Thursday, November 3, 2011

Australia’s Water Fluoridation Disgrace.

People across the world have woken up to the futility of water fluoridation and are getting out of fluoridation in droves. Why is Australia persisting with this outdated and ineffective method, and even starting to fluoridate new council areas? Why are we getting rid of the toxic waste product of the Chinese fertiliser and aluminium industries through our water system – yet China will not fluoridate their water?

I highly recommend anyone who still believes fluoridation is safe should read: The Case Against Fluoride: How Hazardous Waste Ended Up in Our Drinking Water and the Bad Science and Powerful Politics That Keep It There by Paul Connett, PhD, James Beck, MD, PhD and H.S. Micklem, DPhil (2010, Chelsea Green Publishing).  The title says it all.  

The lead author, a Professor of Chemistry, is a world expert on fluoridation.  He runs the Fluoride Action Network website, where you can learn the truth about this outdated practice.  You will learn that the so-called ‘science’ cited by fluoridation proponents is either faulty or fraudulent.

If fluoridation is so ‘worthwhile’, why is there a crisis in dental health throughout this country today, with waiting lists for public dental services years long, when many states have been fluoridated for decades?  Now Bundaberg is showing some intestinal fortitude and starting to fight against the imminent poisoning of their water and the ever increasing financial cost of it.

The people of Australia will eventually prevail and have this mass medication of the population stopped - and will, hopefully, hold those who forced this dastardly act on Australia’s population to account. Only 1% of the water we use is drunk, so why does all the water have to be fluoridated?  It just doesn’t make sense.  Queensland is broke and the cost of water fluoridation has blown out from the initial cost of $35 Million to $113 million - and you will be paying for it through your rates. 

Talk to your politicians about this undemocratic, unethical forced mass medication – now!Werner
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News Flash! Australia' first Fluoridation court action. Click on this link. Al Oshalck a resident of Northern NSW, took Rous Water and Ballina Council to court before they could apply fluoride to the water supply.

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Watch this “Firewater” video, an Australian made documentary, which our politicians refuse to watch and you would have to wonder why?  Click here.
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Special Report: Cincinnati's dental crisis. Cincinnati’s water has been fluoridated since 1969. Read the full report, click here.  
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Council fights against fluoridation.
1st November 2011 DELEGATION will seek a meeting with Premier Anna Bligh as the Bundaberg Regional Council continues its fight against the forced fluoridation of the city's water supply.

At a council meeting yesterday Alan Bush, who holds the water and wastewater portfolio, moved that CEO Peter Byrne organise the delegation as soon as possible.

The State Government passed laws in 2008 requiring councils to fluoridate their water by October 31, 2012.But Cr Bush, a long-term and outspoken opponent of fluoridation, told yesterday's meeting the council should try to show the State Government the cost of doing so would be too high for any benefits to the region.He said the cost of the infrastructure would be about $10 million, which the council would have to pay upfront before it could apply for compensation."Basically we have to budget for this then apply to get the funding back," he said.But Cr Bush said the biggest worry was the ongoing costs of fluoridation, which he said were estimated at just under $1 million a year.This would cause a 4% rise in water rates.
"This adds to the cost of living," he said."I, as a councillor, believe it is my duty to point out the facts." Cr Bush said Bundaberg had 10 water treatment plants to be modified.Cr Bush was the only councillor who spoke on the motion, which was passed unanimously. Later in the meeting the council agreed to call for tenders for the design, construction and installation of fluoridation at its 10 water treatment sites.
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In a twist Cr Bush moved the recommendation because it fell within his water and waste-water portfolio, then voted against it.
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And here are three letters published in “The Cairns Post” from two people who are making their feelings known about this insidious practice. This would be the view of most Australians, with the exceptions of our politicians.
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Fluoride a problem in the United States.
ACCORDING to Dr Shaughan Terry (1.11.11) evidence of fluoride safety is compelling. Really?
In August 2005 the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention released the findings of a new national survey of oral health in the US. The survey found a 9 per cent higher prevalence of dental fluorosis in American children than was found in a similar survey 20 years ago.
Between 1999 and 2004, about 41 per cent of adolescents aged 12 to 15 years and 36 per cent aged 16 to 19 years had enamel fluorosis. Moderate and severe fluorosis was observed in less than 4 per cent in both age groups.
The very people responsible  for adding fluoride to water in the US since 1945 were also the same people who claimed that smoking, asbestos and lead in petrol was safe.
Han Barkmeyer, Holloways Beach
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 Politicians won't act on fluoridation.
 I agree with Margaret Phillips (28-10-11) about fluoridation and want it removed. It is a toxic waste product and instead of getting safely rid of it, which would cost the fertiliser and aluminium industries a fortune, they simply dump it in our water supply.

