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The eggplant an “eggcellent” health food.

The eggplant is a member of the nightshade family; it's related to the potato and tomato. Though commonly thought of as a vegetable, eggplant is actually a fruit, specifically a berry. Whatever you want to call it – it is good and healthy. Following is the text taken from an interesting PowerPoint presentation about the eggplant’s nutrients for good health.

This is followed by some interesting eggplant recipes from my friend, Barbara, and our granddaughter Renee. Perhaps you would like to share your eggplant recipes on this forum. - Werner

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Do you know that eggplant and cholesterol are closely related?
There are 3 kinds of Eggplant, namely green, white and purple; all have the same capabilities.

Eggplant contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C and fat proteins.  Scientific experiments indicate eggplant is rich in Vitamin P.  To learn more about vitamin “P” click here.

Each kg of eggplant contains up to 7200 mg of vitamin P.
  Within the popular health food category, it is described as outstanding.
Vitamin P can enhance the adhesion between human cells, lower cholesterol, and maintain the tenacity of microvascular (blood capillary). 

For the elderly, eating eggplant can inhibit vascular sclerosis; at the same time lower high blood pressure and has the special features of microtubule breakdown prevention.
In the American medical profession “The 12 Laws of lowering cholesterol", eggplant ranked the FIRST.

In fact, eggplant not only can lower cholesterol & high blood pressure, soften blood vessels but also contain anti-cancer ingredients.  It is known in modern science that eggplant contain “Solanine“.  “Solanine" can inhibit the proliferation of tumour in the digestive system.  Experts recommend cancer patient to eat eggplant as a regular food.

Eggplant, in the diet category, has more value than above-stated; it also can control hemoptysis, age spots, bad hyperlipidemia and also has certain effectiveness on gout patients.

The best way to eat eggplant is - preferably not fried.  Rinse the eggplant, cut it into slices, and put it into the rice bowl and steam.  On serving, stir it with chopped ginger & spring onion, garlic, sesame oil; add a little vinegar and soy sauce. 
It is a colourful, delicious & flavour cuisine and, also is a healthy food for the elderly!
Read more about eggplant. Click here.
For an interesting video click here.

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Here is what Barbara writes.  I quote: I'm impressed with all the benefits of eating eggplant.  It is also a very attractive looking vegetable.  

I cook this vegetable in a number of ways - Ratatouille is one dish I cook frequently, which contains, zucchini, eggplant, capsicum, fresh tomato, basil, parsley diced onion & crushed garlic  It is all cooked in one pot and with very little olive oil just enough to brown all the vegetables initially.  There is no water added as it is gently simmered until tender and the lovely juices of the vegetables along with the fresh herbs give it a glorious flavour.  It is a delicious dish in its own right or as an accompaniment to any meat dish.
Moussaka, is another eggplant dish I cook.  I slice the eggplant length ways, lightly brush with olive oil and place the slices on a oven paper lined baking tray and bake until a light golden brown.  In meantime I have cooked a bolognaise sauce and also a Béchamel sauce (white sauce with freshly grated parmesan cheese etc,) then I lightly grease a baking tray with olive oil, place a layer of eggplant.  Then bolognaise then more eggplant (just like lasagne is made) and top it off with Béchamel then sprinkle some cinnamon pdr on top and bake at 180degrees (fan-forced) oven for approximately 20 minutes until the top is a soft golden brown.  It's delicious! There are so many delicious ways to cook this attractive vegetable....I also stuff them.  And I make a delicious pickle with the small banana shaped ones. Unquote. 

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And here is what our granddaughter, Renee does with eggplant.

She dices eggplants and then fries them in a bit of olive oil with some onion, adds kale and steams that for a while.  Then stirs it into cooked pasta with a jar of basil pesto; adds some grated  cheese on top. Yummy!
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My thought for today. – Werner
To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art. - La Rochefoucauld
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