Monday, October 24, 2011

I was subjected to a "gas attack” in World War 2.

Sending you this posting is indicative that I “survived.” I have been publishing bad news and sad stories lately. For a change I’ll give you something to read that may just relieve you momentarily from the bad and sad things that happen around the world including in Australia. This is a story from my life and I hope you enjoy reading it and hopefully it will bring a smile to your face.
SMILING is infectious; you catch it like the flu. When someone SMILED at me today, I started SMILING too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin. When he SMILED, I realized I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile, then realized its worth; a single SMILE just like mine could travel 'round' the earth. So if you feel a SMILE begin, don't leave it undetected. LET'S START AN EPIDEMIC QUICK AND GET THE WORLD INFECTED!!! – So, send this on to your friends and get them “smile infected.” - Werner
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MY Sister Helga.
During the war (W.W.2) every household was issued with gasmasks.  Helga was only a few months old, still wearing nappies and lying awake in her baby cot.  My mother had to go to the corner shop and enlisted me to keep an eye, or possibly both, on my sister.
Helga started to cry and I tried to calm her by talking to her and gesticulating with my hands.  Leaning over the cot and thus being very close by her side, I noticed a terrible smell emanating from the direction of her nappies. I surmised that it could be one of two things.  One, that there I something in those nappies, and they weren’t roses.  Two, a distant possibility, we were under a gas attack. 
Early in the war the authorities had warned us that the enemy could drop poisoned gas on us one day.  As we found out later, the latter conclusion was pretty close to the mark, but this was “friendly” gas and did not come from our enemies.
However, I thought it would better to err on the side of caution and be rather save than sorry, I fetched the gasmask from the cupboard and put it on. Then, I approached my little sister again, to deal with her crying and tried anew to calm her.
To my horror however, my sister was not impressed at all with my strange headgear, and her crying went up quite a few octaves and became high-pitched screams.  She gave the impression of being a budding opera singer, with the exception that her face took on hues of red and blue.  Patting and softly stroking her made matters only worse. I was at my wits end, I panicked, and ran to the neighbour’s wife, Anna, for help. She stopped immediately whatever she was doing and we raced back to my sister. Then Anna lifted Helga out of the cot and the crying stopped, then she went to the source of that terrible smell and rectified the situation. 
Anna noticed then the gasmask still hanging around my neck.  “Why on earth do your have that gasmask around your neck?” She wanted to know.   I explained the reason for it, to which she exclaimed, “Oh my God, no wonder the poor girl was screaming!
Some time later, Helga was unwell with a fever and mother called the doctor. In those days doctors made mostly house calls.  In due time, the doctor arrived. He was the locum tenens and he was led by mother into the lounge room.  I was promptly sent to the kitchen, as there was no way that my mother would allow me to witness the medical examination of my sister.  Such things were considered inappropriate. However, inquisitive as always, my ears were pricked up and close to the wall, which divided us.
Suddenly, there was a bit of a commotion in the 'examination' room and I heard my mother apologizing for something.  After a little while, mother and doctor came marching into the kitchen; mother walking beside the doctor and wiping his face with a clean nappy and, the doctor looking extremely shocked and was undoing his tie and at the same time saying, "this has never happened to me before".  Mother went to the vanity basin to wet the nappy and gave the doctor a few more wipes while still apologizing for whatever Helga had done, and all he could say again, was:  “That has never happened to me before".
By now I was dying to know, "What had never happened to him before", but I had been well trained not to butt into adult conversations and ask questions.
When the doctor had finally left, on the way out, still indicating some distress of whatever never happened to him before; my mother put an end to the mystery and told me what had happened.
The doctor had decided to give Helga an injection and asked mother to turn the baby on her stomach, so that he could insert the needle into the cheek of her behind.
As the needle went into my little sister's bottom, Helga retaliated in a skunk-like fashion firing an accurately directed salvo of a very smelly substance at the doctor.  What would normally be called a ‘bulls-eye’ would have to be called in this instance, a 'doctor's-eye'. 
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My Thought for today. – Werner
A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks. - Proverb
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Sarah said...

Funny stories Werner, I read them in your memoirs and reading them again still gives me a chuckle. :)

Lisa. Courtney said...

Thank you Werner, I certainly had good chuckle and I enjoyed immensely reading your story, you are certainly a good story teller.

Francis R. said...

What an amusing story, Werner. It certainly put a smile on my face and my two children as well.

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