It is a lethal cocktail for people and the environment. Every time we flush the toilets or water the garden it pollutes the environment. But what makes Margaret think Katter's Australian Party or the Queensland Party will do something about it? They will do nothing. Politicians do not listen to the people; they listen to their masters, the big corporations.

Governments don't rule, corporations do. Voting only gives the people the illusion of choice. Han Barkmeyer Holloway Beach
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Conduct your own fluoride research.
SOME of your readers may take for truth the one-sided fluoride information passed down as fact by organisations who have never conducted a controlled, scientific, peer -reviewed study of fluoride themselves (such as WHO, UNESCO, the Australian Dental Association and the National Health and Medical Research Council).

When seeking the truth about fluoride, don't accept the hearsay of selective information. Go directly to the horse's mouth, to the studies on which the reviews were based.

For instance, the much-quoted Australian NHRMC fluoride review is largely a review of a UK review of a specifically selected group of fluoride studies obtained through the Medline database.

When you get through the layers to the actual studies, you'll find the jury is still out. Not one of them can prove fluoride to be safe and effective in improving oral health, though they say they can't prove fluoride to be unsafe because there are insufficient studies.

Likewise, the much-quoted child dental studies by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health comparing tooth decay in children of the same age in fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas was found (by the Fluoride Action Network in May 2011 under FOI) to be so flawed that they would need to rewrite their protocols to obtain any valid statistical data.The ethical standard here should be: If in doubt, leave it out. - Monica Mesch, Redlynch.
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My thought for today.Werner
You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. - Abraham Lincoln
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Activist said...

Apparently "Fluoridegate" is about to happen in the USA, with lawyers compiling a case against the people who are, or have been responsible for promoting fluoridation. Hopefully this will soon make those responsible for pushing this unethical, unsafe, ineffective, outdated practice in Australia sit up and take notice.

True Blue Aussie. said...

Disgrace is the best way to describe what this Bligh government has done to us and that is an understatement. Activist, I hope that “fluoridegate” will happen in Australia to hold the bastards who have done this to us accountable.

They even bought the Qld. branch of the Dental Association with $220.000 to keep the dentists quiet. We have to show this government the door at the next state election and vote for a party that will take fluoride out of the water and most importantly, listen to the people that put them into parliament.

John said...

This INFO is very valuable at this period as storm clouds are
building against this lunatic policy.

Thanks a million for alerting us to the Bundaberg situation.
Please keep the network posted on developments.

Anonymous said...

Hi Werner, I have often been asked my opinion on the issue of mandatory fluoridation and the short answer is that I am against it and believe a community should absolutely have the ‘right to decide’ if it wants to use additives in municipal water supplies or not.

Fact remains, that Fluoride benefits teeth more effectively in other forms such as in Tooth Paste and Tablets.

Since the ‘big drought’, all efforts were made at a State level to be seen to be conserving water.

The first thing to do was reduce the water pressure to reduce loss. This in turn slowed the exchange volumes resulting in a higher incidence of organic contaminations in local supplies.

These contaminates will often be feeding on the natural phosphates in the water where the Chlorine levels are lowest (under your street).

Here is the thing; Sodium Fluoride has beneficial properties as a clearing agent. In the pipes, Chlorine effectiveness is limited, allowing algae to thrive on naturally occurring mineral Phosphates in the water.

Fluoride helps to neutralise the phosphate that the algae feeds on.

Regardless of the questions relating to the actual adding of a Toxic Mineral Salt to town water supplies, the fundamental point made by the mandatory Fluoridation (and Council Amalgamation) legislation was that you the citizen, no-longer have a say in your own community, on matters that directly affect you.

If I am elected to serve Barron River, I will personally take to the Parliament a bill to repeal mandatory fluoridation, return Water Quality Management back to the Councils and allow Councils to decide with their rate-payers whether or not they want fluoride.

Sonja Hardy said...

