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A strong reaction to the Australian “60 Minutes” program.

Sunday night’s Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes program included a well produced segment entitled “Poisoned,” which revealed horrifying results of the use of two chemicals which are regularly sprayed on many of our food crops. If you missed it, you can read the transcript on their website: Story transcripts, This makes a good follow up to my recent posting: The toxins in our midst can make us sick or kill us.

Following are responses sent to 60 Minutes by two very concerned Australians, as well as a letter to the editor of the local daily newspaper. - Werner (Please don't forget to click all the interesting links)
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Letter 1.
Thank you for exposing the dangers of Endosulfan and Carbendazim. Too often the public is kept ignorant of such information because of the power of the corporations who produce these chemicals.

Coincidently, the company mentioned in your story, DuPont, is one of a number of large companies behind another insidious poison that has been foisted upon a largely unsuspecting public for many years - but this poison's image has been so well whitewashed by very clever spin doctors, and collusion and corruption at the highest levels, that many people, including many health professionals, actually believe it is beneficial.

Sadly, the mainstream media also seems to have been hoodwinked - or gagged - about what scientist Dr Robert Carton has called "the greatest case of scientific fraud ... of all time" - water fluoridation. An excellent expose´ by investigative journalist Christopher Bryson, "The Fluoride Deception" shows how this was achieved.

It is high time a program such as yours produced an honest, unbiased investigation of this topic. Please contact Dr Andrew Harms of Adelaide, former head of the South Australian branch of the Australian Dental Association, or Dr Caree Alexander, Dentist from Port Macquarie, who I am sure would be glad to back up what I have stated. An excellent website where you could begin your investigation is the Fluoride Action Network at .
Sonja Hardy Shailer Park
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Letter 2.
Congratulations on your "60 Minutes" TV programme on Sunday 21st March, 2010 "Deadly Chemicals".

The stories about fish with two heads in the Noosa River and the Sunland Fish Hatchery have been around for over a year and the deadly effects of Benlate (Benomyl) were known around 15 years ago. How is it that Australia is so negligent in keeping control of these deadly chemicals and yet other countries are aware and take action. The growers of macadamia nuts (and other crops?) should be notified immediately of the dangers of the chemicals they are using and they should be banned in Australia, as they have been in 62 other countries!

i.e. Endosulphans, Carbendazin, and Benlate (Benomyl).

This is outrageous. Who does any proper research on sprayed chemicals and effects of genetically modified food, when consumed by humans or animals.

I am sending this on to Federal Members for immediate attention.

The truth of this deformity of a baby born with no eyes has been confirmed. I have met a relative of the newborn baby born in Grafton hospital around 2nd February 2010. Naturally the parents would not want to publicise this, but records should be available at the Grafton Hospital.

Below is an email networked by me only last month, which is self explanatory.

Bev L. Pattenden, Summerland Way, Grafton. NSW. Australia 2460.
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Letter to the editor. “Babies Born With No Eyes”
Letter 3.
I believe there has been a baby born on the north Coast, New South Wales, Australia with no eye on one side and a small eye on the other.

Many years ago in Coffs Harbour, NSW, which is about 100 KM away, there were babies were being born with deformities. The public were never told what was wrong with the babies.

However, I worked in a plant nursery and when I tried to order the chemical BENLATE, I was told by the representative that it had been taken off the market. When I questioned her further, she said that babies were being born with no eyes and they suspected this chemical. She said she had been instructed not to tell anyone, but she felt it was important that I knew.

Benlate (or Benomyl) has a witholding period of 5 days. It is a systemic fungicide powder which controls powdery mildew, botrytis, brown rot, white mould, azalea petal blight, rose black spot and dollar spot.

This was used in the banana growing areas and used to wash mangoes. Whether it's still used or sold under another name I do not know.

Bev L. Pattenden, Summerland Way, Grafton. NSW. Australia 2460.

Baby with rare condition born with no eyes
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LinkMy thought for today. – Werner
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PS. If Adenauer would have read the comment from T. Asquith, he would have added that some people are from a different planet.- Werner


T. Asquith said...

Greeting Werner and thank you. After discarding all of my many earlier posts because (presumably) they did not agree with you/your blog's point-of-view, you have now kindly permitted one of my comments.

(No’ Tommy, that was not the reason, your comments were rejected. They were not published because they were nasty personal attacks on me, you wanted to ridicule me, you were overly sarcastic towards me, you wanted to tell me what I should publish and what not and that was the reason. Any further comments in that line will be dealt with in the same way. – Werner)

In my humble opinion, your blog has now reached a respectable level of maturity; you have shown a willingness to publish a counter-view. And hasn't it been productive for you and the blog!? All those angry comments directed at me from your blog followers posted so quickly, and there was me residing on my other planet thinking I was your only genuine poster. I just hope they are not your alter egos or, heavens forbid; Karola's pseudonyms. But if John Asquith-Charles is real, how very dare he accuse me of being a mask that is pure and simple discrimination against people who look like masks. He should walk in my shoes before he makes such comments.

But onto the more serious subject matter of your blog: Although I didn't see the program in question, I understand the concern. But 60 Minutes has not discovered a new issue, it's just a rehash of what has been known for a long time. Let me make a provocative statement: The use of agricultural and industrial poisons is irreversible! Their use (more or less) is with us for ever.

We opened Pandora's box a century or more ago when the use of such chemicals resulted in 'miraculous' ten-fold crop yields. And like rabbits in a good year, our numbers (World-wide) grew commensurately. Same with the antibiotics (et al) which we continue to feed (or pump into) livestock. To go back to only naturally grown 'organic' methods of food growth would result in even greater numbers of the World's peoples starving. Of course, there have been some shockers; DDT to name one, which have now been banned although the ill effects of it are still evident in the food chain. You can rail against this mass poisoning Werner, but it's a lost cause. And the issue of fluoride is by comparison practically benign.

My Thought for today. Tommy.
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Unknown said...

I was born in ballina nsw in 1980 with a missing right eye my parents believed pesticides caused it,
I gave birth to my second son in 2007 and he was born with missing left eye so what ever caused this is now genetic
no record of it ever happening ever in my family before