Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Are Australia’s ABC and SBS run by lefties and greenies?

Well, I’ll let you decide whether or not this is the case, and please feel free to make a comment about this posting. This is a must-read letter for those concerned about the way the ABC – and the country is heading. Remember,  it costs nothing to have an opinion, but remaining silent could cost you everything.

Australia’s two broadcasting corporations, the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) are funded by the Australian taxpayer. However they are far from even-handed in their reporting and frequently show blatant bias against the conservative political side in this country. Max Bolte, a relative of former Victorian Premier Henry Bolte, wrote a letter to the ABC some time ago, but what he wrote then is very much still relevant today. Max also told me that for years he has been dismayed with both sides of politics and in retirement has become a political activist. The Australian Taxpayer is not always served well by those two corporations. Max’s sentiments expressed in his letter below are also mine and I’m sure that of the wider Australian community as well. - Werner
Dear Fiona and the ABC,
I have been listening to yours and many other ABC programs assiduously for most of my working life (mostly self employed). For many years I was an avid fan of the ABC. However, in recent years I have been increasingly disenchanted with many ABC programs and broadcasters. Whether on ABC TV, ABC Radio and also on SBS I have been disturbed at the left wing slant on just about everything, including the loaded choice of guests, panels and audiences we have to endure on the many programs - Q&A being a typical biased example.

On your program, today (21/7/2011), a woman said she couldn't understand where all the money is coming from to pay for government programs and your incredulous response was that you couldn't understand what she was talking about. As a widely followed and liked radio announcer I must ask - don't you follow what is going on in the media every day of the week. These current Federal and state Labor Governments are sending us broke at an amazing rate with their never ending spend-athon on just about anything people can dream up. Not to say the Coalition has been blameless, but they are a mile in front of the Labor mob. One listener contacted you and said how hopeless the ABC is since Mark Scott was installed. From my point of view he hardly improved anything - ABC commentators seem to still have to stick to the same old left wing dominated line, living in denial that people have had enough. Judging by yours and other programs you have an eager following of bleeding hearts, lefties, dreamers, greens and Labor people. I can assure you the views conveyed and portrayed on these programs are generally much different to those of the wider community.

Yesterday morning ABC 738 had two commentators talking about all the bad news in the media and they were tearing their hair out about this fact. I think even you made a similar comment. The reason there is so much bad news about is that it is just fact that this is so. In all my life I have never seen such a converging of serious events. Many of these events are man made. Within Australia we have had years of bad government - not always from the Labor and now the Green side (and the other Labor arm - Get Up), but the Coalition has often been forced to follow the Labor mutterings just to maintain their voter base. This country has been stuffed by a prostituted form of democracy dictated to by minority pressure groups who know the power of their 1% of the vote (gays being a good example - with the ABC internal gay lobby always pushing their agenda).

This afternoon your guest Tim Costello admitted there was a lot of anger in the community and he couldn't explain it. I ask him the same question. Isn't he watching what is going on in Australia every day of the week?

 We have got politicians, on both sides of politics, giving themselves huge retirement packages. Labor Party rorts have been so numerous that they all blur into one another. They just can't keep their hands out of the cookie jar and have no idea about handling money. Labor politicians go in poor and come out multimillionaires. Yes, we are angry.

 In the late 60s and the early 70s Public servants, particularly middle and upper level, were given a big increase in retirement benefits. This huge extra commitment has been building for over 40 years. Now they're retiring en masse. There were all sorts of public service and politician scams and lurks - early retirement, severance packages followed by reemployment, stress leave, obesity caused early retirement packages and this is only scraping the surface.