Brendan Fitzgerald, the 'beneficial properties' you mentioned are interesting - I hadn't heard of that before. But I wonder how that affects what we're being exposed to. I know fluoride is very corrosive, and imagine whatever the fluoride clears from the pipes ends up in our water - like metals from pipes themselves.

By the way, the substance they're actually putting into the water in most of Queensland, as I understand it, is not Sodium Fluoride, but a Silicofluoride industrial waste product.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sonja, I was of the understanding that the Government legislated in the act that Silicofluoride could not be used... I will check that fact.

Colin Bishop said...

I must correct you on why the ADAQ was paid $220,000.

It was not to keep them quiet - it was paid to them (by request) to do certain activities that the Queensland Government so be distanced from.

I have e-mail Werner the document.

Colin Bishop said...

Here is the thing; Sodium Fluoride has beneficial properties as a clearing agent. In the pipes, Chlorine effectiveness is limited, allowing algae to thrive on naturally occurring mineral Phosphates in the water.

Where did you get this information from?

Colin Bishop said...

Sodium flurosilicate Na2SiF6 also known as Sodium silicofluoride, Disodium hexafluorosilicate.

Fluorosilicic acid (used at Maryborough and is purchased from NZ I believe)H2SiF6 - or Hexafluorosilicic acid, Dihydrogen hexafluorosilicate.

Sodium fluoride NaF - Sodium monofluoride.

Confusion! They are all from the same family known as silicofluorides.

Now some dickheads in Qld Health claim that it is specially manufactured for water fluoridation - bull shite - it is a non refined waste from fertiliser and aluminium production. Fluorides that come from aluminium production are generally used for drugs and other medical uses - all of the impurities are removed and it s then further refined to make it pharmaceutical grade - this was once used for water fluoridation but it was so expensive that one "bright spark" said "who would know the difference" and so becane the mass poisoning of the ignorant peasants - which is all of us including pollies and Jeannette Young because they don't know how to research the facts.

Colin Bishop said...

Brendan, please answer just answer one question for me:

If Queensland wishes to conserve water why do they encourage filtering devices such as Reverse Osmosis and distilation - these are very wasteful of water - RO as much as 5 to 1! And still on the same theme why does the government fluoridate 100% of the water knowing the 99.5% (or more in our case because we all have big rain water tanks).

Did I send you the file on Cincinnati? Massive dental decay problems yet fluoridated since 1965I think.

Werner - I think that I sent it to you - can you post or link it to this blog?

Colin Bishop said...

The chemical used to fluoridate is not pure. Hydrofluosilicic acid and sodium fluoride are industrial wastes, by-products of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

This was challenged by the fluoride promoters in Ohio, but later they were forced to admit this is the truth. They contain traces of lead, arsenic, mercury, kerosene, napha, and other pollutants from the smokestack scrubbers of phosphate factories.

They also contain radioactive elements.


Fluoride is now in the food chain, thanks to 50 years of water fluoridation, fluoride in pesticides, and airborne pollution. As a result, people are already getting more than the recommended 1 mg per day just from foods and beverages. Fruit juices, baby foods, and other select items are particularly high, due to processing and pesticide residues.

As a result, we don’t need more fluoride. Dental fluorosis, or fluoride toxicity, is a growing problem. An article in the British Medical Journal, Aug. 26, 2000;189:216-220 reported that 54% of the children living in fluoridated areas have signs of fluorosis.

Colin Bishop said...

Facts confirmed regarding Water Fluoridation in Hastings, in a telephone conversation with our water supply manager, Murray Thompson on 11/03/11, the following facts were confirmed:

Commissioning of the Rosewood Rd Fluoridation Plant

• Fluoridation plant will be commissioned sometime in MAY
• Trials of plant and dosing equipment will be done using fluoride-free water prior to commissioning

Fluoridation Chemicals

• Incitec Pivot has contract with PM-H Council to supply Hydrofluorosilicic Acid
• No fluoridating chemicals have as yet been delivered
• Concentration should be 1mg/litre (1ppm) +/- 5% (allowable range is 0.95ppm to 1.05ppm)

Plant Operators

• There are 4 operators qualified to man the fluoridation plant
• 1 operator will attend the plant daily to test fluoride levels at the plant

Preparation for Fluoridation

• There will be no preparation of the lines prior to starting fluoridation

Water Pipes in our region are

• Asbestos cement
• Ductile lined cement

Problems with Distribution of Fluoridating Chemicals

The following concerns have been raised by various engineers:

