Saturday, February 28, 2015

Welfare, the millstone around Australia’s neck.

There are people in genuine hardship who need government support, but is welfare strangling Australia? When we see who can get it and how much the government pays out, the answer has to be “yes”. Everybody wants more and more from governments, but it seems that nobody gives a thought whether the government has the money. Government revenue has greatly diminished and thus, huge amounts of money have to be borrowed to keep the country going, and that has to be paid back.

We have lost revenue producing manufacturers in this country, and the jobs went with it. This was mainly due to the bloody-mindedness of our unions; making unreasonable demands on employers, and rendering many of them uncompetitive, so they either had to close or go overseas, giving the jobs to foreign countries. The union considered employers as milk cows; you milk them till they run out of milk and then get another cow. Well, most of these “cows” are now in China and a few other countries, and we have to buy from them.

Labor, while in government, let in large numbers of Muslims, and from what is reported in the media, a great number of them are on welfare and a big burden for Australia. But we are not alone on this in Australia; European countries are also burdened with welfare with their Muslim population.

Below is a case in point that shows us clearly that our system is open for rorting. If we don’t stop it we will eventually go the Greek way. It is hoped that our federal minister Scott Morrison can sort out this mess. Australia is no longer the same country I came to more than 60 years ago – what a shame. If you out there are not becoming more vocal, you are part of the problems we are facing right now. Isn’t it about time we ask: What can we do for our country; instead what can our country do for us?Werner

A Muslim Community Rort.
$766 a fortnight Photos Courtesy of: Daily Telegraph. Click here. TAKE A GOOD LOOK at this man. He owes you. You, the Australian taxpayer, paid for his lifestyle for years. And his family. Khaled Sharrouf was collecting $766 a fortnight in a disability pension cheque until the day he went to Syria to join the Muslim terrorists. This is the same leech who was caught in a phone tap saying: ‘Forget Australia law ... Australia law get stuffed, finished ... give us all back our passports and we leave. I swear to God I'll be the first to get out of this stuffed up country’. He did leave, sneaking out on his brother’s passport, and gaining international notoriety by letting his seven-year-old son pose for pictures holding a severed head.

On a listening device, Sharrouf was heard saying: ‘Sons of dogs ... I swear I'd rather be locked up and tortured and everything in a Muslim country rather than be locked up one day in this country’. According to a recent IS video it seems Sharrouf is now the one doing the torturing. The video shows a man, reportedly Sharrouf, about to execute a ‘spy’. In Australia, in 2005, Sharrouf was part of the Sydney end of a terrorist cell whose Melbourne leader was Abdul Benbrika, later jailed for 15 years for plots to blow up targets in Sydney and Melbourne. For his part – stealing six clocks and 140 batteries – Sharrouf was given a minimum jail sentence of three years and 11 months for ‘possessing items to be used for a terrorist act’. Psychiatric reports got him a reduced sentence and it’s those reports I want to concentrate on now.

Convenient disability assessments.

How Sharrouf and other Muslim extremists have been (and still are) funding their putrid campaigns on our taxpayer dollars with convenient disability assessments. It’s been a rort for years. And Muslim leaders must have known about it. You could have said to the Rudd and Gillard Governments, and now the Abbott Government:  What took you so long?

Prime Minister Abbott pledged this week to crack down on that specific misuse of welfare and, as that fearless, if sometimes outrageous, cartoonist/columnist Larry Pickering put it: ‘If Abbott's inquiry is fair dinkum it will blow the lid off the entrenched Islamic rorting of our welfare system. It will show the money trail from drugs and the Halal certification scam to ISIS, via sham charities’.

I was in Sydney yesterday and the Daily Telegraph front page suddenly made a lot of this crystal clear. It introduced us to a Sydney psychiatrist named Ishrat Ali who treated Islamic State terrorist Sharrouf before he headed off to Syria to join the terror cult.

