Monday, May 24, 2010

A message from Argentina…our sympathies to the people of Greece!

Adrian Salbuchi, Argentine economist, explains the global financial meltdown, he has a great way to communicate what is happening. His messages can be understood with ease by all. The financial outlook in the world is not bright at the moment. We have to wonder if we in Australia go down the same path. This is an interesting must read. - Werner
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A MESSAGE FROM ARGENTINA. OUR SYMPATHIES TO THE PEOPLE OF GREECE! - By Adrian Salbuchi. Argentine Second Republic Movement Press Bulletin – 12th May 2010 - An Argentine View into World Events. It’s “déjà-vu all over again”...!!!

When Argentinians watch the news today and see the terrible things that are happening in Greece, we cannot but say, “Hey!! This is EXACTLY like Argentina in December 2001 and beginning of 2002…!” Then too, Argentina underwent its worst systemic banking, public debt and monetary collapse which led to social turmoil, mad violence, rioting, and social war. The turmoil was so bad, that it forced then president Fernando de la Rúa’s government to resign, especially because of his notorious pro-banker cartel economy minister, Domingo Cavallo, generating a political vacuum that led to Argentina having 5 (five!!) presidents in that terrible last week of December 2001. Click on picture to enlarge.

What triggered social chaos in Argentina was the attempt by president De la Rúa to implement the grossly unjust austerity measures imposed by the IMF that required, as usual, utmost sacrifice from the people – more taxes, less social spending, “balanced budgets”, zero deficit spending, amongst other anti-social measures – which led to a fall of almost 40% in Argentina’s GDP.

Half of all Argentineans fell below the poverty line (most were never to make it back to the traditional Argentina middle class), private banks were allowed to legally retain everybody’s savings, US dollar deposits were arbitrarily changed into Pesos at whatever rate of exchange the government and bankers decided (the dollar was devalued 300% from one peso to the dollar, to 4 pesos the dollar in just weeks) and yet…. Not one bank fell ! ! ! Indeed, since then they’re all back in “business as usual”, however the poor and impoverished are today totally out of business…

Throughout 25 years of successive caretaker governments in Argentina, the IMF-led Global Banking Cartel artificially generated a basically illegal – or at best, illegitimate – Sovereign Debt that grew so huge, that it ended up collapsing the entire financial and economic system. That was no coincidence. It was part of a highly complex model, engineered to control entire countries, through a cycle having sequential stages and identifiable parts that has one basic overriding goal: when the finance economy is fuelled to run in an artificial “growth mode”, the bulk of all profits are privatized into the hands of their “friends”, managers and operators. However, when the whole scheme – like all Ponzi schemes - reaches its climax and total collapse is at hand, they revert the process and then socialize all losses. (This is more fully explained in my video “Global Financial Collapse”, see links below).

That’s what Mr. Cavallo - a Rockefeller protégé - achieved, ensuring that the Argentine people bore all the losses, whilst the international banksters took all the profits. The mainstream media – both global and local – willingly obliged; The New York Times went so far as to suggest that the entire Patagonian region (i.e., the 5 southern provinces of Argentina accounting for 35% of Argentina’s territory and having immeasurable energy, mining, foodstuff, water resource wealth), should secede from the rest of the country as a way of “resolving our foreign debt woes…”

Now, that was Argentina 2001/2002 but, isn’t that also the case when today’s US taxpayer bails out Goldman Sachs, AIG, CitiCorp and GM whilst losing his house, pension and job? Isn’t that what is happening to Greece today? And Iceland? And the UK? And Ireland? And – anytime soon – Spain? Portugal? Italy…?

In Argentina, our people ended up getting used to being much poorer, so when “normal” times returned, the Goldman Sachs and Citicorp controlled local media were able to ensure that a new puppet regime subservient to the money interests should come to power: i.e., the husband and wife pro-banking mafia team of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner… And the merry-go-round keeps turning and turning, whilst the Argentine people keep paying and paying…

Today, we look at Greece and see the same tell-tale signs: the IMF imposing strict austerity measures as a condition for the banks to lend more money to them (as if a country collapsing under the burden of debt can overcome that by getting into even more debt!!), the mainstream media speaking vociferously on the need for “Greece to do things correctly and responsibly” (as if the US FED, the Bank of England, Goldman Sachs and the US Treasury, Greenspan, Bernanke, Paulson, Brown, Geithner, Blankfein, Greenberg were examples of responsible accountability), local caretaker governments doing all they can on behalf of banking interests (George Papandreou is a regular at the Bilderberg and Trilateral Commission meetings, as was Fernando de la Rúa, a founding member of the local chapter of the Council on Foreign Relations in Argentina called CARI), major banks such as Goldman Sachs trying to collect their pound of flesh in the midst of all the turmoil and hardship; all of this against a backdrop of desperate citizens taking to the streets to express what is obvious to all: that international bankers and local caretaker government form a complex association of thieves and robbers.

The inevitable then occurs: the Government sends the police out to the streets to protect the bankers, themselves and New World Order power elite interests... Then violence flares up, people get hurt and die…. The poor (police) battle against the poor (population), whilst the rich look on from a safe distance with a chuckle…

Make no mistake: this is a Global Model. Make no mistake: there is NO democracy, not even in Athens, its birthplace.

To read the full article, click here. If you do read it, make sure to watch the two youtube videos at the bottom.
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My thought for today. – Werner
When the well's dry, we know the worth of water."Benjamin Franklin


True blue Aussie. said...

I do not have any pity with Greece, only with the people or countries, which lend them money to get out of their mess. Switzerland is about one third the size of Greece; they never get into financial trouble, why? They can handle money, but the Greeks cannot. Your picture with the title “Spendicus” hits the nail on the head. Why would a country with limited resources and a country that has not much to export, would want to host the Olympic Games for which they would have had to borrow money beyond their means?

However, if we look at our spendthrift federal Government in Australia, they are using the same modus operandi like Greece. We will probably see an influx of more Greek migrants to Australia, who are known to have divided loyalties, they are Greek first and an Australian a distant second.

Activist said...

Sadly Australia does seem to be heading down the same path - massive debt and resources being sold out from under us.

It makes the conspiacy theories more and more believable, when you see what's happening here and around the world. Look up "New World Order" and "Chemtrails," for example. But do it soon, before the Federal Government's internet filter blocks these sites, which might expose the real agenda of those pulling their strings behind the scenes.

Werner (The blogger) said...

Hi, Margaret Lee,
You are welcome to copy anything from my blog and send it to friends. Thank you for reading my blog.