Thursday, October 2, 2014

An open letter to Tony Abbott, Warren Truss and Julie Bishop.

Following is an open letter to Tony Abbott, Warren Truss & Julie Bishop, written by Brian McDermott. Brian is a staunch patriot and of the highest integrity and, he is angry about the corruption and greed that has taken over Australian politics in his lifetime. He is well respected and loathed by leftists who abhor and fear the truth. He, along with a number of other outstanding Australians, is carrying the cause for drastic reform of Australian politics, and waking people to the Muslim thread in this country. To put in a nutshell, Brian is a Dinky-DI True Blue Australian.

I would like to reiterate what I have written in the previous posting: Our treasurer is telling us that we have to rein in debt, now they have to find money to challenge IS in Iraq and the government has to spend millions on internal security, just because we have home bred terrorists in our midst. The irony about all this is that we have homeless and hungry people in our country – but there is no money available to help them. Please note! By publishing this letter from Brian doesn’t necessarily mean that I agree with its content. – Werner

 Hello Tony Abbott, Warren Truss and Julie Bishop,

 We were appalled to learn that you have stated that Iraq is “a direct threat to Australia,” and that you intend sending troops there to fight ISIS (ISIL.)

 This is a total lie, and either deliberate Misleading or Deceptive Conduct (another crime) on both your parts, and you are all stupid. We the people, on the other hand, are not stupid. Iraq is not even the slightest threat to Australia, in any way, shape or form!

This is absolute codswallop!
The whole thing is stage-managed, to suck in the “stupid Goyim.” You are committing a war-crime, like your associate Henry Kissinger!

We hereby inform and instruct you to refrain from sending any troops or military equipment or aircraft, either to Iraq, Ukraine, or anywhere in the middle-east, as it is a ploy to drag Australia into another war (World War III) as part of the ultimate program to establish a One-World Government (the so-called New World Order.) WE WANT NO PART OF YOUR SO-CALLED NEW WORLD ORDER!

We inform you of the following facts:
1. ISIS (now ISIL) was set up in the US in the first place, by way of deception – exactly as Al Quaeda was.

 2. Vladimir Putin, far from being the war-mongering demon that you and your NWO fellow-Zionist puppets are making him out to be, is showing up so far, to be our best and strongest hope for the future. Since the fall of communism in Russia in the early 1990’s, there have been some 30,000 new Christian churches built, plus the complete re-building of the beautiful, Christian Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow, which Stalin had smashed to the ground.

Putin - has removed most, if not all Zionist Jews (who as you know, or should know, were the main engineers of the Bolsheviks, and hate Christianity with a passion) from positions of power in Moscow, and has put Russia back on a firm Christian and economic footing, which the international banksters hate! You might consider doing the same here, if you know how, which we doubt. Your treasurer Hockey is showing to be a worse fumbler and bungler than the one he replaced!

 3. V. Putin is doing everything possible to help his fellow-patriots in the Ukraine, and to avoid a major conflict. He has massive support from his people in Russia, more than twice the support, percentage-wise, that you have from the people here in Australia!

 4. Iraq is neither a direct or indirect threat to Australia, as you, Julie Bishop, have tried to make out. Iraq poses no threat to Australia whatsoever. Moreover, it has absolutely no motive to do so. What is going on there is a out of it. This is a plot by the Zionist elitist international banksters to drag us into a conflict and start WWIII, which was planned long ago. The 9/11 incident was done by Israel. Iraq had nothing to do with it.

Julie, instead of going around the world repeating what you have been instructed to say by your puppet-masters here, you might like to save tax-payers money and stay home and do something that you understand – or should understand – like the washing up. Or mopping the kitchen floor!

 Tony, you must stop following what you have been brain-washed to do by your Rhodes-Scholar-Internationalist-Globalist-puppet-master teachers, and do what the people want you to do here in Australia. You are not doing that! Re-establishing our own People’s Bank of Issue like we used to have, would be a start, as Australia is virtually bankrupt under the present orthodox, debt-based banking system! You are not even doing that! You must have the guts to stop grovelling to, and doing the bidding of the internationalist banksters! They are desperate to get WWIII started!

