Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Australia’s Muslim Dilemma.

It seems to me that there are Muslims and Muslims. We have many Muslims here that came from European countries after WW2; they never made headlines in the media. Most of the Muslims causing us problems now came from countries with medieval cultures and practices, where women have absolutely no rights, and they want to foist this on us here in Australia. They have, unfortunately, become our enemies within. I hope our government and opposition have learnt their lesson and will stop settling this kind of Muslim in Australia. It is an absolute travesty that we give them Australia Citizenship after only two years in our country – the only thing they know about Australia is what the Centrelink is for.

 I had the opportunity to read the English version of the Koran and one of the paragraphs stipulated clearly that Christians and Jews are infidels and they shouldn’t be befriended and should be killed.  What puzzles me is: I have worked in two different jobs with two different Muslims, one from Albania and one from Bosnia. Neither of them ever felt the urge to go down on their knees and pray, nor did I feel in danger of being killed. We have a large Muslim Community in Mareeba and in Cairns. They all integrated into their respective communities,   and there was never a problem. We had a Muslim Councillor in our Mulgrave Shire which was the rural part of Cairns.

My enigma is: why are they different to the lot we have in Sydney and Melbourne? Did they ignore the edict in the Koran that stipulates to hate me or kill me for being a Christian?
I asked a long time resident of Mareeba, Irene Shanks, about this, and this is what she wrote. I Quote: “The reason that Mareeba Muslims have integrated so well with all the other faiths in town is that they are European Muslims and we all socialised together.
I was teaching many of the adults English and was invited into the Mosque a few times and I went.   The Muslim group wanting to move in now were from Saudi Arabia and they are a completely different culture. They are Arabs.  They are still whipping women if they dare to drive a car.  If you go to the Facebook page, ‘STOP the $70 million,’ one of the posts with a picture of a crowd and a car has a long article on living in S.W. Sydney with Muslims, and these would mainly be Lebanese Muslims.  I have read the Koran a couple of times, a long time ago, and it does indeed call for the death of unbelievers but this is obviously not taken very seriously by all sections” Unquote. Irene and her husband were also very instrumental in stopping the proposed Islamic School in Mareeba.

Following is some input from Larry Pickering, and an intro about his writing from my friend Brian Wheatley. I totally agree with them both. I take this opportunity and wish you all a happy and healthy New Year and hoping for peace on this earth. – Werner
Every once in a while you read something filled with a rare commodity - Common sense. This is one of those occasions. Please read and digest. May our silly leaders take it to heart. - Brian

See also this video: England is finished.

MOST AUSTRALIANS NOW ANTI-MUSLIM. (Larry Pickering 26. December) In national polling, taken almost four years ago, the ABC reported half of all Australians surveyed held anti-Muslim sentiments. Four years on, it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of Australians now want something substantive done about the Islamic threat.

The time for puerile platitudes, appeasement, inclusiveness and tolerance of terrorism-related crimes is over. Tony Abbott consistently refuses to identify Islam as the root cause of extremism while anti-Muslim European nationals (pictured) take to the streets in their tens of thousands.

Normally only the unions march in anger in our streets, but stand by, Aussies are becoming furious at Government inaction on the threat of Islamic immigration. They are demanding Government defend its people first. Unfortunately Abbott is struggling to separate the Islamic State from the “religion” of Islam despite Islam having already declared war on us. “ISIS fighters returning home will suffer psychological scars”, said Queensland's Police Commissioner, Ian Stewart, when asked to comment on up to a dozen (he couldn’t say how many) ISIS fighters who were now back residing in Queensland suburbs... “we are monitoring them”, he said... "monitoring them", did he say?

Sorry fellas, but here’s why counselling and an array of other remedial measures won’t work: After the death of the Prophet Muhammad in 632, the Muslim world was divided into Sunnis and Shiites. Shiites believed that only a divinely inspired Imam could properly interpret the meaning of the Koran and that only certain direct descendants of Muhammad's cousin and son-in-law, Ali, were qualified to assume the role of Imam. This Imam should exercise supreme political and spiritual authority over the entire Muslim world. Between 1090 and 1273 the original disadvantaged Shia Muslims morphed into the dreaded “Order of Assassins” and they played a singular and sinister role in the formation of Islam.This Shiite sect more properly known as the Nizari Ismailis were relatively few, geographically dispersed, and despised as heretics by the Sunni Muslim majority.

The Assassins had no answer to the military superiority of the Sunnis, so they infiltrated the enemy, using sleeper cells that stayed embedded for years, waiting for a signal from their ruthless leader, Hasan-i Sabbah, who had forged this small, persecuted sect into one of the most lethally effective terrorist groups the world had ever seen. Even the most powerful rulers of the age, the Abbasid and Fatimid Caliphs who ruled important cities like Damascus, Homs, and Mosul, lived in fear of the chameleon-like Assassin agents.

