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Coke; its more beneficial uses.

I saw a young mother with her 2 young children in our shopping centre, all drinking Coke. That made me think, “Oh my goodness, doesn’t she know that this is not good for them?” Then I also remembered what a lady doctor said to my wife. “Whatever you may give your children to drink, never ever give them Coke”, and she told her why.

Then, I also recalled the time when I managed Dr. Westaway’s cane farm on the Cook Highway Smithfield 10 Km north from Cairns. There were several unyielding rusted nuts on our irrigation equipment. No matter what I tried, including WD40, nothing would help to unscrew these nuts. My boss happened to call by and I told him about these “Tough Nuts” and he said: “Try pouring Coke over it”. I did, and bingo!  Coke solved the problem and the rusted nuts yielded to the Coke treatment. Does this tell the Coke drinkers something? However, I came across 16 reasons why I will buy  a can of Coke but not for drinking it. -  Werner
Coke drinkers should watch this video. Click Here.
16 Things about Coca-Cola that You Never Knew.

Coca-Cola (or Coke) is the most recognized brand in the world. The dark, carbonated, sugary beverage has become the most widely consumed drink in the world since WWII. There are many studies and documentaries showing the ill effects of Coke on the human body, but this addictive drink has other, more beneficial uses that the Coca-Cola Company may not want you to know:

1. Remove stains from china. Soak stained china in Coke for a few hours, and it will remove all the stains.
2. Remove marker stains from a carpet. Pour Coke on the marker stain, and then scrub it with a soapy solution for a quick and easy cleanup.
3. Clean burnt residue off of pots and pans. Pour enough Coke to cover the burnt residue in the pot/pan and let it soak overnight. You’ll be amazed how easily the gunk comes off in the morning.
4. Get rid of grease stains your detergent can’t handle Pour some Coke into the washing machine with your greasy clothes and see the magic.
5. Diet Coke can fix a bad hair-dye job. Did you accidentally botch up your hair dye? Just soak your hair in Diet Coke for 15 minutes and watch the dye fade away.
6. Strip paint from metallic surfaces. Soak a towel with Coke and leave it on the painted metallic surface for several hours. When you remove the towel – the paint will come off with it.
7. Keep your car battery working for longer. If your car battery’s terminals are covered in corrosion, pour Coke on it and watch how the corrosion melts away.
8. Effective slug pesticide. If your garden is experiencing a slug infestation, pour a Coke into a bowl and leave it outside overnight. The sugar will draw them in, and the acidity will kill these pests.
9. Remove grout from tiles with ease. Pour Coke on gritty tiles and let it sit for a few minutes. The grout should be easily removed now, leaving you with clean tiles.
10. Clean your toilet. Pour a can of Coke into your toilet and leave it overnight. The acidity in the Coke will strip off any nasty residue that accumulated in the bowl.
11. Make old coins shine again. Soak dirty coins in Coke for a few hours and then rinse

them – they’ll look like they were minted yesterday.
12. Coke + aluminium foil = clean chrome. Pour Coke on dirty chrome surfaces, and then wipe away with aluminum foil. The chrome will look shiny and new again.
13. Coke makes for an effective insect repellent. Pour a can into a bowl and leave it outside for an hour before you entertain. When your party arrives, move the bowl away and enjoy an insect-free environment. The bugs will be too busy with the Coke to harass your friends.
14. Remove blood stains from clothes. Soak the bloody part in Coke for an hour, and then wash it away. (Repeat if necessary)
15. Get rid of gum stuck in your hair. Soak the gum in Coke for 15 minutes and simply wipe it away.
16. Clean up oil stains from floors. If your car leaves oil stains on the garage floor, get it fixed. Afterwards, pour some Coke on the stains and let it soak for a few hours, then rinse it off with some water.


Source: Baba-Ma
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Joan Butler said...

Werner, there is no doubt about you; you always come up with something interesting. Your blog is a real treasure trove of information and good advice, which makes compelling reading. Thank you for sharing this.

Astonished mother said...

That mother should be ashamed to give her children Coke or any other sugary soft drinks. This is why children have tooth decay. And, if Coke can make a rusty nut yield, then you have to wonder what it would do to the stomach.

Julie, USA said...

Werner, Yep, Coke is pretty powerful stuff. My husband used to use it for cleaning chrome fenders on cars and motorcycles in his younger days, tho not with the aluminum foil mentioned in this piece.