Sunday, May 9, 2010

Is the food we eat, and the air we breath, making us sick?

We are a “sick” society in every sense of the word, and contributing to it are air pollution and the consumption of fruit & vegetables that are saturated with pesticides and grown with chemical fertilisers. On top of this, our government fallaciously believing it will eliminate tooth decay, has poisoned our water with fluoride. We are wondering why so many people are sick. Hospitals are constantly full to capacity and to get a doctor's appointment can take a week or more, but to make matters worse -they are in bed with big Pharma and prescribe more chemicals for their patients. Alternative medicine is not something they would think of promoting.

We are encouraged to eat organically grown fruit and vegetables, but they are hard to get hold of, unless we grow them ourselves. As far as I know there is no toxicity testing of our farm produce before it hits the market place. So, people are kept in the dark and have not much choice, but to eat the stuff. It is about time that our politicians initiate research into the reasons so many people are sick, and look for real solutions; it could save them a lot of money in the long run.

Fruit and vegetable growers who spray their produce with pesticide are required to withhold their produce for up to three weeks or more before it should get to the market place. However, this is impossible to control and if a crop is attacked by pests a few days before harvest, it will be sprayed and taken to the market, and nobody will suspect that the produce they're buying is freshly laced with poison. I have been made aware of this by a friend who was a strawberry grower.

Following is an interesting article about the pesticides used in the USA, and which foods are more contaminated and which are not. One can assume that the situation is not different in Australia. If you want to read how to avoid the most contaminated fruits and vegetables you buy, click here. Also click on all the links in the website article. - Werner

Is Your Body Contaminated with Pesticides? Click on this link to find out.

My thought for today. - Werner
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Dulcie Fraser said...

Werner, I really enjoy reading your very informative blog. However, reading your last posting and checking out all the links in the website and reading about “The new 12 Dirty Dozens” this was compelling enough for me to start my own veggie garden. Thank you Werner.

Sandy Lalor said...

Werner, you touched on an interesting subject, which is something we and everybody else should be seriously worried about. Your posting made us think and made us realise that to escape the pesticide contaminated veggies is to grow them ourselves organically. I have already bought a book on this subject. Thank you for your wide-ranging and informative postings; keep up the good work.