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Viv Forbes, How to vote for Carbon Sense!

This is an interesting read by Viv Forbes of Carbon sense. - Werner
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Why Vote?
In a long life of observing and participating in many election campaigns, I have never before seen anything approaching the ferocity and stupidity of the “war on carbon”. Are we fighting -
•    “Carbon” which is the essential element at the centre of every molecule of life on earth?...OR
•    “Carbon Dioxide” which is the natural atmospheric gas-of-life that feeds all plants?...OR
•    “Carbon Fuels” such as oil, gas and coal which are natural hydrocarbons which store ancient solar and hydro-thermal energy and which provide most of the electrical and motive power that supports and feeds every society on Earth?

•    The Answer? Judging from their statements and sloppy language, the alarmists and green zealots are fighting all three. They aim to make “carbon” a dirty word and to deny all humanity the great benefits of hydro-carbon energy.

Like all futile wars, this one will eventually collapse. But it has already done tremendous damage to the global economy and financial stability

Ominously, Malcolm Turnbull signed Australia onto the Paris Climate Agreement.
This appalling document should be forever draped around his neck like a dead albatross. We need our own CLEXIT – climate exit from the climate Czars of Europe. Julie Bishop and Greg Hunt supported him and were collaborators in wasting or committing over one billion dollars on climate nonsense. Please put these three and their supporters last in their electorates.

Most governments and politicians have no idea what would be required of them under this agreement, so Greenpeace recently commissioned a study into what would be needed to achieve the Paris targets.

Read the whole sad story here: “According to the calculations of study author Volker Quaschning of the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin (HTW), “the production of cars with gasoline and diesel engines has to end by 2025 and main roads will have to be fitted with overhead electrical lines for freight transportation.”

The study also finds that Germany’s Autobahn too will need to have overhead catenary akin to overhead railway lines because the entire bus and freight transport needs to be electrified within a short period of time.” –

Here is the future according to the Greens, the ALP and the Turnbull “Liberals”.
Acknowledgements: Steve Hunter & The Carbon Sense Coalition
The Vested-Interest-Voting Bloc embraces Climate Alarmism

Democracies are at the point of no return.
There are too many “vested-interest-voters” who are totally or partially dependent on governments for controlling and/or funding their salaries, services, taxes, subsidies, allowances, medical care, research, education, news, retirement rules, pensions, urban transport, infrastructure and energy.

This huge bloc (and near majority) of vested-interest-voters will always vote for “more free stuff”. Those supporting internationalism and socialism have been adroit at harvesting these votes.

The climate battle has been embraced by another powerful coalition of globalists and centralists who now see the chance to use natural climate and weather variability as evidence for the need for a suffocating world government. The hidden agenda is to deliver more power to unelected UN agencies. The tactics are to make developed countries destitute, dependent and obedient using carbon taxes; and to keep the failed states in perpetual green poverty - trading their liberty for “climate aid”.

The battle over the science of what controls Earth’s climate is being won. The alarmists produce no new evidence or theory to support their global warming doomsday story, but real evidence of Earth’s changeable past climate keeps getting unearthed.

It is now mainly a political battle. It is not about improving the science; it is about winning the battle for votes by scare campaigns and parroted slogans (every weather event is now “weird weather”, “wild weather” or yet another “super storm”).

The political climate battle is close to its climax so the alarmists are now desperately trying to establish a network of taxes, rules and regulations designed to bring quick bankruptcy to those in the hydro-carbon energy business and perpetual protection and subsidies to the green energy promoters.

But the rocks continue to release their records of past climate change and new flaws are discovered in the massive climate models and their failed predictions.

In short, the true climate science continues to show that change is normal and man has no control over it. So please play a part in this great political battle at every opportunity. Luckily, the political tide is on the turn and for once there are several candidates and parties offering sound climate policies. Please vote for them and deny your vote for their enemies.

How to Vote!

