Friday, July 3, 2015

Pauline Hanson, like always, makes a lot of sense.

What Pauline wrote below is spot on and is exactly my sentiment. If there was ever a woman in Australian history that was very unfairly treated, wrongfully prosecuted and jailed - it was Pauline Hanson. The treatment she got from our politicians with vested interests was totally and absolutely un-Australian.

Pauline always had the courage to say what most Australians only dared to think.
The following article was sent to me and I would like to share it with other like-minded Australians. Pauline is a True Blue Aussie, if there ever was one. - Werner

The federal government is now in secret negotiations with the lawyers of three Australians who went to Syria to fight for ISIS, who now want to return to Australia after 2 years away in the killing fields. Negotiations have stalled because these men want to know what penalties they may face upon their return. Our Prime Minister Tony Abbott has stated quite clearly that they will be prosecuted, tried and sentenced to prison. Under our laws they could receive a jail term of up to 10 years. Why should taxpayers keep them in 4 star luxury prisons, the cost in excess of $100.000 a year for each of these traitors?

In my opinion, any Australian that has left the country to fight for ISIS, should never be allowed to come back.
They made their decision to fight for a terrorist organisation that wants to destroy our culture, way of life and kill non-believers of Islam, if they do not convert. If these terrorists were allowed back into Australia how could we ever trust them again, would you like one of them as a neighbor?

We will never be rid of terrorism, it is now a way of life that we have to live with, because the west will never fight on the same terms and conditions that the terrorists fight under. In Australia we have tens of thousands of Australians who believe in what these terrorists are fighting for. They are followers of the Koran and Islam. Their denial cannot be trusted as it is called Taquiya (sacred deceit). Their belief is, if you are not a believer of Islam, then you should be beheaded.
These men regardless of age, status or family ties, made their bed, and now must lie in it.
If we allow these men to return to Australia they will be seen as martyrs by other followers. We will be up for enormous legal costs challenging and paying for their defence. Their imprisonment will cost the taxpayer in excess of $100,000 a year, and they will have the opportunity to corrupt other inmates to their way of thinking. When they are released from prison, who will give them a job? They will end up on our welfare system for the rest of their lives along with their families. Australians are paying and will continue to pay as long as we allow it.

The Prime Minister should allow these home grown terrorists to leave Australia to follow their dream to kill, behead and be a party to mass murder, and then shut the gate on them and the others, and then refuse them re-entry to Australia, we don’t need them or want them here.
They can seek political asylum in any Arab country. Call the Prime Minister’s office and tell him you don’t want them back in the country. Make your voice heard or we will pay the price with our freedom, safety and lives. Never believe their fight has ended it has only just begun.

The simplest way to put this is, Australia never had any threat of terrorism until Muslims arrived in this country and I'm sure most Australian's would agree. Since the early 1950's migrants from the UK and many European countries migrated to this country and they proved to be an absolute asset. They didn't come here to bludge on welfare like today’s refugees do, they found employment and assimilated with the Australian people, and there was never any threat of terrorism from any of those wonderful migrants. - Pauline Hanson.
My thought for today.
Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves. - Abraham Lincoln

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Another True Blue Australian said...

What do you think? You asked. I agree with your introduction that Pauline is spot on. No ifs or buts.

George Mansford said...

It astounds me that the Canberra Suits are still procrastinating and in fact pampering those radicals who would destroy our values and way of life. These zealots see Democracy as a hug e weakness which they exploit to maximum effect. It is time for those in all political parties in the land of OZ to be united, tough and decisive but please don't hold your breath
George Mansford Cairns

Joan and Family said...

We love Pauline Hanson and admire her for her courage to say as it is, and her strength, and constantly having to fight obstacles thrown in front of her by our myopic politician. Thank you, Werner for sharing her letter with us.

Donna said...

Dear Werner, my sentiments exactly. Everything Pauline Hansen has said in this article makes perfect sense. I agree with her totally.

Fourth Generation Aussie said...

Thanks Werner for sharing this. Pauline Hanson is the epitome of a true blue Australian. She is not a hypocrite, like most of our politicians. If we would have more people like Pauline in parliament and at the helm of this country, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in now. And she is right that since we let so many Muslims in who don’t integrate in our way of life we have had nothing but trouble. A good Muslim has to follow the Koran, and that stipulates the Muslims should not befriend themselves with Christians – which is most of us, and, should kill them.

Disenchanted loyal Australian said...

Werner, I totally agree with your introduction and all the other comments. So, I can’t add anything to it, except to say that we need more Pauline Hanson in this country and what a difference it would make.

SCRUTINY said...

Werner I cannot really embellish what has been said Pauline Hanson, spot on.