Monday, April 6, 2015

Brigadier George Mansford's True Blue Poems.

Retired Australian Army Brigadier, George Mansford, has replaced the rifle with a pen and writes excellent poems reflecting what we have lost in our Country. George is still involved in many things and has awards and honours as long as his arm – one of them Cairns Citizen of the year. He Served in Korea, Malaya, Malaysia, Thai Border, Vietnam, New Guinea and Singapore.  George is a widower and has two daughters, one of whom, Sharon, his oldest Daughter, is with him in the picture.  So, as you can see,  George is a man of many things, but what he is most of all is a true Blue Australian. So please enjoy some of the excellent poems by Georg Mansford. - Werner

Once a Lucky Country
Imagine if past generations could return and see
The true state of affairs of our once lucky country 
It’s odds on they would shake their head in disbelief
To see the futility of their sweat, blood and grief

We have many politicians who cannot plan beyond yesterday
Such narrow vision they need guide dogs to lead the way 
Excellent in blame games and they worship political correctness too
They’re experts in doing what the rest of us were taught never to do

Foreign ownership of OZ has become very much the trend
Rich agricultural soil polluted by drills, fracking and chemical blends
We pay strangers for water which was once yours and mine
Despite frequent droughts, no major dams built in a long, long time

Minority groups are pandered and contradictions more than one
We’re told the Treasury is bare yet Canberra still finds money for fun
In regards security measures, Burkas are OK but helmets taboo.
As a reward for going to another war, the military gets a pay cut too 

Where love of country and promises are no longer honoured calls 
Citizenship has become just a piece of paper to hang on a wall 
Our laws favour the guilty and their victims powerless to act
Spin doctors well paid by Government for distorting fact

Oh if only we could start all over again once more 
Sail to Botany Bay and add new rules within our golden shore 
Including that both integrity and common sense to be a must
No matter the status, deport any bastard who ain’t worth a crust
Who Stole OZ While We Were in Deep Sleep
Under the Southern Cross once upon a time 
Existed a prosperous country, yours and mine
Today it is a different scene here in the land down under
Our Nation has become the victim of apathy, rape and plunder 

Gone are the fruits from trees and vines 
No longer the lush green pastures and grapes for wine
Who was the Judas who poisoned sweet water and rich land
For pieces of silver handed under the table by foreign hands

Blinkered Canberra suits boast that Oz can feed many a Nation
Yet encourage mining of rich agricultural land causing devastation
Dorothy McKellar told us of flood and droughts in our rugged land
Yet no major dam built in years cos Canberra’s head’s in the sand

Idle factories and bankrupt farmers; yet imports of goods are more
 Jobless streets, empty pockets, “For Sale” signs and closed doors
Country towns dying and restless youth seeking a new life elsewhere
Huge national debt and cobwebs in Treasury and few seem to care

Our people are treated as sheep and regularly shorn
Clever spin, broken promises and deceit are the norm
Truth denied and common sense far out of reach
Political correctness masking truth and smothering free speech

Indifference is thriving and social discipline slowly eroding
Modern electronics being added to lifestyles already overloaded
Rare is the smiling gidday as you stroll in the street
Strangers from another planet too busy texting to meet and greet

What happened to that richness of our way of life so fine?
Which we were to pass on to a new generation in a short time
Who stole our precious way of life while we were in deep sleep?
Oh, for what was once our lucky country, I now do weep
gmansford ©March 2015 
We’re in trouble given our inept political representation
When ego and greed is preferred before the future of our Nation
Laws manipulated for rich strangers have become the norm
Add political correctness and wonder why you were ever born
False promises and deceit showered on you and me
Our dreams stolen by Canberra and far from free 
Where fear smothers hope and trust sours into doubt
Pathetic political bickering is now what life is all about 
Constant changes in policy suggests no one knows what’s best
Arguing and lying “In that place” seems to be an initiation test  
Eviction for true blue battlers while groveling to “you know who”  
Use any ruse and no holds barred to avoid political Waterloos

Oh where are our Ghandis in humble cloth and wearing no shoes Bright, brave souls, sharing, caring and perhaps a Wellington too
All leading by example and demonstrating austerity
Vision and careful planning to ensure future prosperity 
To admit mistakes and learn from them until they get it right 
To understand the people’s pulse beat by using ears and sight
Where corruption and “scratch my back” belongs to the past 
How refreshing it would be with no spin doctors at last

