Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yearning for our lost Freedom.

Here is another wonderful poem by Brigadier George Mansford (retired). (Click on the link for more poems.)  George. is a true blue Australian compatriot.  This poem evokes nostalgia to the time - how Australia once was. This poem should be hanging in every school in Australia. Our younger generation have no idea how the Australian Diggers fought and died for our freedom. The Diggers would now turn in their respective graves if they would see how political correctness has changed this country. All our younger generation seem to know how to play with their mobile phones and, it seems they have lost the art of physical one to one communication.

Former USA president Harry S. Truman has very well described political correctness as early as 1945. “Political Correctness is a doctrine, recently fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and promoted by a sick mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end!” Unquote.
Have a nice day and enjoy the little “Freedom” you still have! - Werner

Today, our treasured way of life exists mid weary yawns 
Believing this cornerstone of our nation will be there with each dawn
Yet confronted with increasing hatred, threats, bombs and strife
Why do we take for granted such a precious way of life? 

Have we forgotten how it came to be? 
A Colony born of the First Fleet and striving to be free
The toughness and resilience of our people were part of life 
They met the challenges of oppression and man- made strife

The rampant floods or merciless droughts that never seemed to end
The bloody World Wars where our people never did bend
The Great Depression with hunger, poverty, misery and pain
Yet always the smiles and the dreams for tomorrow, be it sun or rain

With each generation came the right to say what we thought
It was a priceless part of our Aussie way and could never be bought
We were equal and no matter whom a bloke was or where he’d been
You could rant from a soapbox or heckle anyone in a footy team

Those generations who came before us would turn in their graves 
To see the national apathy and meekness slowly making us slaves
Suits are selling off the farm while our heads are buried in the sand
Rabid fanatics are bolder by the day to possess our beloved land

Don’t stray from the new regime or you’ll be remiss
It’s odds on that you will quickly be branded as a racist
Political correctness is slowly and slyly stealing our prized legacy
Arrest the thief or find our vault empty of precious values for society

Raise our flag, beat the drums and tell the bas--rds enough is enough
To shove a pineapple you know where with the end that’s rough
Cure the colour blindness and return freedom to say what we think
To once more shout in Aussie  style  “Gawd, strike me bloody pink”
George Mansford ©September 2016
My thought for today. - Werner
The most courageous act is still to think for yourself – Aloud!”Coco Chanel

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