• Distributing fluoride evenly via kilometers of the intricate system of trunk mains, and water pipes, is a hydraulic nightmare.
• Readings taken at different locations would vary significantly (however, they will only be taken at the fluoridation plant)
• Dead-ends will read high
• Fibro mains will release asbestos
• Concrete lined pipes will absorb some fluoride, erode, and reset down-line during low use times (slow flow) forming partial blockages at bends and junctions
• Corrosion in domestic pipes, water meters, hot water systems, air conditioning systems, fire mains, valves and backflow prevention equipment, will be accelerated
• Fluoride will leach various toxic metals as well as phthalates and BPAs into the water, from lead solder joints, copper, brass and plastic fittings.

How much more do you need?

Colin Bishop said...

Finally, in order to "reassure" us, the SHA has said that there will be no risk of accidental over dosage when the equipment is installed at the treatment works, as suitable safe guards will be in place. Poppycock! Nothing technical can be made 100 per cent safe. I work in the field of industrial measurement and control, as an instrument technician and have first-hand experience of an incident where, despite many fail-safe systems being in place, catastrophic failure of plant occurred. Several months ago, one of our sites was hit by a bolt of lightning, which completely destroyed all the instrumentation and protective circuits. require monitoring and control, there is no way that anyone can guarantee that a similar occurrence would not lead to a massive overdose ending up in the supply After all, and assuming that each treatment plant is permanently manned, if the alarms/computers were totally wrecked, how would the shift operator know what was actually going on? RALPH FROST, Woolston,Southampton.

Colin Bishop said...

The alternative is a life full of prescription drugs, endless visits to the doctor and above all, the loss of your right of choice. This is already happening with water fluoridation. Since 2007, the fluoride put into our water supply has come from China replete with high levels of arsenic and lead.
Fortunately, there are many people, with intelligence and determination, that fight against this and other attempted overthrows of our "freedoms".

You must take control of your destiny or all OF your food will be genetically modified. Your water will be mandatorily fluoridated; your produce and grains will be chemically laden to resist pests; and your lives will be dramatically shortened.

Complacency will be your downfall.

Colin Bishop said...

Cr Murray Elliott []

Has requested removal from a public domain address list.

The councillor has decided that he doesn't care about those who vote for him - therefore his electorate will be informed and they will decide if his name should appear in the list at the next council elections.

Redlands have a big anti fluoride group.

Colin Bishop said...

Here's an interesting clip - not much difference to Queensland!

portmultimedia said...


Colin Bishop said...

Here is an excerpt of a recent article, regarding this same issue:

Fluoride: The mass chemical poisoning of the human race

Water fluoridation stands as one of the most heinous crimes of our time, and it exemplifies the complete idiocy of virtually the entire (conventional) medical and
dental professions, whose practitioners have aggressively demanded that the American people be poisoned (drugged!) every time they drink a glass of tap water.

The dangerously inflated, ego-driven medical doctors of America have, for decades,smugly insisted that adults, teens and even infants should all drink the highly toxic fluorosilicic acid that's dumped into America's municipal water supplies -- much of
it being sourced from China and absolutely chock full of heavy metals and other dastardly substances.

That the conventional dentists and doctors of America have even pushed fluoride for so long tells you they have zero integrity as health professionals in the first
place. They are so ignorant -- and yet so smug in their insistence on being right -- that they would gladly order infants to drink chemotherapy cocktails if the U.S.
government declared chemo to be good for public health!

If justice were to be served in America, mass arrests should be made right now of municipal water workers who inject fluoride into the water supply, effectively
operating as domestic terrorists for unleashing a chemical weapon. On top of that, every single doctor, dentist and government "authority" who took part in mandating water fluoridation should be arrested, imprisoned, and prosecuted for their role in carrying out the most evil chemical crime against people and nature that has ever
been pulled off.

You've been lied to about fluoride!
Conventional health authorities routinely and maliciously lie to you about where fluoride comes from, what's in it, and what impact it has on public health.

Watch my narrated animation on fluoride to learn more about where fluoride really comes

Werner said...

Special Report: Cincinnati's dental crisis. Cincinnati’s water has been fluoridated since 1969. To read the full story go to the link in the blog posting.

Diane Drayton Buckland said...


