Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Australia’s Muslim dilemma, certainly food for thought.

Following is an interesting article written by a fifth generation Australian, Michael Bellringer, about his experience in western Sydney, which is practically a Muslim enclave where non Muslim Australians don’t dare to go. What Bellringer writes, should surely ring alarm bells amongst the real Aussie population. This is supplementary to my previous posting. “Food for thought – Denmark’s Muslim dilemma”. While Muslim problems here so far are small compared to Denmark’s and the other European countries’, they will get bigger as the number of Muslims increases in Australia, this is as sure as the sun rises in the morning. If you are worried about our children’s future in Australia, then get off your bum and get in touch with your federal member of parliament. Remember; once the horse has bolted there is no use shutting the gate.

 The Koran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with non- believers for the sake of Islamic rule.  Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding.  Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter. Well, we have seen evidence of this with the slaying of a British soldier, Lee Rigby, in London.

Paul Weston says, among other things “that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a traitor and, that it’s not racist to defend your country”. Click here.

What does the Religion of Peace Teach About?
How Radical Islam is Destroying the West from Within.
The question begs: Can a good Muslim who follows the Koran “religiously” be a good Aussie? What do you think? I posted this as a matter of public interest as too many Australians are unaware or ignorant of the problems we are facing in our country.  - Werner
Here is the "eye-opening" contribution by Michael Bellringer.
I am unaware of the penetration of Muslims into your area, but if you allow a Muslim cemetery or encourage them in any other way it will start a flood of Muslims into your area and before you know it they will take control of your district. Just in our little local Newsagent, on the North Coast, we have 2 young women who escaped Bankstown to get away from the Muslim invasion.

I took a day in Sydney 4 years ago and visited Lakemba and Bankstown to see for myself what was going on with the Muslim invasion. I found the main Lakemba shopping centre packed with Muslim women pushing prams. Across the railway line were mainly Muslim coffee shops packed with middle-aged to older Muslim men sitting around drinking coffee - it was about midday. On one side of the road I noticed a large super market which had recently been burnt out, guarded by a security guard. The guard said it had burnt down under strange circumstances 6 weeks earlier and that it was one of the last old Australian owned buildings in Lakemba shopping centre - the police were still investigating.

Down the same road I came across the huge Lakemba Mosque (built with Saudi funds). It was so packed with apparently non-working men that there was a large crowd out on the streets and the cars in the streets were taken with men listening to the Imam's loudspeaker. The local park, just up the street, was full of the crowd’s cars. I found only one old Australian businessman and he said he wouldn't like to comment on how Lakemba had changed, but I got the message that he didn't like the change.

I then went on to Bankstown and met a nice well dressed older Aussie couple. They weren't happy with the changes in Bankstown and said they called it “Baghdad ". A gang of teenage Muslims were loitering around the railway station entrance/exit. Just down the road was a huge shopping complex and it was very well patronized by Muslim women mostly pushing prams. I spoke to a friend and he suggested I should visit Auburn and some of the other dozen or so Muslim enclaves.

They have already declared they want to establish a Muslim Caliphate ( state ) running from your area and Penrith up into the nearby tablelands. Many of the Muslims coming to Australia appear to have substantial means which has also been confirmed by refugee camp workers. They can be very aggressive towards Australians and often have the look of hate in their eyes.

Up to about 5 years ago the Saudis had pumped more than 1 billion into Mosques and Muslim schools and facilities. In the first 2 Years of Rudd Labor they bought 1billion dollars worth of our best farmland ( millions of acres ). Two years ago they bought 20% of the Australian Agricultural Company with its 2 international standard airstrips ( more millions of acres ). Over the last 20 years the Qatari Arabs have bought up huge tracts of Australia's best farmland - particularly since Rudd came to power. 2 years ago they owned 17,000 square kilometers of our best farmland and were buying about one lot of farms a week. The farm newspapers ( such as the Land and Queensland Country Life ) have stopped saying who is buying what, because the rural selling commission agents were objecting.