Mentally disabled and unfit to work.
The report Ali signed off on meant Sharrouf was still drawing his fortnightly $766 disability pension cheque when he left Australia. According to the Tele, Ali also signed off on an assessment by psychologist Dr. Joseph d’Silva that a Sydney businessman, Mann Charrouf, was mentally disabled and unfit to work. Dr. Ali provided a report supporting Charrouf’s application for a disability pension. Charrouf’s DSP payments were based on his claim that he could not use public transport or shop without his wife.

But departmental surveillance showed him running a store in a shopping centre without  any assistance. Investigations also found he was a company director. It turned out, Charrouf paid $500 for a report from Dr D’Silva that falsely supported Charrouf receiving a pension because his cognitive ability was in the ‘extremely low range’ and his IQ showed ‘mild mental retardation. The pension was subsequently stopped.

A mysterious man.
Charrouf  later claimed before a federal tribunal that he was introduced to the doctor by a mysterious man who noticed that he was suffering from anxiety. The tribunal heard he was then taken to a doctor’s offices and the other unidentified man did all the talking for the 10 to 15 minute appointment. He was then given a report on Dr D’Silva’s OASIS company letterhead in return for $500. Charrouf then received a supporting report from Dr Ali, who the inquiry found, completed it without meeting him. ‘Mental retardation heavily depends on a psychologist’s report. Clinically, I don’t do any testing,’ Dr Ali said. Charrouf’s pension was cancelled and he was ordered to repay $18,757.49. He attempted to reverse that order at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal last month, but his appeal was dismissed.

Does anybody see a pattern here?
Both Dr. Ali and Dr. D’Silva have had their offices raided by Australian Federal Police and had files confiscated. Reportedly, it is part of a broader national investigation into Disability Support Pensions scams. Let’s hope community leaders co-operate. It would help dissipate some of the distrust and senses of alienation on all sides.  DH.  Source of this article - Click here.
Here is what a friend sent to me, and he made some valid points. If he is wrong, tell my why.  I quote.

Please communicate with your Member of Parliament and advise them of your deep suspicion of these people. The Muslims first loyalty is to the Prophet; to Islam and not to any other nation state. They have no loyalty to us. They actually hate democracy. Don't ask why. It is ALL about Islam.

These people (ISIS especially) follow the teachings of the Koran. It is what they believe that causes the trouble for us. They kill for the prophet. They lie for the prophet. They believe we are enemies of Allah.

That is why Muslims should not live in Australia. The more of them we have here the sooner our nation will fall into what is happening in France and Denmark and Holland. These arrivals are a part of the strategy of overcoming us and installing a Caliphate world-wide.

Again, I ask you to write to your local member, please. If you do nothing it may not happen in your life time, but it will in your children's lifetime. I for one do not want my granddaughters married of to some elderly pervert at age 9.Think it can't happen? It already has. – Brian. Unquote.
My thought for today: When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. Steven Wright
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Jenny said...

Well said mate and I agree!! IS a millstone around our necks, in the way that it is set up.
People should NOT be entitled to welfare, Until they have been a working RESIDENT & CONTRIBUTED for at least 15 years!That would effectively wipe out most immigrants, but as they have to live on something ..then they should be made to work for the dole! And, no family payments for more than 3 children ...every child after the first 3 is to be supported by their parents only ...NOT all of us!

Bev said...

I could not agree with you and Derryn Hinch more, Werner.

Our foolish governments over the years have let this go and it is obvious that we have not been protected as we should have by our government departments.

Whilst ever the Greens and Labor sympathisers will not change their minds, we have an uphill battle. I cannot believe some of the garbage on Facebook from these left wing supporters. They are blind and on some sort of kick that makes them think differently.

Thanks for being so alert to these things and drawing them to our attention.

Ursula said...

I totally agree - welfare is a millstone. What about tightening super tax concessions, which would make superannuation fairer and end handouts to some of the wealthiest Australians who need them the least, while providing billions in savings.