Geoffrey Norman Pain

Ask Anna Bligh for a Fluoride referendum by using your allocated 7 votes

Diane Drayton Buckland said...

Trying to get through to some people by using naughty humour so I had a go at making these little do it yourself films to go on you tube to bring attention to just how serious (through comedy) that the fluorosilicic acid/silicofluoride poisoning of our water supplies really is.

FOLLOW UP VIDEO starring Sheila and Tekilla
These 2 stunningly beautiful Ozzie sheilas, Sheila and her mate Tekilla have great passion and concern for the protection of the long term health and safety of the population of the world and our entire environment and the fight for the removal permanently and irrevocably of the toxic waste contamination of our water supplies with fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides.
Watch the video on this link:-

ORIGINAL VIDEO starring Sheila
This stunningly beautiful old sheila from Australia warns the world of the cumulative harm to us all and our entire environment from the bloody criminal bastards forcing us to drink this toxic waste using our kidneys as frigging toxic waste disposal/filtration units.
Watch the video on this link:-


Diane Drayton Buckland said...

By Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield MBBS LRCP MRCS
Fluoride & the Thyroid: /

Rosemarie Zalec said...

I love reading your blog. Thank you for the hard work you put in keeping it current - and it is current which is wonderful!!

The day will come when the truth will no longer be able to be denied. People like yourself keep revealing that truth.

Colin Bishop said...

So they go on about these "numerous studies" that confirm how "safe and effective" fluoride is. But of course they never place such studies into any kind of context; for example, who funds them. And they NEVER mention the highly credible studies conducted by non-biased scientists which show over and over just how poisonous fluoride really is.

Thank goodness I only drink rainwater collected in tanks and from my air to water machine.

Colin Bishop said...

It's been my experience that people tend to forget that scientists are 'human' too, or more precisely, scientists can be just as willfully blind, self-serving, conformist, fearful and mendacious as anyone else. Some of them are even unabashed con men who falsify their data, or intellectual prostitutes who will produce the results they are paid to, whether they believe them or not. Just because it's been peer-reviewed, or written by a person with a string of letters after their name, doesn't mean it's true, or even remotely so. And if history tells us anything, it's that the history of science is a long history of wrong or incomplete ideas. So it's best to be skeptical whenever scientists speak in terms of absolutes with certainty, whenever they put the lid on testing alternate hypotheses. Chances are, they're simply deceiving themselves, and you.

Colin Bishop said...

Today Can’t Do Newman dropped in on Bundaberg and has promised to reduce the cost of living – IF the LNP gain parliament next year.

Well Werner – see if you can get this message through their collective thick skulls.

Bundy has already stated that it cannot afford the costs of fluoridation, but it was their Council that went “cap in hand” to the government for more funding because 70% of their water is underground and should not have been subsidised – but because they asked nicely the money was given to them – about $10 million I think – so now Bundy has to find the ongoing costs which are 70% higher because of their actions. Although they could have been hoping of course that they would have been exempt – how naive – Blight is a raving lunatic and is a good match for Jeannette Young. Now why won’t Can’t Do make a big issue of this?

Now let’s have a look at Seeney, who just happens to be my elected Member (although people just say “dick” around here). Seeney believes, and it is on record, that it was a fair deal for the State government to pay for the plant and for the North Burnett Regional Council to pick up the bill for the ongoing annual costs of between 50 and 60 thousand dollars to put less than 2 thousand dollars worth of fluoride powder into the water and then pour it straight down the drain – we all have rain water tanks so 100% just about is just bloody well wasted and this is the norm in rural towns. Further, less than half the population will be poisoned ( approx 5000) but every household will be required to pay for it. And finally it is only kids between 6 and 15 years of age that “might” get some benefit – less than 2% of the population!

But what is not being calculated is the potential down turn in consumer spending – I will not buy my meat, my coffee and bread, my fruit and vegetables from the shops now. I will source my needs from local producers that are not spraying, watering or using town/fluoridated water. The local producers and shop keepers are furious because the health regulations will be enforced and they will have to use potable water (what a laugh – not) and not the tank water that they currently use and have used for a very long time with less e-coli problems than the Council have with the river and bore water. We have a significant downturn in tourists because of the shocking state of our roads which no one can afford to repair properly.

Now how do you get these two dicks to talk the same language? You can’t have one leader saying “my LNP government will reduce living costs” and the other leader saying “but I think that it is a good thing for the LNP to keep living costs as high as possible.”

