ideal for entertaining; the flesh won't go brown when cut which makes them perfect for salads and dips. You can also spread avocado liberally on your breakfast toast, add them to your sandwich at lunchtime or mix them into pasta for dinner. - Werner

Avocado, Nutrition Information and Facts.
Lower your cholesterol level and increase your immune system with luscious avocado.

to set the record straight, the plural of avocado is avocados, not avocadoes as one sees this oftentimes.
The avocado is also called the 'alligator pear' because of the colour and texture of the leather-like skin. Depending on the variety, avocados can weigh anything from 8 ounces to 3 pounds!

The avocado flesh is hard when harvested and takes about six to nine days to ripen and soften to a buttery texture. It tastes like a cross between a hard-boiled egg yolk and butter.
Like banana, the density of avocado flesh is filling and acts as a digestible slow-burning fuel, providing energy for growing children.

Because of its high carbohydrates and protein content, mashed avocado is the perfect nourishing food for babies who are beginning to take solids.
Nutritional Benefits Next to the olive, the avocado is the second fruit with the highest monounsaturated fatty acids content at 20%.

This amounts to almost twenty times that of any other fruit.
Weight-watchers often stay away from avocados specifically because of the fats content of the fruit. But that's a myth. The monounsaturated fats and the wholesome nutrition helps the basal metabolic rate, and reduce overeating. A majority of the fats content is the health-promoting monounsaturated fats, followed by smaller amounts of polyunsaturated and saturated fats.

The potassium content and calories of an avocado is three times that of a banana. Other essential minerals are iron and copper for the blood, phosphorus and magnesium.
The sodium content in avocados and its low sugar content and absence of starch make it an ideal fruit for diabetics and hypoglycemics. It is also one of the richest source of fibre among all fruits and vegetables. Packed with vitamins A, several B-complex, especially B3 (folic acid), powerful anti-oxidants like vitamins C and E, calcium, iron, potassium, etc.

Avocado is a fruit that is often avoided because of its high fats content. Together with that perception, the numerous health benefits are also overlooked. It's time we take a good look at the healing virtues of this fruit:
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Health Conscience said...

Thanks for this post, Werner. It is soo important to eat a lot of fresh produce and support local farmers. I've been doing that for years but find that EVERYTHING is grown with the use of herbicide, mostly Roundup! The farmers don't tell you that and because it has become such common practice, nobody even thinks about it or asks! Since I get ill every time from such poison exposure,

I now eat very little food that isn't grown in my garden. It narrows down my diet considerably but I avoid getting sick from "artificial food”. Did you know that use of roundup increases the likelihood of getting cancer by 50 %?

It also weakens the immune system but makes the Gates of Hell Foundation very rich! Fits in with the depopulation plan, huh! No wonder everyone is getting sick so much and our young are getting cancer! For anyone buying food on the markets etc who cares about their health, I recommend to ask the producer what poisons they use!

Most don't seam to care these days but then don't like the consequent heath repercussions, one being MCS: