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Magnesium, the way to good health.

As a keen organic gardener I know exactly what magnesium deficiency does to plants. They look sickly yellow, they are devoid of “energy” and are subject to disease, and they get attacked by parasites. Then growers spray them with pesticides, which make their way into our food. These pesticides would be the equivalent of Chemotherapy that gets pumped into sick humans.

Are you still wondering why we have so much sickness?
  It seems to be a growth industry. Diseases do not discriminate between old and young, and one only has to go to oncology wards in hospitals to see that all age groups are affected by cancer. It wouldn’t need an Einstein to figure out that magnesium deficiency is doing the same to the human body, as it does to plants. Below is an interesting article which might help you to good health. You will also read that fluoridated water binds to magnesium, making it unavailable to the body.  Source: “The Underground Reporter Newsletter.”  Also, see which foods are high in magnesium. Click Here. - Werner
Experts Say 80% of us are Deficient…
And they are WRONG. Why 99% of Us Are Deficient in Our Most Important Mineral - And How Major Industries Inflate Chronic-Conditions, Heart Disease & Cancer Rates… This affects us ALL. This may just be the simplest, most elegant solution to our most common issues… low energy, broken focus, reduced memory comprehension, sleep problems, high blood pressure, anxiety, migraines, joint pain and MORE…

Magnesium deficiency may be the most common nutritional problem in the industrialized world today, yet it is the single MOST IMPORTANT MINERAL for maintaining electrical balance and metabolism in our cells. It is responsible for over 350 life-providing reactions in our body. From immune response, metabolizing fats, carbs, amino acids, nervous & muscular support, proper cardiac & brain function, blood sugar, blood pressure, energy & protein synthesis, the formation of strong bones & teeth... cellular health....And the list goes on and on... and on. Yet, nearly every one of us is chronically deficient, some of us - severely. 

So how could this be. You’re probably aware that for quite some time — approximately 80% of us are deficient in life’s most critical mineral - Magnesium. You’re probably also aware of some importance of Magnesium and it’s correlated scientific reference as “The Master Mineral”. But what you likely aren’t aware of, is the underlying fact ALL OF US are Magnesium deficient. (*opposed to just 80% of us.) So you’re probably wondering how that may be?

Well, most of us, once we reach our 40’s or 50’s, become “symptomatic”… from low energy, to compromised sleep, joint pain, muscle cramps, anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, inability to cope with stress, osteoporosis, cancer and so on…But what many don’t realize, is that once you’ve become symptomatic, your body is likely already in a stage-3, or STAGE 4 deficiency! 80% of us are. The other 20% are walking around with quiet stage 1 or stage 2 deficiencies… So what the heck can cause such an epidemic of deficiency?

It Begins With Our Water and Food…
Even though magnesium was once abundantly available in our food, produce and water. Today it’s almost completely stripped — due to things like fluoridated water that binds to magnesium, making it unavailable - to large pesticide dumps with synthetic potassium, that massively blocks and depletes magnesium in crops — to refined grains and foods, where magnesium is lost — to “magnesium eliminators” like sugar and caffeine, that cause us to lose excrete magnesium in urine - to the incredible toxic load our bodies juggle on a daily basis…

Since Magnesium is a key protection against these poisons, and alternatively is depleted in the presence of their toxicity - found in all of us.…  Which is why — a deficiency in Magnesium also leads to things like further deposits of metals in our brains - leading to Alzheimer's, MS, Parkinson's, and other neurological diseases — that none of us want to be victim of, or have our loved ones deal with.

“Calcification”-The Real Danger:
Food and water are preventing us from replenishing our necessary Magnesium - but they aren’t the largest culprit behind our deficiency as an industrialized species…The real culprit kicking this problem into OVERDRIVE, is “calcification” — which takes place in our bodies from too much CALCIUM. Calcium is in nearly EVERYTHING. The dairy industry alone spends over $300 million per year marketing Calcium. And it won’t matter if you drink milk or not… it’s fortified in synthetic forms in all of our foods and even shows up in “nut, coconut and soy” milks! When you consume too much Calcium, your body becomes “calcified”. Your bones, your muscles, your tissues, your arteries (contributing to heart disease) — even your individual cells.In fact, this is where things get hairy…

Every cell in our bodies has a “sodium-potassium pump”.
This pump regulates minerals inside and outside of our cells for balance. When too much Calcium is present, the ratios get out of balance, and too much Calcium gets INSIDE our cells.  When too little Magnesium is present, this allows EVEN MORE Calcium to get inside our cells — literally turning us to stone. (Ever hear of someone’s bones breaking too easily?   And, they’re told they need MORE Calcium?) Magnesium deficiency impairs the sodium-potassium pump from working correctly. Within every cell in the body, a proper balance of mineral content must be maintained. When Magnesium isn’t sufficient enough to counter-act Calcium, “calcification” begins to take place over time… Too much Calcium accumulates in your cells, leading to cell-dysfunctions and death.

