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Who Can You Trust With Your Health?

Following is a contribution from Sonja Hardy, a high school teacher (retired). Sonja is an avid reader and researcher; she is well versed on a myriad of subjects, especially on health, healthy food and healthy living. She doesn’t eat junk food, is a strong proponent of natural health and alternative medicine, and totally opposed to water fluoridation, because it is unsafe, ineffective and takes away our right to informed consent to medication.
Mandatory water fluoridation was imposed on Queenslanders by the now deposed and discredited Anna Bligh, Queensland’s Premier for the last four years, who lost the election on the 24th of March 2012 in a landslide with her Labor party representation now reduced to 7 seats. This happens to governments who don't consult with its electors or  fail to listen to them.  As a mater of fact; a Toyota Tarago has more seats than the Labor party in the Queensland parliament.

Inform yourself  about silicofluoride, on the links below, about this toxic waste product from China that they put into our water supply, which is not reducing tooth decay nor is it cost-effective. If you want this insidious practice stopped; then speak to your LNP Member of parliament and demand  that you want it stopped.

Campbell Newman, the new premier has promised to stop government waste, well; here is his opportunity. Fluoridation was supposed to cost  39 million dollars and this has blown out so far to 113 million and that is not the end of it yet. Who is this cost passed on to? YOU, the rate payer, of course.

Australia's Water Fluoridation Disgrace. 
Fluoride Action Network.Fluoride Action Network.

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Take responsibility for your own health – because the ‘health system’ is corrupt, and you can’t trust the government to protect you.

It continues to astound me that authorities that are supposed to be looking after our best interests often fail miserably to do so, yet most people seem completely unaware of this.  So ingrained is their ‘worship’ of doctors and trust in the various government agencies and ‘health authorities,’ that some people become quite hostile if anyone dares try to ‘enlighten’ them.
Now, I’m not suggesting doctors are to blame.  I have a lot of respect for doctors and the life-saving work they often do – but when it comes to promoting patient ‘wellness’ some of them have a lot to learn.  Just like their patients, many of them are victims of the way ‘the system’ operates. It often takes a health crisis in their own family for a doctor to realize conventional medicine doesn’t hold all the answers.
I recently came across an interesting article, "The Dangers of the Medical Industrial Complex," which goes some way towards explaining this situation.  It was written by Dr Mark Hyman, a medical doctor, who exposes the deceptive ‘scientific’ practices and government policies that protect the very profitable drug industry rather than the public.  Included is an eye-opening discussion of various cholesterol-lowering drugs and their effects.  That alone should convince people of the need to do some research, and take responsibility for their own health.

Though this article is about the USA, the situation is the same here.  Our TGA, (Therapeutic Goods Administration) which is entirely funded by the drug companies it is supposed to regulate, usually just accepts FDA rulings.

Here are some excerpts, but it is well worth reading the article in full.  Find the link at the bottom of  the excerpts. -Sonja Hardy,  BEdSt DipT

YOUR DOCTORS THINK they make decisions based on medical evidence. But they don’t! In fact, half of medical evidence is hidden from your doctors. …When a drug company designs and performs a study, it has to be registered with the FDA and ALL the results must be submitted to the FDA.  But it doesn’t work that way.

Instead, the pharmaceutical companies ONLY submit the data they want to get published to medical journals.  That means that any negative studies are hidden from the scientific community and from the public.

And when drug studies are sponsored by drug companies – as most are – they find positive outcomes at 4 times the rate of independently funded studies. This is also true for nutrition studies funded by the food industry that show the benefits of dairy or high-fructose corn syrup. …Since drug companies fund most of the research in the world, other therapies that work better – such as diet and lifestyle or nutritional therapies – never get enough funding.   …

Most doctors don’t even have time to read the medical journals they receive. They get tiny bits of information from drug reps, who come to their office with free lunch and a sound bite about their drug.They get slightly more information from researchers who are funded by pharmaceutical companies and present their findings at conferences sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, using presentations prepared for them by pharmaceutical companies.  Not exactly independent, evidence-based medicine!

…   drug companies are aided by the FDA, which suppresses, hides, and doesn’t publish negative studies on drugs, only positive ones. This leads doctors to think they have all the evidence when they don’t.
… doctors, patients, and the media believe they have the whole truth, often until it is too late, like with Zetia or Premarin or Vioxx.

The evidence was there, but no one looked or publicized it.  This makes it very difficult for consumers to get the best treatments for their health and the whole truth about drugs.
Here’s my advice on how to make sense of things.

1.    Follow the money. Look carefully at who funded the study. Be suspicious if it was funded by drug companies.
2.    Call or email your congressperson or Senator to demand better legislation providing an easy-to-navigate database of all drug trials, with consumer-friendly summaries of both published AND unpublished data submitted to the FDA so you can look up the drug you are prescribed and have a balanced opinion.
3.    Don’t assume that drugs are the answer to your health problems. Heart disease is NOT a Lipitor deficiency but the result of your lifestyle interacting with your genes.
4.    Learn to ask the question “why?” – And search for the answers. Dealing with lifestyle and environmental factors (the basis of UltraWellness) almost always works better for chronic illnesses. Drugs are there as a backup only if needed.

The Dangers of the Medical Industrial Complex. Posted by Dr Mark Hyman on April 29th, 2011. Click here, to read the Full Story.

My thought for today. – Werner
Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability. - Sir William Osler

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Johnpaul said...

Thank you for your article. It had a lot of great information and was well written.alternative medicine

Concerned Citizen said...

The same fraudulent science applies to water fluoridation, and now to Genetically Modified Foods. Look at the following links:

vivi6121 said...

I have been doing recently lots of research, reading on water fluoridation and I couldn't agree more with what you say. I'm looking for some fluoride free alternative. What do you use? I'm sure you're not drinking this poison coming our water system.
I can't believe our politicians are all such a big know what...
There should be something done with the water, maybe council election could make some difference? (probably just wishful thinking)

vivi6121 said...

I have been doing recently lots of research, reading on water fluoridation and I couldn't agree more with what you say. I'm looking for some fluoride free alternative. What do you use? I'm sure you're not drinking this poison coming our water system.
I can't believe our politicians are all such a big know what...
There should be something done with the water, maybe council election could make some difference? (probably just wishful thinking)

Sonja Hardy said...

vivi6121, For cooking and drinking we have a reverse osmosis water filter with an alkalysing filter to remineralise the water, because RO takes out all the good minerals too. There are many brands of these filters, and it is important that you research them well before you buy, because they vary in quality, and some alkalysing filters put harmful chemicals back in too. RO also wastes a lot of water, so if you live in a drought area this could be a problem.

Other alternatives - filtered tank water; good quality spring water (but make sure natural fluoride content is low, and fluoride hasn't been added. Also plastic bottles can leach harmful chemicals); there are other types of filters that remove some of the fluoride, or that draw humidity from the air to make water - again you need to research to find if they are right for you.

Of course, unless you have a whole of house RO filter, you will still be absorbing fluoride when you bathe or shower. Costs of these have come down significantly, and I plan to look into one soon.

But the only real solution is to stop water fluoridation altogether, because even if you have a filter, whenever you eat out, or eat foods processed with fluoridated water, you will be getting dosed. So please join the battle to have this stopped by lobbying politicians, writing letters to the media, and informing others.