 5. If you do send troops over there, it will escalate the situation (as it is planned to do by the Zionist-CIA-Mossad One World Planners of course), and it will result in more Australian soldiers and military men and women being killed and sent back home in body bags, all for nothing, exactly as it did last time Australia sent troops over there – also all for nothing! The globalist Zio-international banksters are all laughing into their wines and cocktails, at the gullible stupidity of the “Goyim.” We hold you both responsible.

 6. As I said, we the people are not all stupid. We are well aware of the secret motto of Mossad, the Israeli Secret Services: “By Way of Deception, You Shall Make War.”

 7. We, the people, want nothing to do with the carefully-staged events in the middle east, we have enough to do – and you have too – to save our own country here in Australia. We want no part of the imminent World War III.

 8. We also want nothing to do with the so-called New World Order – a One World Government, with a Zionist-controlled central, debt-based banking system. We want Australia to remain the traditional Australia as it once was – a Christian, peace-loving nation of people, minding our own business, genuinely and charitably helping people wherever we can, both here and overseas, and serving our Christian God to the best of our ability.

Yours very sincerely indeed,
Brian McDermott, Governor and Admin Central Queensland Christian Free State, (Seceded 01-07-2004) on behalf of all peace-loving Australians.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam
My thought for today: Make love, not war. ? John Lennon



Jenny Bell said...

Brian McDermott , I could not have said it better & you are DEAD RIGHT, in ALL of your assertions !!!.this is all a tool of the U.N.. (who have funded both world wars so far !!) & the idea ( as with so called Climate Change ) is to Unite people through fear , until they beg the Govt to DO something ...then they have EXACTLY WHAT THEY PLANNED .........A NEW WORLD ORDER ! And the Sheeples , will have begged for it !! For those who think this is not how Govt's work just Google PROBLEM-REACTION-SOLUTION ... it will all be quite clear .......and wake the hell up , if you care for the futures of your children & grandchildren ... THANK YOU Brian McDermott & thank you Werener for posting this .....Jenny Bell

John said...

Salute Brian McDermott for a very apt letter; but the burrow
goes much deeper then the
rabbits Abbott-Truss-Bishop;
who are merely traitor-dupes of the hidden negative forces.

Important centers of the negative force-universal mind are

the city states of
~ Vatican-religion
~ London-money
~ Washington DC-military
+ Jerusalem the Anti Christ throne

The negative forces have many other expressions.

The mainstream media is the propaganda arm;
spouting lies
propagating FEAR !

The negative force minions are aspects of the Anti Christ;

controlled from behind the dimensional veil.

They are the instigators of Revolutions-Wars-Genocide
Violence-Vaccines-Fluoridation moral degregation etc.

In essence,the “enemy is within”

agent of the negative force
universal mind
satan - lucifer
the counterfeit g-d of this prison planet !.

Disillusioned Aussie said...

Brian you clearly expressed the frustration with our political system – you are not alone. We are asked by our treasurer to tighten our collective belts – yet they are widening their collective belts and most retire as millionaires. They borrow money now to go to war again and put young Australians in harm’s way. They let people into our country that have no desire to integrate and assimilate and are a burden to our welfare system, yet they give them citizenship after only two years. Commonsense sense is not so common. Do our politicians ever learn from the past?

Ex Digger said...

What worries me about our new engagement in Iraq is the worst case scenario, of one of our planes gets shot down, the pilot/s is captured by ISIL and then publicly beheaded? The thought of this alone gives me goose bumps. On a more positive note, Werner your blog is a treasure-trove of interesting information. Keep up the good work.

Ursula said...

To my opinion it is a mistake to interfere in the Middle East at all. Apparently they have their 30-years-war now; let the extremists kill each other off.

It is very sad that innocent civilians are killed off as well, but interference of the west wouldn't make any change to the better.

Arms dealers are making too much money and are sitting in high positions, which is preventing a sensible approach.