Thursday, March 10, 2011

When Green Energy is not so Green.

The Green agenda in Australia is to abolish coal fired power stations and replace them with alternatives like wind turbines, and I refer you to one of my recent postings of 18.2.1012 “Is wind power just a lot of hot air?”

While wind power might be clean energy, to achieve this however is not so clean, and it produces extraordinary pollution in China, which manufactures 97% of the world’s rare earth metals that are used in wind turbines. Each large wind turbine contains 300kg of rare earth magnets. There’s also 30kg of rare earths in a Toyota Prius.

This is something the Greens avoid talking about; they don’t mind if another country gets messed up, as long as they can get wind power.

There are 17 “rare earth metals” which usually occur together and once mined have to be separated. It is used in the manufacture of the most powerful magnets in the world. These in turn are components in such things as hi-fi speakers, hard drives and lasers, but only after the rise of alternative energy solutions has it really come to prominence in hybrid cars and wind turbines. A direct drive permanent-magnet generator would use 4,400lb (2 tons) of neodymium-based permanent magnet material. The wind-turbine industry relies on neodymium, which also has a catastrophic environmental impact, and creates a dilemma for environmentalists who want to see the growth of the industry. We have to recognise the environmental destruction that is being caused while making these wind turbines.

What all this means is “clean” power for some – and utter pollution and misery for others. Click here to read: “In China, the true cost of Britain's clean, green wind power experiment; pollution on a disastrous scale.

And since pollution is mentioned, let’s look at a pollutant that is forced on us by our state governments – fluoride in our drinking water. Click here, to watch an eye opening Australian documentary that exposes the fraud of water fluoridation in this country. This is a superb documentary and the reason for that is because it tells the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; something our state governments deliberately avoid telling you. – Werner

PS. The Firewater YouTube documentary is set to be watched in sections, which is great. So, you can easily get back to the section you have not watched when you have time.

A thought for today: Werner
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Rosemarie Zalec said...

I did not realise the extent of the havoc that wind turbines can cause and do cause. There is no end to the fraud that continues to be uncovered in so many areas. Here is another one!!!The whole truth should be revealed and this truth should drive and inform decision making. Wind turbines are making their way into many areas. This cannot be justified in the light of what I have just read in "Green energy is not so green"
Rosemarie Zalec

Now informed. said...

Wow, I must admit to being ignorant. I was amazed to learn the havoc and pollution wind turbines create.

And, what an eye opener the Firewater documentary was. We certainly look now differently at water fluoridation and we will invest in a filter. Come to think of it, if everybody filters their water or buys filtered water in order not to drink poisoned water, what good is it for the government to force councils to put it into our water supply? Isn’t this a waste of rate payers money?

Margaret B. said...

What I just read is greatly disturbing, where are we heading? This world seems to go for self-destruction. Wars, pollution and poisoning our drinking water and the countries that called themselves “Democratic” have changed to totalitarian systems, which we had found repugnant in other countries. It beats me absolutely why we are, apart from a few, are so silent about all this.

Calvin, Canada said...

I read with great interest your posting and find it appalling the pollution taking place in China because of wind power. The firewater documentary was very revealing and interesting, and to me especially since we are also fighting against water fluoridation in our province, Ontario and others. The Firewater documentary is excellent and states the case against Water fluoridation convincingly.

Unknown said...

That's all very well Werner and "greenies" are always an easy target. But what's the alternative ? Business as usual, nuclear power ? Do nothing and hope it all goes away ?

What's your solution ?

P. Lankovich said...

Nick wrote: “That's all very well Werner, and "greenies" are always an easy target”.

That’s right they are an easy target, and they have only themselves to blame. They are misguided idealistic fanatics and haven’t caught up with reality yet. Their wilderness is between their ears. “But what’s your solution?’ Nick asks.

I say, leave things as they are, climate change has occurred over millions of years, and the bad pollution culprit is not carbon dioxide, but carbon monoxide coming from aeroplanes and exhaust pipes of cars to name a couple, but the Greens don’t talk about that pollution.

Tim Flannery, the Australian alarmist of the Year tells us that if the entire world (hypothetically) stopped producing carbon dioxide, it would have no impact on climate chance. I rest my case Nick.

Unknown said...

"P. Lankovich said...leave things as they are."

Werner's article was about the appalling pollution taking place in Chine. So you are happy for that to continue unabated ?

The Greens, extreme and misguided as they are at times, do provide a useful counterweight to the "business as usual" and "don't rock the boat" crowd. Environmental standards in this country would be non-existent if it was not for green activists.

At the last federal election the Greens attracted more than 1.6 million votes. That is a large part of the population that you dismiss as being misguided idealistic fanatics. Some people would consider Tony Abbot to be a misguided idealistic fanatic. But let's not engage in silly name-calling.

By the way the Greens do have a policy on pollution by cars :

So you really do not have much of a case to rest on,P. Lankovich. Best to do some research before repeating uniformed shock-jock slogans.

The question remains : what is the alternative, other than having cheap shots at environmental parties?

Unknown said...

P. Lankovich said :"carbon monoxide coming from aeroplanes and exhaust pipes of cars to name a couple, but the Greens don’t talk about that pollution."

You are wrong :