We need solid foundations, not shifting sand for those who follow
A united sense of purpose and to recapture sanity before tomorrow
Someone to tell us “Roll up your sleeves, there’s much work to do”
Whoever the Saviour, step forward now, our Nation needs you
Precious Values of Our Way of Life.
What would they, the diggers of ANZAC say?
Or their sons and daughters who followed in their way
To see today’s prostitution and threats to our way of life
Which they defended with blood, sweat and tears in times of strife 

What were the lost dreams of those who did fall?
How many sweethearts would never again hear a lovers call? 
That precious freedom of laughing, surfing, or footy with the push  
No more the choice of Church, surfing or camping in the bush

To properly honour our fallen is to pursue their earnest intent
 A happy prosperous land secure and free from evil malcontents
To share, to care, to speak out for what you hold dear
To walk the streets alone at night without any fear

To welcome migrants and refugees who have had a long orderly wait
Nevertheless, the edict is, only if they are prepared to assimilate
Our rich values are not to be prostituted, surrendered or for sale
To even contemplate compromise the ways of our life is to fail

It’s time for stern measures and Canberra Suits to lead the way
To tell the world the way of life we value must for ever stay 
Do I hear cheering from those ghostly columns tramping by?
For without such leadership, the spirit of our nation will surely die  
George Mansford ©April 2015
Our Precious Values Are Not For Sale.
What would they, the diggers of ANZAC say
As well as sons and daughters who followed in their way
If to see today’s prostitution and threats to our way of life
Values they defended with blood, sweat and tears in times of strife 

Secret ballot, freedom of speech and have a go at any political rort 
Always a Sunday choice; Church, camping in the bush or sport
These were some of the values why they were prepared to give all
Never again to be home and hear a loved one’s familiar sweet call  

To properly honour them is to pursue their earnest intents
A happy prosperous land secure and free from evil malcontents
To work, share, care and speak out for what you hold dear
Decency, respect and to walk the streets alone without any fear

To welcome migrants and refugees who have had long orderly wait
Nevertheless, the edict is, only if they’re prepared to assimilate
Our rich values are not to be prostituted, surrendered or for sale
Even to consider compromise is to fail

To ensure our precious legacy is there for those who follow
To be safe and secure in a happy tomorrow
So those yet to be born can stand tall and speak with pride
I am, you are, we are Australian and always side by side

It’s time for step forward; “Wake up, arouse, stand to’’
The future of our land down under is up to me and you
Do I hear cheering and shouting from ghostly columns marching by?
“The spirit of our nation must never be allowed to die “
George Mansford ©April 2015
My thought for today.
Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear. - Catherine of Siena
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Fourth Generation Australian said...

I just love these wonderful poems, yes, this country has changed, and in many ways not for the better. It was also nice to see the author and one of his daughters. If we had people like George Mansford as politicians, the country would be better served.

Peter Rosie said...

wow, awesome George and thanks werner for passing it on.
A true blue aussi!
How can the poli's and the media get it so wrong.
How our heritage is being destroyed in so few years

Tom Fraser said...

I totally agree with the previous two comments, the “Fourth generation Australian”, and “Peter Rosie”. We really have to wonder why our politicians got it so wrong, but they take no notice of us mere mortals, they are more interested to feathering their own collective nests.

True Blue Aussie said...

George, congratulation on writing those riveting poems. You couldn’t have written them 40 or 50 years ago, but they are very relevant now. It makes me very sad that our lovely country has degenerated to what you portray in your poems. Our federal government is surrendering to a certain minority, in this country and allowed to slug Australian consumers with an Islamic tax – which is Halal certification. This should never have been allowed, and it just shows that our politicians lack intestinal fortitude.

Sally and Mum said...

George, my Mum and I enjoyed reading your poems immensely, and thank you Werner for posting them. My 84 year old mother, a fourth generation Australian had tears in her eyes hearing how this country has so irreversible changed. God bless you George and Werner.

Alf M. and family said...

George, the whole family enjoyed your excellent poems, and Werner was dead right when he introduced you as a True Blue Aussie. Thank you, Werner, for publish them, I bet that the Cairns Post wouldn’t.

Aussie Mum said...

Your poems are absolutely wonderful, George. This should be mandatory reading in every school in this country. The young schoolchildren have no idea what we have lost in this country. Thank you, Werner, for publishing them.