If you take a look you will note that all Sydneys biggest gunshops are located in the Muslim inhabited suburbs. 3 Years ago a local policeman told his father that 4 out of 5 applications to aquire a new gun are being made by Muslims. A local gun-shop manager told me they are mainly buying high powered sniper capability rifles.

On the night of Muslim Cronulla riot rampage there were rumours the Lakemba Mosque ( in Premier Iemma's electorate ) was full of AK47 machine guns and the police were told not to interfere. The actual Cronulla uprising was in final frustration by locals after  years of intimidation by particularly Lebanese Muslims who were trying to claim the beach as their beach. I was told by a Forestry Department foreman that when he repremanded a group of Muslim hunters for doing the wrong thing in a state forest declared hunting area one of them pointed his high powered rifle at him. He had to back off and reported it to the police - it was all hushed up.Only one of the missing 10 rocket launchers has been found and it ended up in the hands of a Muslim gang, but one soldier subsequently said there are more like 100 missing.

The politicians have been lying to us - what a surprise. It was only 3 years ago they were telling us there was only 350,000 Muslims in Australia. However, about a year ago a public servant let the cat out of the bag that the real figure was 700,000. Last August days after the Sydney Muslim riot the Police Superintendent in Charge used the figure of 600,000. There's a fair chance the Census stats give nothing like the true figure. They are having up to 8 children per wife and the men are having more than one wife often living off the social service system - all those taxpayer funded child and family benefits.

This is all going to end in a bloodbath. The dreamers and denialists can think otherwise. These people have come here to take over, not to assimilate. This invasion has all resulted from the UN, the post WW2 1951 UN Refugee Convention and their UNHCR overseeing of the invasion - the UN has been a costly mistake for Australians from any way you want to look at it.

If you don't believe my predictions and warnings from what's just been happening in Australia under your noses take a look at the turmoil England, France, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Canada and the USA are in - some of them are 20 years ahead of us in the disaster. Thanks to the creators of the UN it will all end in a huge Western World racially based civil war. Mass Multiracial Immigration (the UN and that criminal Al Grasby gave it the name of MULTICULTURALISM )it is a failure and doesn't work. Muslims must not be mixed with Christians. When the Muslim population becomes dominant they demand your conversion or your head - look at what's going on around the world at the moment. The few smart countries are acting. There will be a blood bath and your kids and grand kids will be up to their necks in it. - Mike Bellringer.
My thought for today, is an extract from the book, Infidel by - Ayaan Hirsi Ali. A book that makes compelling reading.  - Werner
“Islam was like a mental cage. At first, when you open the door, the caged bird stays inside: it is frightened. It has internalized its imprisonment. It takes time for the bird to escape, even after someone has opened the doors to its cage.”
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British Citizen said...

Yes, alarm bell should be ringing in Australia after one has read this posting. Do-gooders wake up! A Muslim is a Muslim! It is not rocket science, they openly admit to breeding their way into domination, and will do so because of the corruption of governments unless stopped very soon! Don't give me bullshit about not all Muslims are bad! They ALL have the same ideology, domination by any means possible.

marg port said...

The most interesting speech I have heard recently is available on a website called Liberty GB. new political party in England. best summary of the muslim problem into our future I have ever heard. compulsory viewing!

Paul Weston is the speaker.

True Blue Aussie said...

This is indeed an interesting posting, and to some extent a worry for many Australians. I have been in western Sydney and I would want to live there for a million. One could mistakenly think that you are in an Islamic country. Why our federal politicians are so ignorant about this problem is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I had worked in a prominent Uni and saw firsthand their bully tactics and if you questioned their motives for hiring a venue they then called you racist. I am not a racitst but believe that if this government isn't going to to something soon we are in for alot of violence from the muslims.
I am appalled that the police can't do anything about it, have we got alot of cowards in the police force. Can't they stand up and say that if they want to live here live by the laws of the land. If not go back to the country they came from and live there, don't bring their hatried and strife into our country.

