Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Questions Queensland Health Minister and Chief Health Officer need to answer about toddler's death!

This is supplementary to the previous posting with more pertinent questions asked by Merilyn Haines. - Werner
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Fact: Qld Health Minister Paul Lucas was told on the 9th April that a 2 yr old Brisbane child had died the day after receiving a flu vaccination. His response was that no-one should avoid being vaccinated (Channel 10 news April 9th)

Fact: Paul Lucas and Jeannette Young, the Chief Health Officer for Qld, are currently claiming that they didn’t know the name of the dead child, and therefore couldn’t locate the family and investigate further. They say that Brisbane Hospitals and the Therapeutic Goods Administration didn’t know of a death on that day, so they and Qld Health seems to have done no further investigation.

Question: Why didn’t Paul Lucas’s or Chief Health Officer Dr Young’s staff ask Channel 10 for more details of the death, or contact the Upper Mt. Gravatt Police, or the Mt Gravatt Ambulance?

Fact: The Queensland Government has a contract to receive news reports from Media Monitors, particularly for items that could be a hot potato for government. If not one of the 700 odd Qld Government media staff saw the Channel 10 news on April 9th and didn’t know that the Upper Mt Gravatt Police were involved in the case, did Qld Health not get a report from Media Monitors covering the Channel 10 news report? If Qld.Health really didn’t know Upper Mt Gravatt police were involved, a Media Monitors report would surely have helped Qld Health staff locate the family, long before they read the name in the Sunday Mail two weeks later.

Does Queensland Health get reports from Media Monitors on anything reported on vaccinations?

Fact: In cases of sudden unexpected death (as with this child being found dead at home), the normal protocol would be that the Police take possession of the body, the body goes to the Police Morgue and it is then under the custody of the duty Government Medical Officer.

Question: Why didn’t the Queensland Government Medical Officer who received the body on the day of death, alert the TGA, Qld Health, Paul Lucas or Jeannette Young. Wouldn’t this Queensland Government doctor have a responsibility for reporting a death that may have been caused by a vaccination?

Fact: Channel 10 has reported that they contacted Queensland Health the day after the death and were told by a Qld Health spokeswoman not to report on the death so as to not incite fear. (Channel 10 5pm news 26 April)

Question: Who told Channel 10 not to report on the death, and why did this spokeswoman not then locate the family, and not report the family name to Paul Lucas, Jeannette Young and the TGA?

There appears to have been many deceptive and misleading statements made in regard to this tragedy, it is time for some truthful answers from Paul Lucas, Jeannette Young and Queensland Health.

Merilyn Haines (an ordinary concerned parent)

I am not opposed to vaccinations, but I am very opposed to politicians who lie and those who would let harm befall our children.

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My thought for today. - Werner
Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.
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True Blue Aussie said...

This Queensland Labor government has gone absolute bonkers and lost its way big time. They only care for themselves and we are only numbers that count for nothing except for a short time prior to an election. We worry as to where we are heading in this country? I’m fearful for the future of our children and grandchildren. I never ever envisioned that we would live under a totalitarian government.

Boldarn said...

This is typical , as anything that could put the profits of the RE under question is hushed up . Adverse pharmaceutical drug reactions are seldom , if ever reported and are mostly wiped from your medical record . Instead the adverse reactions recorded as mental illness . That is hard to do with a dead body - to label it "loony" .
So the thugs on the top try to talk their way out of it with bogy excuses so the profits don't stop rolling ...after all , vaccines are a big part of the depopulation agenda . So is Roundup and other poisons . For a real education please check out this site and its archives :
Thanks , Werner , for putting up this question .