Monday, February 29, 2016

The importance of enzymes to our bodies.

There is a German proverb: “Health is like salt, you only notice it when it is missing”. To be in optimal health, enzymes are a very important factor. Yet, many people wittingly or unwittingly still cook vegetables in the microwave oven and consequently destroy the enzymes. Read about Microwave ovens from a previous posting.

We are lucky in Australia to have access to fruit and vegetables all year round which are rich in enzymes. While all fruits and vegetables contain enzymes, those considered to contain the highest amounts in raw form include apples, avocados, carrots, grapefruit, spinach,  tomatoes, papaya, pineapple and sauerkraut. Also, see my previous posting about this subject. Click here.

Following is an interesting article published in “Natural News” some time ago. I hope this helps you to understand enzymes, and help you to better health. If I would have to coin a phrase, I would say: “The way to good health starts with enzymes”.Werner
Understand Enzymes and Detoxification.
By Kim Evans.
Enzymes are powerful substances; they are responsible for initiating every action in the body, including blinking and breathing. As such, enzymes are often called our life force - because without them we would die. Enzymes are also responsible for helping us digest our food and breaking down and removing old and diseased tissue and cells from the body. But when our enzyme stores are low, diseased tissues and cells regularly remain inside the body - because the enzymes aren't available to help remove them.

Most diets these days are enzyme deplete and as a result, most people are enzyme deplete. This means our bodies often can't detoxify away the old, diseased tissue as they should be able to - and it leads to diseased people with health problems. Deep detoxification is one answer to the problem because detoxification removes old, diseased tissues and cells en masse - and it's why detoxification is recommended for most every disease. Another part of the answer lies in boosting our daily intake of enzymes. This helps our bodies engage in on-going detoxification and remove the old, diseased cells and tissue before they build and cause problems for us. Enzymes also give us life force and energy.

Eating plenty of nature's raw foods is one way to boost your enzymes and avoid depleting your enzyme reserves. This is the case because heating and processing food destroys the enzymes that are present in nature's foods naturally. So, the more raw foods you eat with their enzymes intact, the less your body needs to borrow from its enzyme reserves for digestion. This leaves more enzymes free for work like breaking down and removing old, diseased cells. Eating plenty of nature's raw foods also helps us because if those foods are grown without chemicals, they don't add to our toxic burden - as do processed, pesticide-laced and often cooked foods.

A few foods are bursting with enzymes and consuming them regularly is the key. Some of the most enzyme-packed foods include:
- Unpasteurized sauerkraut
- Papaya - particularly green papaya and papaya seeds
- Pineapple - particularly the core
- Sprouts
For a simple everyday enzyme drink:
Blend 1/2 papaya, 1/3 pineapple, and about 20 papaya seeds. Add a little stevia for sweetness, if desired.

In addition to breaking down protein and old tissue in the body, papaya seeds are known to help with intestinal parasites. In quantity though, green papaya and papaya seeds can induce abortion and have contraceptive effects - so avoid them if you're pregnant or trying to have a baby. In addition, some Hawaiian papaya is genetically altered, so it's best to avoid Hawaiian papaya or purchase only organic.

Why Are Enzymes Important to Our Body?
Ever wonder where to start learning about how you can have a healthy body? Try to begin with enzymes and study them in which it can help you well into getting a greater skin, breathing, digestion, brain function, teeth and organs. It is so important for our health that if we live without them we will easily caught up with unnecessary infections or diseases and any other kind of environmental insults.

These enzymes are powerful enough to operate every function in a human body but at the same time they are fragile where lack of freshness and heat can destroy them. Therefore we have to consume lots of vegetables and fruits by either eating them in raw or as juice. Consume them in such form are the best way to obtain enzymes. So, actually which enzymes do we found in fruits and vegetables, and what are their purposes?

One of them is amylase which its function is to aid our digestion of starches and carbohydrates. With good health digestion, human can achieved well blood sugar regulation and proper weight maintenance. Lipase is another important enzyme in which it's an agent that enables our lower intestine to absorb the nutrients from food.

Enzymes do not only play their role in our health digestive system, they also help to detoxify our body, protect the bone joints, and reduce bodily inflammation, plus many other more benefits that we should know. Eventually, you should start eating more fruits and vegetables from now on to own a disease-free and healthy lifestyle.

 Enzymes are the Secret to Longevity. Digestive enzymes play key roles in our health by enabling our bodies to digest and utilize all the nutrients we ingest to the greatest extent possible. Moreover, these enzymes also play a key role in the elimination of toxins and the digestion and removal of scar tissue that builds up inside all of us as we age.
More interesting reading: Raw food and enzymes.
My thought for today. Werner
A healthy outside starts from the inside. Robert Urich


Jane Carter said...

This is another very interesting and enlightening posting, Werner. I must admit that I never realised that enzymes play such an important part in or bodies. I loved the German proverb; it really hit the nail on the head. I was utterly amazed what I read about the microwave oven. I will now not use it anymore for cooking. Thank you for sharing this with me.

Helen and Michael said...

We found this posting very interesting, and also concur with your introduction. We know now how important enzymes are for good health and, also know that microwave ovens are not. Like Jane Carter, we are also not using the microwave oven for cooking anymore. Thank you for all your informative postings; going through “labels”, we came to the conclusion your blog is a real treasure trove. Thank you!

Young mother said...

Wow Werner, there is a wealth of information in this posting, and your blog, thanks for that. It is clear; you put a lot of effort in this.