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Pain can be relieved the natural way without chemical drugs.

The powerful pharmaceutical companies are pressuring governments around the world to legislate to prohibit selling alternative medicine. The main reason for this is quite obvious - to make more money and eliminate their opposition. I remember when I grew up, apart from headache tablets and penicillin there was never such a myriad of pharmaceuticals around or known to us, as is the case today. Yet we very seldom had to see a doctor, and all the minor ills were always easily fixed with known alternative home remedies passed on from generations to respective mums.
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I feel compelled to tell you a story about how alternative medicine helped my wife to overcome excruciating arthritic pain, which modern medicine was unable to do. Any person who is suffering from pain should read about this non chemical pain relief.
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To make a long story short, my wife, Karola, suffered from extreme arthritic joint pain, Panadeine and Panadol did not reduce the pain and the doctor prescribed “Panadol Osteo,” but this didn’t help her either.

Eventually Karola was put on the drug “Prednisolone”
starting with 10 mg, which eliminated the pain, within a very short time. However, this gave her a lot of unpleasant side effects, including big black and blue spots on her arms and her face puffed up, just to mention a couple. She didn’t mind the latter so much as she jokingly said: “I lost my wrinkles.” This drug can also cause problems for the kidneys. After a lengthy time on this drug she was determined to slowly wean herself off it, under the doctor’s supervision.

Every week she took one milligram less and after several months she was off it.
What the doctor and Karola hopped was that her body would attune to this and she could stay off this drug and remain pain free.  Unfortunately, after about one month the severe pain was back again. She couldn’t lift her arms, turn her wrists, needed help with dressing/undressing and was in absolute agony and becoming despondent.

Her own doctor was away and the doctor she saw wouldn’t give here the go ahead to go back on Prednisolone.  He told her to have blood tests and to see him in a week’s time and he would then decide on what to do to alleviate the pain.

However this was too long a time to be in absolute agony.
It was terrible for me to see her suffering so much pain and I went on the internet looking for alternative pain killers. I found that Turmeric was an excellent one.

Read more about turmeric  and its extract
curcumin. Link one. Link two.I went to the health food store, which had turmeric capsules in stock. However, when I told them what medication Karola was taking they were not sure if these capsules would interfere with her medication. They even rang the company who produced these capsules, but they were very reluctant to say that she could take them and suggested we see our chemist. So, I went to the chemist and was greeted by Karen, the assistant of the Smithfield Pharmacy, whom we have known for a long time. I told her about the situation and that I read that turmeric was a good pain killer. Karola had reached the stage when she was going to try anything to alleviate her extreme pain.

Karen, showed me the same turmeric capsules as the health food store, but I said,
“Karen, I just came here to check out if Karola can take these capsules and if they do not interfere with her medication.” Karen said: “We will check it out, but I also suffer from some arthritic pain in my hands and I take those pain relief capsules, and they help me.  She showed me a packet with capsules, which are an extract from turmeric, called curcumin. She said that this is much stronger than the turmeric capsules. All that is written on the packed is “Pain Relief” ‘Herbal Pain Relief. Specifically Formulated with Gut Friendly Herbs.’ This product is produced by the Queensland company called: “Ethical Nutrients.”
Karen told me that Karola should take two capsules three times a day for two days and then just one capsule in the morning and one in the evening. To my utter surprise, Karola said after only taking the first two capsules, “I think my pain is easing.” I thought that it might be wishful thinking on her part, but it was true, she felt an easing of the pain. After less than two days of taking these capsules her pain was gone.

So Karola cancelled the doctor’s appointment, saying: “I’ll wait till my doctor is back. When we saw our doctor to find out the result of the blood test and Karola told him what happened and that she was pain free he was gobsmacked and would not believe it. I piped in: “You are of course married to the pharmaceuticals and don’t consider alternative medicine.” He asked Karola several times, “Are you sure these capsules took your pain away? Karola said: Do you think I would lie to you and say that I have no pain? Anyway, in the end he was convinced, put it all into the computer and said: I might try these capsules myself.

I wrote a testimony to Ethical Nutrients on behalf of Karola, telling them this story and thanking them for producing such a marvellous natural pain reliever that produces no side effects.

The moral of this story. We are taking it for granted that doctors prescribe drugs for illness and pain, many of them producing unpleasant side effects. There are alternatives; as you can see in this story. We just have to look for them, and we will find that in many cases we are better off with them. - Werner
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My thought for today. - Werner
Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. - Joshua J. Marine
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Sarah said...

Good article Werner!!!!

Ailsa said...

Great story, Werner. I’ve forwarded you link below to my sisters: both of whom have a pain problem. Thanks for sharing.

Jock. said...

Thanks for that information, Werner. My wife suffers a lot from arthritis and when I read out all about what it did and how it helped your wife she said straight away that I'm going to try it and went up to the chemist and got a packet so I'm hoping that they work for her.

Dymity H. said...

I would like to thank you very much, Werner, for this interesting story on how Karola became free from her arthritic pain.

I will certainly tell my friends about it and will not hesitate to try it if and when I may suffer from pain.

Rhonda Coghlan said...

I love that story LOL.