Sunday, October 25, 2015

Syria, a human tragedy of untold suffering.

If we want to end the war in Syria and destroy ISIS then we need Bashar Assad on our side - period! Do we want to make the same mistake again as in Libya and Iraq? Assad is not as bad a guy as America or we want to portray him.  So, who really is Assad, of Syria? Let me tell you some facts. Bashar Assad; his wife Asma and their children wear Western clothes and celebrate birthdays. Asma Assad doesn’t cover her head even in public, and he sports a "Western" hair cut.  They are not Sunni or Shiite Muslims, but follow the Allawite faith (Google it) which condensed means:”Get along, but don’t push or convert me”.
Many people are unaware that Dr. Bashar Assad is in fact a medical doctor. He also graduated from King’s College London in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science, and French literature. Mrs. Assad speaks English, Arabic, French and Spanish. Before she became the First Lady, she worked as an economic analyst in banking. (Picture, Assad and his wife)

Mrs. Assad and her husband are nothing like Muslims. This alone angers the Sunni Muslims in the area. They detest Alawites and, they have been persecuted by extremist Sunnis for centuries. All these facts are valid and can be researched and found as being true.

We have seen and will see a lot more of demonization of the Assad’s and you will read the  horrible Western propaganda, including those now proven false accusation about using chemical weapon on Syrian people. Even the UN has found and admitted that Assad was not guilty of that and that he was framed.

However, many in the Western World are ignorant of valid data and will believe the propaganda. It is a well known fact that the propaganda is lying media fodder. Some, it is said, comes from the White House – and of course from the Islamic fundamentalists and, from ignorant Americans who seem to be incapable of doing their own research.

Russia has now joined the bombing fray, beside the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, France, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Bahrain. One has to wonder how much will be left of the country when they are finished with it.
Jordan initially joined in airstrikes against ISIS, but suspended its participation when one of its aircraft went down in Syria, which was leading to the capture of pilot Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh. The kingdom resumed its attacks in February after ISIS released a video depicting the pilot being burned to death in a cage. (You can’t call these men "animals" who perpetrated this awful crime, as this would be an insult to the animals – scums of this earth would be more fitting. – Werner) 
Most of Syria or northern Iraq has become unlivable because of the widespread destruction caused by the war. Syria had a population of 22 million, it is said, that 11 million have left the country and  are either dead or are refugees, the latter trying to get to other countries and - most of them can ill-afford to take them. The longer this war continuous more people will be displaced and this tragedy will only intensify.

Every military strategist and blind Freddie would know that it would need boots on the ground to re-capture the areas lost to ISIS.
However, forget about the Iraqi defence forces doing it, they are useless and their military vehicles have only very fast reverse gears. 
I have personally experienced the horrors of war and can only say: “War is the biggest atrocity inflicted on mankind”. I think 'Make love, not war' might be the most profound statement that's ever been made.
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My thought for today. Werner
An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.- Mahatma Gandhi


Emma S. said...

Thank you Werner for this very interesting „insight“ about the world’s trouble spot, Syria. It is really heart rendering to see what humans inflict on each other. We live in a dangerous and crazy world.

Marilyn Vine said...

Werner that is a well done article. I have put it on my page on the International Page with this comment.
Read an article which appears to be more balanced than most of the information being released in the mainstream media. Do your own research and draw your own conclusions not someone else's! I really don’t think that any of us knows the truth about anything!

Alice and Bill said...

I agree totally with the previous comments. We found this posting very interesting and it told us things we didn’t know, thank you Werner

Cynic said...

The West has much to answer for. War not peace seems to be the norm. America has been at war what seems "forever" no money in peace! I suppose America wanting to be in the Asia Pacific region is due to their worry about Chinese economy and dollars owed by them to this emerging powerful nation. Australia needs to be on diplomatic relations in this region. I would like to see Australia make policies which are inclusive of immigrants, however, preclude political correctness by forcing this nation to bow to the 2% refugees requesting Halal, Sharia and other "religious" beliefs. By all means let us make people welcome but on our terms. I would like to see us helping to rebuild the cities which have been destroyed so that people may live in their countries of birth and not feel unwanted in countries of refuge. IS this intentional to cause world unrest, or am I a cynic?

George Mansford said...

Cobber , how right you are. The Western World is in need of a white cane and guide dog.

Mr. Gerrit Hendrik Schorel-Hlavka said...

It appears to me your assessment very much reflect those many other reports I read. Regretfully too often the "spin" by opponents to Assad is more interesting to those who desire to pursue the fake versions. My understanding is that Asma isn't just the First lady but is well liked by many Syrians for the work she does. Bashar is the accidental preside, he never intended to be, due to his brother having been killed. It is not relevant if one did or didn't like Saddam Hussein but surely ISIS wouldn't exist as it is now if he was still in power! While Tony Blair now seeks to blame bad intelligence rather then personally accept the blame we must act more responsible and not accept the regime change merely to suit some misinformed politicians, as eventuated in Iraq.