John Babet said...

Be aware that this is propaganda to incite racism ... Albert Pike in 1871 predicted three world wars "christians v Jews v Muslims"


Read how over the ages warmongering,negative forces manipulate revolutions-wars-social disorder to achieve their hidden agenda of a one world govt.

Jenny Bell said...

Spot on Werner & Harry & also Michael Bellringer, Thank you for posting .. Why are our Governments, and we, so blind ??

You only have to look at the countries they have migrated to ,
To see what they do , when they are in enough numbers to make a difference!

And this says is ALL , about how stupid WE are, to let it continue here! And if it is NOT SO ...just WHEN will the "supposed moderates " speak up?

T. L. Hanlon said...

Hi, While I expect my comment will cause some anger and criticism possibly put me "under surveillance" I have no fear because, officially I am on a hospice list (dying). Even so, I have traveled fairly widely, spent my first 15 years in a Muslim country and walked the streets of the Muslim areas of East Africa, I was never in danger. The greeting, Salaam alaykum means Peace be upon you and if you greet a Muslim he will answer "and upon you be peace".
YES it is true Muslims are not friendly towards the west and today even more so: Why? If Afghanis (put any name here) flew into Australia/USA by the planeload armed to the teeth, day after day, spread cluster bombs so that your children and livestock lost their limbs if not their lives, actively interfered in your politics under the pretence of spreading peace and democracy would you be annoyed? Fight back?
The point is, many of your immigrants are displaced by warfare:Am I scared that a goatherd in Afghanistan will invade my country and kill me? No. Am I scared he will shoot me in the nearest Coles supermarket? No.
Is it a fair war when "civilized" nations make war with fighter jets and helicopter gunships against goatherds and date farmers?
Finally, I protested against the Vietnam war and I disagreed with the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. In both cases/wars notice the heroin production increased tenfold when the occupying forces were there to guard it: Golden Triangle and Helmand Province grow what? Who were the first Opium traders in China? That's right the English and Americans.
For the record, my grandfather participated in the first "world" war, my father in the second.
If the influx of Muslims is to be stemmed at all ask your politicians to stop participating in or abetting the "wars" that aid displacement of Muslims.Iraq? Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria and we have Iran in our sights..
I do understand why Werner is worried, and I like sleeping late so I don't want a Muezzin doing the call to prayer at 5.00 a.m. next door either :-)Guns? Ban non-Australian born citizens from buying them..just an idea.
T.L. Hanlon, New Zealand>

Old Fritz said...

RECLAIMING AUSTRALIA FOR AUSTRAlIANS. That the motto of the Australia First Party in this 2013 election. The AFP is against the use of 'Refugees' to culture-bust Australian identity and heritage, in particular when illegal immigrants are housed in 5 star Hotels and Australia's homeless sleep in the streets. Katter, Palmer & One Nation are not clear cut in the question of immigration, boat-people, the sell out of northern Queensland and the Nt to foreign developers interest & visa-contract-labour. AFP is against the fluoridation of the water. You can get up to 1000 flyers about the AFP for distribution in your district. Just make a request for this flyers to Mr. Peter Schuback, the AFP-Senate-candidate by sending an e-mail-request to his e-mail: jamfig@hotmail.com.au, phone 41246467

Dennis said...

This takeover by Muslims has been planed by Albert Pike back in 1850 who planned three world wars and is being bought to a head by the world leaders of today exactly as he directed. All these middle east wars are planned to send hundreds of thousands of Muslims to countries around the world for the soul purpose to fulminate Pikes blueprint. As each nation will fight against each other Christian versus Muslims versus Jews until exhausted and then they will bring out a new religion called luciferianism for all races of people to accept as planned by Pike. This is a total satanic takeover as all other religions are eliminated. God help us.

Eddieteetree said...

Another miopic fool they should go to UK France and Belgium as I have to see first hand the degredation of those countries social systems through Muslim immigration.
Wake up or loose out dummiesđź‘ą