Thursday, July 29, 2010

The cynical, unpredictable and fickle political landscape in Australia.

Wake up Australian voters; get out of your lethargic mental attitude and don’t think,”She’ll be right mate.” The German People thought so too in 1933 – the rest is history. Your future is in your hands on the 21st of August. If Labor wins the election and the Greens gain the balance of the power in the Senate, Australia will never be what it used to – it will change forever.

The election slogan of the Labor party, “Moving Forward,” means of course, don’t look into the rear view mirror and see the money wasting and disastrous schemes, some with deadly consequences that are left behind in the wake of the Rudd Government, for which Julia Gillard was equally responsible. And of course ‘moving forward’ means also getting away from the political corpse of Rudd himself. The failed insulation scheme is now costing the taxpayer more to fix than to implement. All these other money wasting schemes, too many to mention, but we all know what I’m talking about; they were financed with borrowed money which will have to be paid back.(Click on picture to enlarge.) It is alleged that this government is borrowing 100 million a day and it is frightening to think to which lender; are the Australian people the collateral?

The voters are starting to wake up to the hype a
nd doublespeak of our major political parties. It amazes me, and many others, when people say: “I vote for Julia Gillard because she is a woman and because of her infectious smile.” It shows that common sense has gone out of the window and been replaced with political correctness. I have nothing against women being in top jobs, they can be as good or as bad as men. I believe in egalitarianism and gender should not be an issue in this or any election; but good governance for all the people of this wonderful country should be imperative.

My wife asked several nurses (females) at the Cairns Base Hospital on Monday if they had watched the debate on Sunday between Gillard and Abbott. Each one of them said, “NO, I can’t stand that wo

It is beyond comprehension that women should have an issue with Tony Abbott. Is their femininity getting in their way? That the Labor party has an issue with him is understandable; his good performance since becoming Leader of the opposition has them rattled and they soon will realise that they have greatly underestimated him.

It becomes manifestly clear how fed up the Australian people are with our political system when we see millions of e-mails like: “Learn how to exercise your vote . . . .,” (reproduced below) finish up in e-mail inboxes.

I do not agree with every aspect of that e-mail, but what I agree with is that we must not elect a government again with a huge majority. This is the formula to become dictatorial and they do what
ever they like without any consultation with the electors. The mandatory fluoridation of our drinking water in Queensland is a case in point and shows us clearly how totalitarian and aloof a government can turn out to be. We are treated like mushrooms and fed constantly with BS.

Candidates from the major parties are restrained by party politics, and we have so often been let down by them. We need more good independent candidates in federal parliament, and in particular in the Senate, who can speak openly and without restraint and “keep th
e bastards honest,” as the late Don Chipp once said. I reiterate: we just cannot afford to give the major political parties a huge majority again so that they can ride roughshod over us or ignore us altogether after the election, as we have seen in the past three years.

If you plan to vote for the myopic Greens, aka “The Watermelon Party” (green on the outside and red inside, and in this case not very nutritious) to give them the balance of power in the Senate think again. Your electrical appliances will become obsolete; as you won’t be able to afford to pay for your electricity. However, you will be having permanent dinners by candlelight.

If Labor gets re-elected and the Greens win the balance of power, you will have good reasons to be frightened. Click here for an Alan Jones interview.

And click here to see what Andrew Bolt has to say. – Werner

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Learn How to Exercise your Vote and Break the Corporate Controlled Democracy!

Voters should not under any circumstances give their 1st preference to the Corporate Controlled Major Parties. By doing so the Australian Electoral Commission also give them $2.31 for each House of Reps and the same for each Senate Vote.

That means that if a Major Party receives 15,000,000 votes, that Major Party will received $34,650,000 dollars from the Australian Electoral Commission (ALL Tax Payer's Money)

To return the election process to "A People's Democracy", Voters need to vote for “Independents and Minor Parties" ahead of the Major Parties.


By putting the Corporate Controlled Major Parties LAST and SECOND LAST, the party that you put second last will still receive the preference distribution at the end of the vote count.

However, it will give “Independents and Minor Parties" more control in the senate if we can vote enough of them into parliament.

Australians need “Independents and Minor Parties" in Parliament, to keep these bastards from signing off on agreements and implementing unlawful laws that “Australians” do not know about.

People should not listen to the Corporate Media Co-Conspirators, who claim that a vote for “Minor Parties or Independents” is a wasted vote. If enough voters follow the above it would press the Major Parties to return to looking after the people of their electorate rather than their Corporate Masters.

If you have never voted before or you know someone who doesn't understand “How Voting Works” then forward them this "How to Exercise Your Vote to Make it Count” advice sheet.

Then everyone should print off 50 flyers and walk up and down your street and deliver this to your neighbours. If we all work together we can achieve anything. Together We Will Make a Difference!
- Unquote.
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My thought of today.Werner
We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon. - Konrad Adenauer


D. Nelson said...

Werner, you summarised our “political landscape” precisely and I totally agree with your sentiments. The Red Alert and the SOS is very fitting.

Beth (Gold Coast) said...

Werner, it’s a pity there is only one Nick Xenaphon. Why the hell do we allow trash to rule over us from BOTH major parties? I guess the reason is that public media scrutiny has got to such extremes, that individuals aren’t willing to be subjected to it. Look what happened to poor old Turnbull.

Btw, although she irritates the hell out of me from her scripted delivered speeches...there is more to Julia than most of the public appreciate.

Leichhardt voter said...

Good on you, Werner, your summary on our “political landscape” makes sense to me and is definitely “food for thought.” I totally agree with your sentiments and also with what Beth wrote that we should have more Nick Xenaphons in our parliaments. I just hope that the Australian voters take your thoughts into account on the 21st of August and tick the right boxes on the ballot paper.

Alert voter said...

The way things are politically in Australia these days; sending out an SOS to the electors was an excellent idea, this country is going to the dogs if we voters make the wrong decision in this election. I totally agree that huge majorities for a government are not desirable as it renders the opposition almost useless and the government of the day takes no notice of them.

Born to be ruled said...

Yeah, this will make all the difference Werner: Once all of Australia has read your post, we'll be back with our born to rule LNP masters. Only needs another 23 million hits to your blog. Good luck.

True blue Aussie said...

Werner, I agree with your sentiments entirely. Make sure to keep the SOS image it will be needed when we get more Muslims into our country and into parliament.

I cannot understand our federal politicians, haven’t they woken up to the anticipated problem we will have in this country with the noncompliant Muslim population who resist to assimilate? Europeans have woken up to them, but albeit too late.