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Queensland ain’t what it used to be.

Do you own your home or land? Think again. There is something rotten in the state of Queensland; it is called the Brigalow Corporation.I was made aware of this recently and what I learnt about this corporation scared the wits out of me. I wonder if the general public of Queensland and in particular the Labor voters know about the “Brigalow Corporation." Just Google for “Brigalow Corporation” if you want more information, but don’t do it if you haven’t got a strong heart or are easily upset.

Ask your local Member of Parliament to “Please Explain!”

The Brigalow Corporation was set up by the Beattie Government. We no longer own our homes/land - they belong to the Brigalow Corporation who have mortgaged our property for loans. We are now 'chattels' according to the Brigalow Corporation. The Brigalow Corporation and fee simple land rights - Brigalow Corporation now owns the state of Queensland & soon NSW.

One wonders why the Queensland Opposition is so quiet about this corporation. Below is a simple explanation. - Werner

What is the "Brigalow Corporation"?
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Land ownership removed from the people of Queensland

A simple explanation is that the "Brigalow Corporation" is the Government Corporation.

The Queensland Government has changed the wording in so many little parts of so much of the Queensland Constitution that they are effectively not a Governing body, more so it seems they are a business corporation.

It also seems that they refer to the business of governing the land of the people of Queensland the "Brigalow Corporation" under which all Land in the State has been removed from our ownership, and it also seems that it has been used as collateral for this corporation. - What?

On Thursday October 3rd 2007, the High Court of Australia made rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes all land ownership from the people of Queensland, and into the hands of the State.

The Court ruling that "fee simple" and "common law" are no longer recognized in Queensland seems to mean we are no longer part of the commonwealth and no longer have ownership or say in our own land and that Queensland is a separate entity and can just make up its own laws.

OK, so how does that come about?

When you purchase land, freehold, the transaction of exchanging Money for Land is described as "Fee Simple" and gives you the total right to call yourself the owner because the Crown has deeded that land to you when you paid for it without any other interference from Government.

But now, that the crown has been removed from the constitution and the governor is just another public servant appointed by the premier and the wording of the Queensland constitution doesn't acknowledge either the crown or "Fee Simple" and title is given by the State not the crown and isn't even backed up by a document with seal (title deed) just an electronic print out, you may have lost the right to freedom of use on your freehold land from now on.

As a person who has possessed a couple of genuine title deeds I can say they are quite informative and impressive and they are meant to be so, because the ownership of Land was always something to be valued highly and the mark of a man and even a reflection of his status, it will be a sad day when all goes back to the State.


"On Thursday 3rd October 2007, the High Court of Australia made rulings over residential and rural land that effectively removes all land ownership from the people of Queensland and puts it squarely into the hands of our State Government.

The court ruling that ‘fee simple’ and the ‘common law’ are now no longer recognised in Queensland means we no longer are part of the Commonwealth and no longer have ownership or say in our land, that Queensland is a separate entity that can make its own laws. " (all other states are to follow )

Brigalow is a corporation owned by Queensland government, which holds all land rights in Queensland including your land as the high court has removed your right to own land in fee simple.

If you want further info look up Google and type in Brigalow Corporation - apparently they in NSW are going to / if they have not already - implement same absolute bastardy into NSW. None dare call it treason!

My thought for today: - Werner
If you can't be a shining example, then just serve as a horrible warning.

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Calligula said...

Dear Werner,
I came across your weblog researching this article for mine.

I have taken the liberty of including your url -
- in the reference list in my article since your item as well as being part of a good weblog also supports my view that the problem we both mention is not going away.

May I take this moment to let your readers know that it is not only real estate property that has been endangered by Beattie’s unlawful change to the Qld quasi-constitution but every aspect of our existance.

If you have the time to read my article you will find that I’ve had to make use of the word fuhrer (leader) with reference to the actual status of Qld premier.
Please accept that such was not intended to offend – rather to draw attention to the worsening political situation in a state that has never seen a true democracy in the accepted sense.
Best regards – C. of Calligula’s Horse, Blog

PS – would you have me create your link on my blog?