 We have our last Prime Minister given the nod in 1989 to form a job ads company and he, I mean his wife, would get most of the state and federal job advert business. They have turned a $10,000 company into an $185million plus company and the ABC and Tim Costello wonder why people are angry.  Tim wonders why people aren't more generous. With these sorts of scams and greed any wonder it is getting harder to get money out of otherwise generous people who are simply pissed off.
Kevin Rudd oversaw the criminal illegal destruction of the Heiner report on an ALP related rape matter and the Queensland Governor, Quentin Bryce, refused to order an investigation. This soiled, corrupt woman is now our Labor sympathizing Governor General. Yes, we have a lot to be angry about.
The do-gooders, civil libertarians and the bleeding hearts think there are endless buckets of money to throw at illegal immigrants
( whether they be boat people or arrive in planes - first stop an immigration agent/lawyer ). These people have been looked after all their lives and don't realise all this has to be paid for by the real wealth generators (blue collar workers, small businesses, farmers, miners, etc - people who haven't been looked after).

When Howard was voted out with the help of Fairfax Media, SBS, the ABC and all the bleeding heart lefty media fraternity - aren't they all ducking for cover now that they see how hopeless their great hopeless White Hopes are - even Fran Kelly has been forced to pull her head in - if that's possible. Yet there still manages to be a core that will never see the light - even in the so-called intelligentsia. I think they all must listen to the ABC. When Howard left there were 2 people left in detention. Then Rudd, Gillard, that pompous fool Chris Evans and the rest of the dopes changed the rules and boatloads started arriving. There are now nearly 6000 in detention - with another 4000 about to get a guaranteed passage. There are about 20,000 wives and kids still to follow. This is costing us billions. Labor and the other idiots that have created this situation have no idea of the value of money - we are paying for this mess. A lot of these expenses are being hidden in Defence expenditure.

We read in yesterday's SM/Herald about a CES manager, who during the Fraser, Hawke and Keating years, saw many rejected so called " skilled " immigrants still allowed in only to end up on the dole because they proved to be unskilled. He said " I have often wondered over the years what the real cost of immigration has been and will be to Australia. Just how much taxpayer money has been expended through all levels of government as a result of importing people we did not need, ranging from all welfare outlays, education outlays, health system overload, urban sprawl and related environmental destruction, to legal system outlays of all types ". This wouldn't enter many of your dopey looked after listeners minds. This shows we have been run by idiots, if not, traitors on both sides of politics for years. The true cost could prove huge if these belligerent (no intention to assimilate) Muslims bring on a bloody Beirut style civil war. It will be our own beautiful children and grand children getting their brains blown out - thanks to all these naive fools and traitors. Yes, people are very angry. Your program along with many other ABC and SBS programs can gloss over these issues as if they do not exist.
 We have read about the billions of dollars wasted in the Rudd/Gillard/Swan Building education Revolution.

 We have seen billions wasted on the batts along with well over a dozen resulting deaths and hundreds of houses burnt down.

 We have to put up with the media that is finally telling us the truth about the huge cost of immigration.

 The “no intention to assimilate" Muslims  are having 8 children per wife and men are openly having 2 and 3 wives. It has been revealed many such families are all on the dole - yes we are paying for it. While many of the current young generation of Australians are contributing only 2,1 or even nil children to the Australian population - so much for their contribution. No thanks to the ones having no children or not even replacing themselves to help counter the Muslim population threat. No thanks also to the 1% gay lobby and their contribution to the community.
 Rudd/Gillard/Swan gave billions of dollars
to families with kids when they came to power. Most of it was spent on Chinese goods with minimal help to the Australian economy. Yes, there is lot of anger.

 On programs like Q&A there is much talk and glossing over of the problems facing Australians in the future from Muslims. People are hand picked to create a good public image of Muslims. Audiences are stacked with different ethnic groups out of all proportion to their percentage of the population. When illegal immigration and mass immigration is the main discussion there is hardly any talk of how to stop the main driving factor - the population explosion and the lack of birth control practised by some ethnic, religious groups and countries. There are so many issues feeding into this disaster, but the ABC, SBS and most of the media pays scant attention. Politicians on both sides ignore it. When young Liberal hacks present their concerns they get the sack.

