Sunday, October 29, 2017

Book Launch – Delay!

Please be advised that the proposed book launch of my memoirs, "The Long Journey from B to C,” through one of Mario Calanna’s pharmacies, will be delayed due to ill health.

Being a self publisher, my book is always available direct from me, at Yorkey's Knob/Cairns.
Ph: 0498 316 145.  However, I’ll be in Townsville for a heart operation on November 20. 2017, and will be away from home for at least a week.

Go to my blog for more details and reader comments: 
Scroll down to the previous posting. Book price: $25.00.

I’m pleased to announce that my book can now also be purchased at the two Calanna Pharmacies in Cairns, at Woree and North Cairns. See Calannas’s Facebook Page.
The Mario Calanna pharmacies in our areas are well known in North Queensland for their friendly service, and expert advice on medication for good health.
This is an excellent family business, and Mario’s family had been in this area for
a long time and his parents were sugar cane farmers in Woree where now the Woree pharmacy is. I had the pleasure to meet Mario’s parents, and was helping them out planting cane in the 1970s when they couldn’t get labor. Please Support the Calanna pharmacies and experience the wonderful service; the pleasant ambience and the wonderful staff. Werner
Here is what Mario says: I wish every customer to be able to say: “When I walk into a Calanna Pharmacy I feel comfortable and able to trust the person who serves me. I hear some laughter, feel people smiling. I am greeted and helped like I'm part of the family. I feel at home. I can find the solution, the advice or information to improve the quality of my life. I am acknowledged and welcomed. I leave the Pharmacy feeling good about my experience and knowing they have my health at heart and are a key part of my health care team. I know I can come back to Calanna and have this same experience time after time”. Founder MARIO CALANNA


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Beverley Prescott said...

Werner - I want to say how much I enjoyed your book.
You certainly have had an interesting and full life.
I obviously forgot to put a comment on here months when I read it after it first was available to us all.
However, I intend reading it again and no doubt will read things that I may have missed the first time.
You are a special kind of human being indeed.

Beverley Prescott