The Fatimid Caliphs had conquered Egypt in 969 and had then advanced farther east to occupy Palestine, the holy cities of Mecca and Medina, and parts of Syria and they had dreamt of capturing Baghdad, dethroning the Abbasids, and eventually uniting the entire Muslim world under the one rule.
Anyway, these agents, known as Fida'i (one who risks his life voluntarily, or the present-day Fedayeen) would spend years infiltrating and gaining the confidence the enemies before killing them in very public places.

Perhaps most terrifying, the Assassins chose not only a close and personal type of murder but performed it implacably, refusing to flee afterward and appearing to welcome their own swift death. Both Shia and Sunni were determined that there be one form of Islam before turning their swords on the Christians. [Surely you can see historical similarities to today's ISIS now Tony?]
In the mid-11th century, a vigorous band of Sunnis, the Seljuk Turks of central Asia, won control of Persia and Mesopotamia and became the new masters of the Abbasid Caliphs. At the same time, the Fatimid caliphate was weakened by internal disunity and by the challenge presented by the European Crusaders who arrived in the Levant and took Jerusalem in 1099. The Levant area is exactly what the Islamic State (ISIL) is now determined to establish as a Caliphate which includes Cyprus, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Turkey, Syria and Iraq, from there it’s on to Europe and Africa... and they will use any means to obtain that aim.

The history of Islam is drenched in generational hatred of other Muslims and any others who would dare oppose their genocidal ambitions. It has been that way for over a 1,000 years and the West is now in their crosshairs.Islamic extremism is not something we can control or ameliorate, it can only be confronted and dealt with on the battlefield, not on the counsellor’s couch.

You see, Tony, you can call them a death cult or by any name you want, they don't care. You are wrestling with smoke. You can invite senior Muslim clerics to tea and bickies and beg them to control their youth, but they are already in control of their youth, it is they who educate their minds in the same way they did 1,000 years ago. Why the explosion of mosques and Islamic schools? Could it be to teach Muslims kids all about Australiana? "Deradicalisation" is a term we use, they use terms like martyr and honour. Appeasement is just a silly concept they laugh at. They are driven by a blind belief in something more powerful than your Christianity.

Tony, you’d have a better chance of convincing yourself the Pope isn't Catholic than convincing a Muslim not to follow the true path of Islam.
My thought for today:
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. Konrad Adenauer
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True blue Australian said...

Yes, you are right Werner, it is a big dilemma and the other dilemma is that our politicians are blind to it and in time it will be a bigger dilemma.

Fay and Andrew said...

Very interest posting, Werner. As Sydney residents we also find Irene Shanks input interesting and really extraordinary that the Muslims you have in North Queensland are seemingly different to the ones we have in Sydney. So, the question begs, what constitutes a good Muslim, the ones that strictly follow the Koran and see us as “infidels” or the ones in North Queensland that ignore a certain section of the Koran and integrate into the Australian community and cause no problems?

Very angry Australian said...

The Word “Muslim” is now taboo in Australia. A Cairns resident who went on Cairns 4CA radio talkback show was cut off when he mentioned the word Muslim. The talkback host rang him and told him that they cannot allow the word Muslim on their station as they would get into trouble with racial discrimination and vilification authority. After this elucidation the host introduced him anew to his listeners. However, when this man asked, “How can I talk about Muslims if I am not allowed to mention the word”, he said you have done it again and cut him off. Apparently, it is not offensive to talk about any other religion – but not Muslims. What is happening in this country, could somebody tell me?

Fifth generation Australian said...

To Very angry Australian, I’m gobsmacked, and this is an understatement to read about your experience on the Cairns Radio Station. Are they Halal registered? This is totally un-Australian.

Activist said...

Very angry Australian, sadly this is not the only topic that is censored on mainstream media in this country. Try giving an alternative view on topics such as vaccination or fluoridation on radio and see how far you get.

Disgusted Australian said...

Very angry Australian, I’m utterly amazed that it has come to this in Australia. Are the “Muslims”, sorry, the followers of Islam a protected species in this country? I have seen this taboo word in the Courier Mail and Australian bandied around many times – haven’t they been told yet that the followers of Islam can’t be called Muslims?

Bev L. Pattenden said...

If we are to fight the enemy we have to realise who and what it is. You can blame the United Nations for all the restrictions on free speech and political correctness because of the treaties signed by our governments over 40 years.

We are no longer able to voice our opinion on anything, we are no longer able to choose between good and evil, we are no longer able to discipline our children, we are no longer a free country. We are under the control of unelected and non democratic entities and secret societies in which we the people have no say.

All sovereign nations have lost their freedom under the guise of globalization and One World Government agenda.

In other words International Communism has been installed while the gullible people slept.
And so the punishment is upon us, as it was in the days of Israel’s invasion by the Babylonians.
What were the sins of Israel? They are listed in Isaiah 5.
Selfish greed, self indulgence, cynical materialism, perversion of the standards of morality, intellectual pride, intemperance, loss of integrity.

The only way we can stop this is for good to overcome evil, but can we do it?

There have been many warning for decades, but to a deaf and dumb people.