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A view on Australian politics. An open letter from Dr. David Logan, Pastor of the Community Church of Armidale NSW Australia.

With the permission of David Logan I publish his letter, which he at first sent to ten friends and in no time it reached me. This is an interesting compilation of thoughts and I recommend that you read it. However, I would like to stress that the sentiments expressed are not necessarily those of the blogger and, I think that it will take more than prayers to get us out of the mess in Australia. - Werner
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Henry Makow Ph.D. sheds some light on our new prime minister and brings some of the many “unknowns” into open. For your edification, click here.

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I guess that we've all formed our opinions about the bloodless coup that took place in Canberra last week and maybe some sort of statement has already been made in your church about the events that took place and their consequences. However, I thought that you MAY be interested in this statement that I made to our church on Sunday. I do believe that last week's events may be more historic than the media commentators realise - but for different reasons to those that they espoused in their journalistic analysis.

Bless you, Dave Logan, Armidale

Whether you considered Kevin Rudd to be the best thing since sliced bread or the worst thing since Adolf Hitler, he was our Prime Minister and WAS elected by the Australian public into that role. It is technically true that we elect local members who then elect their own leader and the leader of the majority party becomes PM, however it is indisputable that the last election was a Presidential style election and we were told that a vote for a Labor candidate was a vote for Rudd and a vote for Liberal candidate was a vote for Howard. Rudd’s face appeared on ALL local promo material. It WAS the expectation of those who voted Labor into government that Rudd would be PM. It was indisputably the understanding of the Australian people that they had elected Kevin Rudd to lead our Nation as Prime Ministerial.

The ALP is a fractionalized party - i.e. the factions, not the rank and file, run the party. Rudd was not a member of a faction (a rare thing in itself), however because neither the Right nor Left factions could get their candidate “up” in the party room, the popular Kevin Rudd was seen as the compromise candidate who could win the election. It worked. But when the popularity faded and the polls went down, Rudd had no factional power base to protect him and thus the unknown back room ALP factional power brokers rose against him. The Prime Minister of this nation was sacked at the behest of the these people the MP’s of course, had to take their instructions from these people, after all it is these factional leaders that determine MP’s pre-selection! Those who remember the ALP's outrage at the sacking of Gough Whitlam have every right to see Rudd's sacking by that same ALP machine as hypocritical.

Don’t be fooled, despite the Gillard appointment, we still have a very unstable and potentially volatile situation. Julia Gillard is a member of the Left faction; however she has come to power due to the support afforded to her by the right and centre-right factions. If she loses popularity or upsets
the same factional power base that has elevated Gillard to the PM’s job.

Are so called “Christian” parties the answer? I can’t support a so called Christian party that allows it’s only federal politician to vote in the Senate in support of abortion. Neither can I support the so called Christian parties in NSW whose only parliamentary representatives conducted a spiteful, vilifying, unchristian slanging match in the media, accusing each other of immoral and unlawful conduct.

What I am saying is simple. Encouraging Christians in our Nation to vote for one party over another is not the answer. We’ve gone beyond that. Our Nation is in very deep trouble.

Islam is gaining a strong foothold - you may have read recently (in the last fortnight) of a policeman who was charged with racial abuse over his demand that a Moslem woman uncover her face so he could check her license. In one State, and I think it NSW, Moslem women can now leave their face covered in license photos. The influence of Islam is growing at an extremely rapid rate.

Spiritually, morally, politically our nation is heading downhill at a rate of knots. What I am saying is that if the church doesn’t wake up and pray and step into the void and do so very quickly, our children will live in a very different Australia to the one we know today. This is a message that we must heed and that needs to be taken to the church across our nation.

Think about this. Julia Gillard’s grandparents were part of the Welsh revival - her parents were raised in a God fearing Baptist home, she had a little exposure to the gospel in a Baptist environment in her childhood. She now says that she is a “non religious person” a “non practicing Baptist” (whatever that is!!!). It has only taken one generation to lose the effect of the Welsh revival, to lose Biblical morals and principles. Just one generation.

I realize that the picture that I have painted is negative but the picture is accurate, that really IS the way that the world is, that really IS the state of our Nation.

But there is another perspective.
If it only takes one generation to kill a revival, then understand this, one generation is all it takes to restore the same!

We can hold our heads in despair as we view this South Land of The Holy Spirit or we can lift our heads and become that generation that makes this South Land GREAT.

I believe that politically, morally and religiously, our Nation is in deep trouble. But I also believe that God has given us the answer. “If my people who are called by my name…..”. The answer is not in our ballot boxes, although we must be wise and prayerful about who we will vote for. The church must rise up, the sleeping giant must wake. We MUST pray and we must declare the counsel of God without fear or favour. We must take a stand on morality and godly principles. We must be the generation who restores the revival, the generation that rises up in Jesus’ name and will not bow down to any other name. It may not be the popular path, but I believe it is Australia’s last hope.

We simply MUST be part of THAT generation the generation that rises up and reclaims our heritage. To leave it to another generation will be to leave it too late. To leave it to another people will be to make a tragic mistake.

If not me then who, if not now then when?

It only takes one generation..........

.........and it has to be ours!
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My quote for today. – Werner
Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict. William E. Channing


True blue Aussie. said...

Werner I have to agree with you that it will take more than a prayer to get us out of our mess, but otherwise, David Logan presented a valid argument. I also enjoyed reading the previous posting “Our multicultural Society” and it certainly produced chuckles. I don’t think that many Australians could imagine the difficulties migrants experience coming to a strange country and not speaking the language of the land. Keep up the good work.

Alex Brand said...

I admire the courage of Dr. David Logan in writing so candidly. We are still lucky in this country and able to speak openly, straightforward, direct and without reserve or secretiveness. However, if we let the wrong people into this country whose Bible tells them to kill us infidels and, who refuse to fit into the Australian way of life, speaking out candidly, if they become “the upper hand” in this country; would become a thing of the past. God help us!

Megan said...

Good on you, David Logan, for saying as you see it.