The government has been frustrated because some small parties have managed to get a voice in the senate, so they changed the voting rules in an attempt to shut most small parties out, leaving the field to LNP, ALP and Greens.

But their rules may backfire if enough voters are clever enough to understand and use them or too stupid to understand how they work.

The main battle will be in the Senate, and it appears that minor parties will get significant support from people who can’t stand Greens, the ALP or the Turnbull Liberal faction.The worst thing voters can do is put “1” in just one box for a micro-party. Unless that candidate or party is elected on the first count, that vote will “expire” leaving the field to the big boys. So number every box either above or below the line. Below the line go at least as far as the big party candidate you think is least worst – your vote will get there and probably be counted

Judged just their climate policies, put all Greens last and all ALP second last, or if voting below the line in the senate, don’t vote for them at all.

Who are the Climate Smart Candidates?

All candidates and parties mentioned below are rated solely on their climate policies. Generally those with sense on climate are also sensible in other policies, but this is not guaranteed. It is a case of “Voter Beware”.

There are at least 7 individual candidates deserving full support, 
including (in alphabetical order):

•    David Archibald, ALA candidate for Curtin in WA
•    George Christensen, LNP Candidate for Dawson in Queensland
•    Bob Day, Family First Senator for SA
•    David Leyonhjelm, LDP Senator for NSW
•    John Madigan, Senator, Manufacturing and Farming Party
•    Malcolm Roberts, No 2 on Senate ticket for Pauline Hanson in Queensland

Of the parties whose written climate policies we have seen, the outstanding one is that of the Pauline Hanson’s One Nation. All of the other parties listed above also deserve support.
The following minor parties by word or deed have also shown better than average climate sense:
•    Citizens Electoral Council
•    Shooters Fishers and Farmers
•    Rise Up Australia
•    Australian Christians

And of course we must not forget Tony Abbott, who did axe the tax. Vote for him and his supporters. Who should NOT get our Vote? Put the Greens or their candidates last in every contest. What about the ALP. This is what they say: “The key to tackling climate change is to drastically increase our investment in renewable energies like solar. That is why we’ll commit to 50% renewable energy by 2030 because it will cut pollution, help create jobs of the future and lower energy prices.” So put the ALP second last. The two “Independents” who allowed Julia Gillard to mis-rule should also go last in their electorates - Mr Tony Windsor and Mr Rob Oakeshott – put them last.
The following minor parties show no climate sense but are marginally better than the Greens. Do not give them help.
•    Katter’s Australia Party
•    Nick Xenophon
•    Animal Justice Party
What about the LNP?

The Turnbull faction of the LNP should be denied all support. The National Party faction is probably worth supporting after the sound parties and candidates listed above. Barnaby Joyce understands the climate issues, but is muzzled by coalition solidarity.
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Viv Forbes
The Carbon Sense Coalition
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Adam said...

Hey Werner, I liked your Viv Forbes article. I believe Voting One Nation is the people's chance to bring some common sense back into the corrupt Australian political system. The major political parties use fear in an attempt to control the population. Climate change has been a big one lately but as you know i am very concerned about the extensive damage that vaccines cause and the lies the Gov uses to force them on the unsuspecting population. If you don't vaccinate, you or your child may die from a disease or are guilty of child neglect or maybe responsible for passing a terrible disease onto a vaccinated child. Lies lies and more lies. It's all about money, power and control. My wish would be to at least achieve freedom of vaccine choice.
I know that Pauline has concerns with vaccines and would hopefully support this issue.

My wife and I will be going to Cazalys tomorrow at 9:00am for a meet and greet with One Nations Peter Rogers and Pauline Hanson whilst she is in Cairns. Pauline has also raised concerns over the proposed reintroduction by the major parties of death taxes and introducing Sharia banking in Australia. Please post One Nations meet and greet details on your blog if you think it appropriate.

Andrew said...

A very interesting posting, Werner. Viv Forbes make a lot of sense!