Colin Bishop said...

I forgot to mention:

I lodged some complaints about government officers (in Qld Health) making stupid comments about fluoride and expecting intelligient people like us to just believe them.

I had tried to get the CMC involved but they just came back and said that the officers had done nothing illegal or what could be construed as "misconduct".

So I tried the Qld Ombudsman - and waited patiently before giving them a prod jsut to be told that it was OK for Qld Health to tell lies - of course I was not happy so sent their letter around.

I aslo reminded them that I had made a complaint about our Council - I'm still waiting!

My summing up would be that anyone "government" is corrupt - totally corrupt!

Peter Pyke, Australia Party candidate said...

I am hostile to the forced mass medication of Queenslanders and Australians and believe that all such actions by any government are: against the Rule of Law, illegal and actionable.

Lee Maddox, Browns Plains QLD. said...

Does anyone know or know how to find out who is directly responsible for adding the fluoride in the Logan City (Qld) drinking water? Is it a third party? AND what is the actual substance called? Is it Sodium Fluoride or any of those other variants?

Bev Sinclair said...

Lee Maddox as far as I know all the fluoride added to the water supply in Queensland comes from China. It is a number six poison and is a waste product from the Chinese fertilizer and aluminum industries. There are several kinds of fluoride, so I would advice you to ask your local council what kind of fluoride they add to your water supply. Hopefully you help to oust this Bligh Queensland Labor government, who undemocratically forced this on us.

Lee Maddox said...

Before I woke up over a year ago I regrettably signed a petition SUPPORTING fluoride in the water at my dentist.
Now that I’m awake I no longer support it and no longer go to that dentist! I'll call them and try and track it down. Any correspondence from them will be posted here with your consent.

Sonja said...

Lee Maddox, your local councillor should be able to tell you from where your water is sourced. I know not all parts of Logan get their water from the same reservoir/pumping station - but believe MOST of it comes from where Brisbane water is sourced. You could try contacting SEQ Water about the exact substance used, but suspect (based on my own experience) that you won't get very far with them.

I do know that most of Queensland sources their fluoride from China. I obtained a copy of a letter written by Stephen Robertson MP (whose portfolio it was at the time) to that effect. That is a major concern in itself - China having virtual open access to our water supplies. I wonder if this fluoride is ever independently tested for contaminants before it is put in our water.

By the way, I'm not surprised you were previously convinced fluoridation was a good thing. As I understand it, the Qld Dental Association was paid $220,000 by the Bligh government to promote the practice.

Sonja Hardy said...

Lee Maddox, your local councillor should be able to tell you from where your water is sourced. I know not all parts of Logan get their water from the same reservoir/pumping station - but believe MOST of it comes from where Brisbane water is sourced. You could try contacting SEQ Water about the exact substance used, but suspect (based on my own experience) that you won't get very far with them.

I do know that most of Queensland sources their fluoride from China. I obtained a copy of a letter written by Stephen Robertson MP (whose portfolio it was at the time) to that effect. That is a major concern in itself - China having virtual open access to our water supplies. I wonder if this fluoride is ever independently tested for contaminants before it is put in our water.

By the way, I'm not surprised you were previously convinced fluoridation was a good thing. As I understand it, the Qld Dental Association was paid $220.000 by the Bligh government to promote the practice.

Sonja said...

Lee Maddox, your local councillor should be able to tell you from where your water is sourced. I know not all parts of Logan get their water from the same reservoir/pumping station - but believe MOST of it comes from where Brisbane water is sourced. You could try contacting SEQ Water about the exact substance used, but suspect (based on my own experience) that you won't get very far with them.

I do know that most of Queensland sources their fluoride from China. I obtained a copy of a letter written by Stephen Robertson MP (whose portfolio it was at the time) to that effect. That is a major concern in itself - China having virtual open access to our water supplies. I wonder if this fluoride is ever independently tested for contaminants before it is put in our water.

By the way, I'm not surprised you were previously convinced fluoridation was a good thing. As I understand it, the Qld Dental Association was paid $220,000 by the Bligh government to promote the practice.

Daniel Donovan said...

