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The humble pineapple is packed with health promoting enzymes.

These health promoting properties of pineapples are well-known; however according to Danica Collins they also contain cancer fighting properties. See below what she wrote.

The pineapple is the symbolic fruit of the tropical and sub-tropical regions in the
world. We in North Queensland are blessed to have this delicious fruit available all year round, and I  grow them in our garden as well. Picture: Two of our fourteen pineapple plants in our garden. Click on picture to enlarge.

A special sweet and low acid variety is the “Mareeba Gold pineapple” grown here in Mareeba in North Queensland by the Pinata Farm. What’s so different about a Mareeba Gold Pineapple? Click here to find out.

The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family, and is the only available edible bromeliad today. It is a multiple fruit. One pineapple is actually made up of dozens of individual flowers that grow together to form the entire fruit. Pineapples stop ripening the minute they are picked. No special way of storing them will help ripen them further. Colour is relatively unimportant in determining ripeness. Choose your pineapple by smell. If it smells fresh, and sweet, it will be a good fruit.
And, as an old proverb says: “Only the knife knows the heart of a pineapple”
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In conclusion:  Eat pineapples for good health and at the same time support our pineapple farmers. And, I hope that you are not given the rough end of the pineapple, as we say in Australia – meaning: To be treated unfairly. Have a nice day. - Werner

Pineapple Enzyme Bromelain Destroys Cancer.

Source: Underground Health Reporter. Writer: Danica Collins .To read other articles from Danica Collins, click here.

The enzyme bromelain, found in pineapple, is one of several natural foods you can use to prevent cancer, fight cancer if you have it, and minimize the effects of radiation therapy that often cause as much damage to healthy cells as they do to cancerous cells.

Chemotherapy is the most common form of treatment for cancer in the United States. It has been used for the past four decades despite the fact that it ravages the body, weakening the immune system until it can no longer function properly.
The cure is often worse than the disease, pushing scientists to search for natural cancer-fighting solutions.
Bromelain Destroys the Cancer – Not Your Body. One such solution is compounds that act with “selective cytotoxicity” – shrinking or killing cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone. This ability is only found in nature and, so far, science has been unable to duplicate it.

Bromelain is the pineapple enzyme that digests proteins and it exhibits this ability. It is found in the stem and the fruit of the pineapple. You can also get small quantities in juice, but for true cancer-fighting power, you need to consider a pineapple enzyme extract.

Until recently, getting enzymes into your bloodstream (where they can do the most good) has been almost impossible. Enzymes are broken down in the stomach before ever reaching the rest of your body.

Now scientists are using enteric coatings that resist stomach acid and break down only in specific locations of your intestines so the full benefit is achieved. Getting enough natural enzymes into your system is crucial to total body health. Raw, organic fruits and vegetables take some of the enzyme production stress off your body – and aid in better digestion – so the unused enzymes can find and kill cancerous cells.

A fruit and vegetable smoothie, abundant in natural enzymes, should be consumed early in the day on an empty stomach. This way, resources that would normally go into breaking down your food are instead able to bolster your immune system, strengthen your cells, and fight illness.

Beyond cancer, bromelain’s extremely high anti-inflammatory properties make it a natural treatment for arthritis and bowel disorders. Inflammation is believed to be a root cause of hundreds of diseases. Diet is Key to Fighting Cancer preventing disease is always preferable to fighting it. National Cancer Institute’s Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, PhD, MPH, RD, puts it this way: “The easiest, least-expensive way to reduce your risk for cancer is just by eating a healthy diet.”

A variety of fruits and vegetables should make up the largest portions on your plate.
It leaves less room for foods that may be high in saturated fats or preservatives. Karen Collins, RD, nutritional advisor for the American Institute for Cancer Research explains, “You’re looking at creating something for a lifetime. If each month or so you enjoy [one more vegetable], then that’s great.”
To read  the rest of the article “6 Natural Cancer  Fighters You Need in Your Diet” click here and then scroll down.

My thought for today.
Wisdom is to the mind what health is to the body. - Francois De La Rochefoucauld*
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CBD Warrior said...

I'm surprised you're pushing pineapples, Werner. Don't you know they are very efficient storers of fluoride? One pineapple can have 2000 times the amount of fluoride as one glass of fluoridated tap water.

Pineapples are poison.

Alternative Medicine Student said...

CBD Warrior, you obviously lack intelligence, and are prone to exaggeration, most likely caused by drinking too much fluoridated water. Our underground water contains the natural calcium fluoride. So, pineapples may absorb some of this. However, I would rather eat a pineapple with this natural fluoride in it than drink water laced with the toxic poison we buy from China’s fertiliser and aluminium industries and, disgracefully; dispose of it through our drinking water system.

Bea Collins said...

A very interesting posting, Werner. I grew up in Sydney and a pineapple was just another fruit for me, and I had had no idea that there is more to it than meets the eye. My family will get pineapple served more often now, and I’ll look out for pineapples that “smell fresh, and sweet,” as you suggested.

Diane D. said...

What a fantastic and informative read, as well as the interesting links. I also found the other stories written by Danica Collins very interesting.

Sandra Bishop said...

Very interesting, perhaps the doctors should prescribe pineapples instead of expensive chemical pills and, overdosing with pineapples wouldn’t kill you.