Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things are stirring in the Sunshine State!

Peter Pyke, a former ALP state member, has, like so many others come to realize the absolute mess we are in, in the state of Queensland and wants to do something about it. Good on you Peter! I wish you all the best in your endeavour and if you can initiate a “cleanup” resulting in the re-establishing of democratic principles, banish totalitarianism and make the government listen to the will of the people, Queenslanders will support you. Following is a press release by Peter Pyke. - Werner
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“Queenslanders can get a Royal Commission on a par with the Fitzgerald Inquiry, but they will not achieve that by sitting on their hands,” says former-ALP State MP and former-Queensland Police Service sergeant Peter Pyke.

Pyke provided evidence of police corruption to the Fitzgerald Inquiry and was prominent as the uniformed serving officer who earned the labels ‘police reform crusader’ and ‘anti-corruption campaigner’ for continually fronting the media in uniform during the Inquiry to urge Queenslanders to support the royal commission and to not allow what he described then as ‘the bad guys’ to derail it.

“Not all the bad guys were dealt with by the Fitzgerald Inquiry. Many escaped the net, and the royal commission was unable to reach under every rock in Queensland, but it was a remarkable feat which brought dynamic change to Queensland,” acknowledges Pyke. “But that was 20 years ago.”

Pyke says some of the bad guys were able to continue with business as usual, both inside and outside the police service, and he says recent events in Queensland provide signposts as to where the state is headed. “The gaoling of former Beattie-Bligh Government minister Gordon Nuttall is one signpost, and the CMC Operation Capri last year is another. The A1GP is another, but the most alarming signpost I see is what we are learning about unchecked police corruption on the Gold Coast.”

Pyke says the revelation yesterday that the CMC had provided a confidential report on Gold Coast police corruption in 2008 which was simply ignored is the last straw.

“In the lead up to the Fitzgerald Inquiry which kicked off in 1987, allegations of coppers on the take responded to by mere hand-wringing by the police commissioner, ministers acting unlawfully or questionably and an administration which paid little heed to widespread public concerns; these were all signposts we saw then and we see again now,” says Pyke.

Pyke says with two years to the next state election and an ineffectual Opposition, Queensland is headed for a train-wreck unless the people can wrest back control.

“We are all busy,” Pyke says, “but this is important. Corr
uption and cronyism in government and public administration robs the people of not only the cash that is stripped out of the system, but also the provision of efficient public services. This all takes a huge toll. That is why Queensland is now broke and the trains no longer run on time, despite successive ALP governments riding a cash cow for decades. The bad guys and crooked coppers are running rampant again, and while they get fatter all the Bligh government intends to do is to sell off our essential public assets to patch up the holes in their incompetent administration.”

Peter Pyke is re-establishing the Citizens for Democracy Movement in Queensland to agitate for a fair-dinkum royal commission into political and police corruption, and into organized crime.

The Citizens for Democracy movement were instrumental in the Fitzgerald era in Queensland and held a huge public rally in Brisbane on 15 July 1989. The rally was the first legal street march post the Bjelke Petersen clamp down on public protests in the 1970s. Ironically, despite being a serving police officer, Peter Pyke was invited to lead the march of 15,000 irate Queenslanders and he addressed the rally.

“Queenslanders may have forgotten their history, so I’ll remind them that an attempt was first made to establish a phony corruption inquiry before we got the full-on Fitzgerald Inquiry,” Pyke says. “The same thing will happen now if we are complacent. What we want is another real inquiry.” Pyke says its time for him to pick up the baton again and he is calling on Queenslanders to join him in forcing the Bligh government to establish a real royal commission. “And I’m going to be making some phone calls. Right now, Queensland needs good people to stand up and be counted. Off your bum!”

Please release my contact details to all inquirers AUTHOR: Peter Pyke, PO Box 84, Southtown, Q 4350. 0427 388 598.

My thought for today. – Werner
All that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

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