Monday, June 14, 2010

More opinions about the burka in Australia.

This is supplementary to my earlier posting: "Hiding your identity with the burka is un-Australian." Following is a letter sent to the Cairns Post in reply to a letter by Han Barkmeyer, published in the Cairns Post, Thursday, 27th May, 2010, under the heading, "Don't try to curtail Aussie freedoms," in which Barkmeyer censured me severely for my letter on this subject.

I received this copy by ordinary mail and since
it has over 400 words, I’m sure the Cairns Post will not publish it as their word limit is 150. Below this letter are more opinions, which I received per e-mail. I would like to stress that the opinions expressed in this posting are not necessarily those of the blogger. - Werner

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And on the subject of Islam, a Brit can say it so gracefully - what a great video!!! Very Interesting --- Very True! Click here.

Also look into this link, "Northern Truth." to see what the Taliban is doing to young boys.
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Letter one, from Mr. Fritzi Bitzi I Quote:
It looks as if Han Barkmeyer does not know that the Anti-discrimination laws of Australia curtail freedom through limitations. For that reason, you have dress-regulations in pubs and business for example. And that is in general always a public matter and not as he states in a sexist way and suggests a matter only for women.

I personally have no problem when Muslim women appear in burkas publicly. However, I do believe, that they should be treated like motor-bike-riders who wear helmets when they entered banks and other security-areas. Han may be interested to know that it was Jewish born French President Nicolas Sarkozy who called for a ban on the burka, which is banned now in France:

More info to this on:
I wish also remind Han that women are not allowed to wear bikinis at beaches in Muslim countries. Ca. 10 years ago the International Youth Hostels Federation had membership cards on which the member had to sign, that he/she would obey to the laws, customs and traditions of the country he/she visits. With other words if you go to Rome, do as the Romans do.

Han also is not aware, that World-War II was incited by Wall Street and the City of London through their manipulated President Franklin D Roosevelt. Find the information to this on:

Jewish born researcher Dr. Henry Makow came to the conclusion, that Hitler did not want WW2. Find his analyses on:
The good war-myth of the Allied is exposed also in following article:

The same forces which incited WW 2 are the same, who gave us Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Han writes about Lidice, Ora-dur-sur-Glane and the Maquis (French resistance), which was not innocent at all. What he does not mention is that the Allied were involved in similar war-crimes which they amnestied for themselves at Nuremberg, while they charged the Germans under new introduced International law in retrospect. So far their legal hypocrisy! Find information to this on: End of quote.
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Beve Pattenden sent a humorous picture to her mailing list (see picture on the right) that was used by Specsaver (Optical Company) in an advertisement. Most of Australians have a good sense of humour, but not so, it seems, Stephen Hemsley and he wrote back the following comment.

The advertisements says: You should have gone to SpecSavers. Click on picture to enlarge.
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Letter two: I Quote.

Condescending to the Muslims????? Have you been following the emotive issue of Andrew John’s and his “flippant” comments about Greg Inglis? Please be respectful of ALL and do not forward this kind of humour. You are above all this. Kind regards, Stephen. Unquote
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Letter three, Bev’s reply to Stephen

Hello Stephen, and others who appear to be troubled by the full face covering coming to Australian women.

Sorry Stephen, I have to disagree with you this time. If we do not stop this we will have the same problems as the United Kingdom and Europe. The Muslims outbreed the Christians by hundreds, because of their practice of having many wives, and it only took 10 years of wearing a full face cover to become "normal" in England. Many of these women have no rights whatsoever and are unable to speak out against this practice. I personally think it is an insult to the real God, whatever you may call Him, to cover the face of beautiful women, created to bring joy not only to their husbands, but their children and all around them. How would you know whether these women are happy or in tears when you can't see their faces? Do you think any of them would be brave enough to go to the police to report abuse? I don't think so. Look how many years it took for women to get their rights in the Western society. Are we about to lose all that if we do not speak out now?

It is quite ridiculous to think you can get a driver's licence and drive around with a cover over your face!!!! You try it and see how far you get. Are they going to be allowed to vote in full face cover as well?
How can you support this practice?

I am not a racist.
I really don't care what country anyone comes from or the colour of their skin, but I am opposed to practices that do not belong in a civilised world and hate to think that we are losing our unique sense of humour. Remember when Irish jokes were also banned under Keating. Here we go again.

I do not believe Andrew Johns should have resigned. Why are blacks offended for being called black?" Are white offended when they are called White? Let me tell you a little story: (An explanation for my overseas readers. Andrew Johns is a NSW football legend, (retired) who made a flippant racial remark, calling a prominent Queensland footballer “Black” with some expletives coming with the word black. Johns has since resigned from his coaching position in NSW. - Werner)

When I was caretaking an Aboriginal Mission in Kununurra in 1986 I was sunbaking in my two piece swimmers. Along came this large Aboriginal women with her hands on her hips leaning over me and asked: “What's You doin?". I replied that "I'm sunbaking to get a tan". She said "What are you stupid or something? If you're black you're black, and if you're white you're white" and walked off.

I have never sunbaked since and never bothered about getting a tan.

The moral of this story "Be proud of the colour of the skin you're in". (And so say most of us! - Werner


My thought for today. – Werner
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. Konrad Adenauer


Tom Asquith said...

Fine sentiments Vicki-Lynn Haigh, but here's a thought; what of Muslim women who choose to wear the burka? Would it not equally be an oppression that disallowed that choice?

Proud Digger. said...

When in Rome do as the Romans do, the same should apply to Australia, Tom Asquith. Has it ever occurred to you that for security reasons alone the hiding of anybody’s identity should not be allowed?

As far as choice is concerned, do we have a choice of not wearing a seatbelt or a bike helmet or did we have a choice not being mass medicated with fluoride in the water? Give me a break, Mr. Asquith. The diggers who fought and died for this country would turn in their graves to hear your comment. Go and buy your wife, if you have one, a burka and move to an Islamic country, we don’t want your kind of people in this country.

Young Australian soldier said...

Old digger, I couldn’t agree with you more, an excellent answer to the likes of Asquith. I have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and I can tell you that I do not want the burka used in Australia. Unfortunately we have a lot of bleeding hearts and weirdo’s, loony greenies, who are lacking foresight and suffering from tunnel vision in this country. One has to wonder where we are heading in this country with people like that.

Cairns Backpackers said...

Very well said. I never thought I would agree with this opinion, but I’m starting to view things from a different view. Anyways you are doing excellent work. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This isn't actually a Specsavers ad. It's one of many spoof ads that have been made by all sorts of people having fun with the "Should have gone to Specsavers concept". Some of these are really entertaining but the Burka one is has potential to offend some people. We're probably less sensitive to it in Australia because we take the mickey out of everyone and everything but some parts of the world are aggressively racist towards minorities, so this would be more upsetting in those places.