A body insufficient in magnesium is a threat of serious magnitude. Here are some specific consequences of Magnesium deficiency:
▪    Our Arteries become “calcified” - as plaque hardens your arteries, contributing to heart disease and attacks.
▪    Calcium gets trapped inside muscles and joints, stiffening your body and causing joint pain and muscle cramps.
▪    Calcium accumulates in your cells — leading to cell dysfunction and even cell death. 
▪    Potassium deficiency - due to malfunction of the “sodium-potassium pump.”
▪    Conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, and heart rhythms.
▪    Blood clotting - Magnesium helps alleviate calcium promotion of blood clotting. — (*this is why half of heart attack patients receive magnesium chloride injections)
▪    Low energy - Magnesium is required to produce ATP energy in your cells.
▪    Sleep sabotage - Lack of magnesium affects REM sleep, eventually propetuating chronic insomnia.
▪    Osteoporosis - Calcium is displaced to tissues, starving bones — due to lack of magnesium.
▪    Cellular toxicity - a dysfunctional sodium-potassium pump cannot properly detox cellular waste.

These are just a dozen, of hundreds of potential problems one faces, from one simple deficiency. Remember, magnesium is responsible for over 350 life-providing reactions in your body! You simply won’t ever obtain optimal well-being or homeostasis without maximum magnesium repletion.

What about Supplemental Solutions for Magnesium?
Supplement solutions introduced in last 15 years, since deficiency solutions came out — are only serving as temporary band-aids. They aren’t sufficiently restoring your body to complete-repletion, even if you are taking them on a consistent basis. Most run through your kidneys, causing stress, and are quickly purged from the body — due to incompatible and unnatural form. Another major issue is typical oral-magnesium supplements are not only very poorly absorbed, but they overly stress the kidneys, in addition to many times causing unpleasant side-effects — such as digestive ailments. In fact, numerous studies show that Magnesium is not easily absorbed through the digestive tract… Our diets, prescription medicines, particular medical ailments, and concentration of stomach acid, warp the bioavailability of magnesium in pill or powder form.

Also many popular magnesium supplements on the market are watered down with fillers and impurities and contain a very low concentration of actual magnesium - which is usually in a synthetic form, which can be beneficial for emergency use, but not actual repletion of magnesium and evergreen homeostasis. These aren’t real solutions for true health. To get magnesium in substantial repleting quantity, your best option is through your skin, or “transdermally”. Your skin is your largest organ, and allows you to replete at a much greater level - without any of the side effects, since it absorbs directly into your blood and tissues. (This can also be the only option for anyone with impaired kidney function.) While there are transdermal magnesium choices on the market - most of these are subpar quality and form - often containing things like rock-minerals, which also contain an array of other components - other than Magnesium, such as heavy metals and/or other harmful contaminants.

Also, most transdermals are standard magnesium chloride. Which can be a decent option, but not all MC’s are the same. Nor are they “naturally pre-digested” so to speak, for optimal absorption and assimilation .For a REAL long-term solution, you need Magnesium’s most absorbable, assimilate-able, natural form. This is only found in one form, which is natural sea water — not mineral rocks or mined beds, or synthetics.

“i-MCH” — The Most Absorbable Magnesium
Your Body Can Use. MCH, or a specific form of magnesium chloride, referred to as “hexahydrate” - is magnesium chloride hexahydrate, or “MCH” for short. However, “MCH” by itself, in raw form, will serve you, but not nearly enough to combat decades of missing-magnesium, especially when you throw in the Calcium overload injected into our food supply. Well, a friend and colleague of ours - named Ian Clark, made discovery about 7 years ago — of an actual MCH solution to deficiency, called “i-MCH” (or intelligent-MCH) - which leverages natural “implosion & imprint technology” to prep the MCH for maximum absorption and assimilation - dramatically increasing use-ability. Not only does it not stress our systems — and not only is it 100% compatible with the human operating system… but it’s the most absorbable, natural form of magnesium your body can get. In fact, it maintains the exact same composition as the water that fills over 70% of your body!

He talks about it HERE .Mr. Clark covers:  What i-MCH is exactly and why it’s the most absorbable magnesium your body can get — to restore your system back to REPLETE — bringing your body and health into complete equilibrium. How to utilize it to ramp up your energy, cultivate much better sleep, avoid disease and equalize your health as a whole. His company is also launching a brand new product this week, which is this same max-absorb MCH.

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My thought for today. – Werner
Health is not valued till sickness comes. Thomas Fuller


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