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The truth about fluoride that our collective governments prefer we don’t know.

They perfected the art of obscurantism – in other words, the opposition to enlightenment or the spread of knowledge.

In the country of the blind . . .
It is madness to allow scientifically illiterate politicians to dictate the health of the nation.

WHO declares:
The chemical sodium silicofluoride, which our Governments add to our water supplies, is classified by the W.H.O. as a pesticide, insecticide, fungicide, rodenticide. (rat poison)

A crack appears in the fluoride front.
After surveying the growing evidence, a high-profile advocate has second thoughts about the safety of fluoride.

Following are four condensed letters to the editors sent to four regional newspapers in Victoria Australia, and it was published in - the author of the letters is: the eminent Hans C. Moolenburgh, M.D. For those who seek enlightenment a
bout this subject, this is a must read. I wish the Queensland government would have taken note of such people as Moolenburgh, who has done extensive research about the sinister side of fluoride, instead of taking advice from government bureaucrats and some dentists who are no experts in this field whatsoever. Click on picture to enlarge!
You may ask who is Hans C. Moolenburgh, M D? Well, to find out click here, before you read further. - Werner
* * * * * *
1. As in your city you are engaged in a fluoridation battle, let me tell you one (out of many) things.

In 1972 it was discovered by the Dutch neurologist M. Bulthuis that very small amounts of fluoride, comparable to those used in fluoridating the water supplies, inhibit an important enzyme called cholinesterase. This enzyme helps with the supple flow of massages in our brains. In fact it helps us with intellectual work and with thinking. The Dutch Director General of Health ordered Dr. Bulthuis not to publish these findings in her thesis, because it could harm intended water fluoridation plans.

She published and lost her career.

In recent years 32 independent studies, beginning in China, have given a practical, but also sad vindication of Bulthuis’ findings. In regions with a comparatively higher concentration of fluoride in the water (plotted against regions with lower fluoride) the overall intelligence of the children (measured by the I.Q.) is statistically significantly lower. Saying it bluntly; fluoridation makes you more stupid.

So what we have here is first the scientific background and 30 years later the practical results of more fluoride in the water.

I myself have seen several children with slightly to moderately impaired brain function. They were the children who were sensitive to fluoride in one of its applications. When I was not too late, these children could be cured by the absolute prohibition of fluoride medication.

In these times of increasing global crisis wouldn’t it be better for our children to have all their wits about them to cope with the difficulties that lie ahead? Please stop the absolute folly of adding this strong enzyme inhibitor to our water supplies. The next generation will be grateful for it.
* * * * * * *
2. During the early seventies of the 20th century Dean Burk, former Director of the Chemical Dept. of the USA National Cancer Institute and John Yiamouyiannis, another chemical expert, did a survey on 20 years cancer death rates in two series of 20 USA cities, one group fluoridated and the other non-fluoridated. They found increasing cancer in both cities, but the fluoridated cities increased sharper than the non-fluoridated and reached at least an extra 10% cancer death rate.

They did not know why this was so, but by now we know several reasons, one of the most important ones being that tiny amounts of fluoride can give breaks in the DNA molecule and that can be the trigger for cancerous development. Later their findings were violently attacked, but during the trial in Allegheny (the citizens versus the fluoridating state) the witness for the defence, the British statistician Professor Kinlen, who had dismissed Burk’s and Yiamouyiannis’ work as nonsense, had to admit under oath that the extra cancer death rate indeed appeared in his own calculations.

Later on in fluoridation promoting circles, it was told that in the Appeals Court; the findings of the extra cancer death rate was dismissed, but this is disinformation. The Court rejected Judge Flaherty’s decision in favour of the complaining citizens, because it ruled that a local judge could not judge in a Federal matter. The jurisdiction of his Court, not the medical evidence was the issue; the carcinogenicity of fluoride is both statistically and scientifically well established.

In a time that cancer begins to become the number ONE cause of death, it is bad policy to add a cancer-provoking substance to the drinking water.

By the way, Professor Dean Burk was a good friend of mine.
* * * * * *
3. In the early seventies a group of Dutch General Practitioners was formed just after their regions were fluoridated, to look into the possible side effects the authorities had promised us would be absent.

Straight from the beginning we found them in plenty; like sores in the mouth, stomach aches (many babies yelled day and night), irritable colon, itching skins, dizziness, depression and later on pain in small joints. The cure was easy: non-fluoridated water, but they had to continue fetching* it for as soon as they drank the tap water again the complaints came back.

However, a proportion of the people who suffered their complaints without fetching water slowly lost them. What was happening? They had entered the adaptation phase discovered by Hans Selye and described in his book Cancer, Stress and Death (1979). When a small amount of poison is swallowed daily like in fluoridation, the immune system after some time begins to work harder to eliminate the poison faster and this can go on for a long time.

But then, suddenly the third and final phase sets in. Either spontaneously or provoked by another physical or psychological stress, the immune system gives up, the exhaustion phase starts and spells a host of possibilities.

• Cancer – which explains the 10% extra cancer death rate in fluoridated cities found by Drs. Dean Burk and John Yiamouyiannis (1975), which by the way was never disproved as the proponents of fluoridation have claimed,
• The significant extra death rate from heart attacks, discovered by Isabel Jansen, R.N., in Antigo, Wisconsin and published in 1990,
• The lower I.Q. in children growing up in regions with higher F content in the water, found recently in 32 independent studies and
• Lower male fertility, also found recently in fluoridated regions, just to name a few.

The adaptation phase lasts from about 5 to 25 years, and then the break comes for many people.

Conclusion: to pour a vicious enzyme poison like fluoride into the water supplies at a time when we already have to cope with a massive toxic overload from poisons in the air, the water and in the soil is the height of folly.

During the fluoridation process in Holland, some town councils offered the citizens the option of being able to fetch for themselves clean water from communal taps. This resulted in some awkward situations as citizens, armed with all manners of containers, formed long queues in their attempt to avoid fluoridated water.
* * * * * *
4. Our planet is staggering under a rapidly increasing toxic load, not CO2, but pesticides, herbicides, chemical remedies excreted in the urine of patients, industrial pollution and what not. At least 100.000 new chemical compounds have been released into our environment since WWII, several of them carcinogenic and the load is greatly increasing every year.

Our immune systems are fighting to cope with this toxic overload and clearly failing, judging from the explosion in the occurrence of ‘civilization diseases’. In blood taken from the umbilical cords of newly born children in industrialized countries we have found traces of 3 or 4 carcinogenic pesticides.

For the detoxification and neutralization of these toxins, we depend on our enzymatic system and it is of course the height of folly to add a vicious and general enzyme inhibitor like fluoride to our water supplies.

Please help to stop this crazy situation and help the so-called experts to come to their senses.

Our next generation has as much right to a happy and healthy youth as did their parents and grand-parents.

My thought for the day. – Werner
You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. Friedrich Nietzsche

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