The Public Health Service, unfortunately, has locked itself into a position where it has made this statement on the record that there is absolutely no hazard to fluoridating public water supplies and the matter is closed. Now, that, of course, is immediately an unscientific approach. The matter must never be closed. – Ralph Nader June 1971

"No sub-segment of the fluoride problem, whether it is fluoridation of the water supply or fluoride pollution can be scientifically analyzed until we analyze the total fluoride intake. This focuses the need for a complete re-evaluation of our policy for fluorides. The urgent consideration is total fluoride ingestion – how much fluoride are people taking into their bodies from fluoride air pollution, from soil, from water, from products processed in fluoridated water, from pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides and so forth? " – Ralph Nader, Almeda Times Star, April 14, 1970)

Lee Maddox said...

I've just posted this on the contact form of Craig Emerson MP's (Member for Rankin - Browns Plains) website.

Hello Mr Emerson, I am a resident of Browns Plains. I have some quick questions.
1) Who/What body is in charge of the Logan City water supply's water fluoridation?
2) What is the specific chemical(s) used in the fluoridation of our water supply?
3) Where does the chemical(s) come from?
4) Is there a safety data sheet available for these chemicals?
5) Is there an analysis done on these chemicals? If so where can it be obtained from?

Thank you and I look forward to your response.

Let's see if he gets back to me & answers my questions. I highly doubt it.

Diane Drayton Buckland said...


We want all of you highly paid MP's to feel the heat of this terrible issue of our poisoned water & the disgrace of what they have been doing and continue to do for up to 50 + years to our water supplies (& hence contamination of all our foods, drinks, alcohol, etc.etc. with 'water fluoridation') & for some of them to grow the appropriate pieces of anatomy to be able to deal with it & end this mass-chronic-poisoning forever more.

Anna Bligh (& her accomplices) is the poisoner of Queensland's water supplies & I and many more, of course expected the opposition to oppose this vehemently & never never give in - we expected this terrible wrong of chronic-poisoning of Australia's water supplies to be stopped due to the extensive evidence of cumulative harm from world experts - we the people, are disgusted & completely & utterly disillusioned with you all.

Many of Australia's population tragically, have been affected health wise by this cumulative dangerously corrosive hazardous pollutant & some 'dumbed down' by these potent neurotoxins, but I say to you all, that the people left with a still functioning brain will be like a flea in all of your ears until you end forever more & irrevocably, the chronic poisoning of our water supplies with this hazardous waste known as 'fluoride'.

Diane Drayton Buckland said...





Diane Drayton Buckland said...

Windsor Utilities Commission is be to commended for it's continued leadership role in assuring highest drinking water quality to its consumers and protecting source water supplies of downstream users. WUC's has demonstrated its integrity by regarding environmental concerns over fluoridation's dubious claims. In doing so, WUC honours the obligation of sensible engineering versus perpetuating the rhetoric of a baseless public health myth. Canada is better for this stance and Windsor too will join 24 million Canadians whose drinking water remains fluoridation free. Kudos WUC.

Peter Van Caulart, Director
Environmental Training Institute, and
VP Canadians Opposed to Fluoridation,

Diane Drayton Buckland said...

"Further, the prestigious National Research Council’s (NRC) 2006 fluoride report revealed that fluoride, even in low doses, can harm the thyroid gland, kidney patients, babies and high water drinkers." "We have served as guinea pigs in this ongoing and failed experiment for far too long. In my position as Alderman, it is my duty to promote the health, safety and welfare of all our residents. Adding fluoride chemicals into our public water supply runs counter to this and therefore needs to end."
End Fluoride Milwaukee

Diane Drayton Buckland said...

Water suppliers throughout Australia must unite and take a stand and tell the ‘Health’ Departments of each State and Federal Health Minster to take a flying jump, do not threaten you with fines etc., for refusing to add this hazardous waste to the populations’ drinking water supplies, that you have all united as water supplies, after carefully studying all the evidence of cumulative harm from ‘water fluoridation chemicals’ and you will now end permanently and irrevocably forever more, the addition of this hazardous waste fluorosilicic acid/silicofluorides and co-contaminants of lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium etc., to the drinking water supplies Australia wide.

Water fluoridation is not safe and not effective, end of story. The population have been lab rats for decades and this must be stopped urgently, permanently and irrevocably for all time for the protection of the long term health and safety of the population and our environment. The drinking water supplies of the population were not meant to be hazardous waste disposal areas nor are the kidneys of the population meant to be hazardous waste disposal/filtration units. End if now.