During the week it was stated by a Muslim authority that there are twice as many Muslims in Australia than the figures show. We have been lied to by successive governments.*

Of greatest concern to me is the Muslim Threat to Australia and the rest of the west. The Q’ran says in more than a dozen places that when Islam is the dominant religion people must become Muslim or be put to death. It is happening in places all over the world. If you bother to go to the 15 or so Sydney suburbs now dominated by Muslims there is the look of hate for us, the infidels, in the men’s eyes. They are only waiting their time. Their animosity and hate is on their faces every day. Australians are being forced out of their home suburbs. White Australian owned shops mysteriously burn down. The Muslims openly skite that they are going to take Australia over. The Saudis have spent well over $100million on Mosques and infrastructure. In the first 2 years of Rudd Labor they spent a billion dollars buying millions of acres of our best farmland. They recently bought 20% of the Australian Agricultural Company (more millions of acres). The Qataris now own over 17,000 square Klms of our best farmland. Who is funding all these Muslims to come here. The asylum complex workers say most of them are well dressed, have plenty of money and resources and are very angry towards them.

Fiona, you are very well liked as radio host, but I am putting the other side to many Australians' frustration, fear and anger. I have gone to a lot of trouble to put this together. I would be pleased if you would pass it on through the ABC or such Media. There is so much more that can be said about the commercial media ( Murdoch's, Fairfax Media, CVC,etc) control of information, the UN, 1951 UN Refugee Convention, the UNHCR - they are all intertwined in this disaster, but I won't here. This only scratches the surface of Australia's disenchantment with how Australia is being run. We are angry. - Max Bolte B.Sc.Agr.
My thought for today. – Werner
“Whoever controls the media; controls the mind” - Jim Morrison
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Brains said...

I have emailed the immigration twit about these ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS and pointed out that these boat people enter Indonesia on a passport then ILLEGALLY leave Indonesia and suddenly with no PASSPORT,"I lost it " and the story that interpreters are telling the ILLEGALS to say they are poor farmers ...enough is enough ..if the have no papers from the country they left ...SEND THEM BACK and if Indonesia won't take them back,sort out the countries they came from, and while we still have troops,fly the illegals there and release them...

Terry B. said...

This posting says it all and succinctly and 99 per cent of Australian will agree with what is written. For far too long, we Australians have been too apathetic and remained silent. Thanks to both writers, Max and Werner, for bringing this into the open.

Ted Sutton said...

This is so true and to the point. I have seen the bias of the ABC by watching “Insiders,” they have as their guest speakers, 5 from the Labor government to one of the coalition. Their bias to the left is blatantly obvious, and we taxpayers pay their salaries.

True Blue Aussie said...

This is right on the mark. It is exactly as it is; I could not have described it any better. Good work Werner & Max.

An old Aussie said...

I have know this story since the mid 70's when i lived in Perth and I do not know how much truth there is in it but looking back i would say there would be some truth in it as the boats keep on coming..... In the 70'S there was a boat load of people arrive in Darwin and the town took them into their own homes fed cloth and looked after them. As would any Aussie town at that time and for a few years after as we live on an island that would help out others, that is our way to lend a hand. The then major of Darwin as the story goes told the folk to supply the boat with what they need and push the boat back out to sea. The folk ignored her advise and she was heard to say "you will regret one day, they will just keep on coming". Never a truer word spoken now we are paying and paying and paying the cost of lending a hand. There is something that we need to remember as a nation if we lend a hand that is good but to give to the point of not being able to look after ourselves then we are letting everyone down who we are helping and mostly ourselves as who is going to help us! The money tree died a long time ago from over pruning it was stripped of all life and not had the chance to grow back.

chazcheh said...

I have often thought this. Especially athiestic and leftist ideologies seeping right in. I am amazed that the coalition has not mentioned this onslaught against them during this campaign.