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Enzymes are an important factor for good health.

On my morning walk I was stopped by a local for a chat. “Why are you so energetic and apparently in such good health for your age?” she asked.  I replied, “I’m not sure, but good nutrition, not sitting still for long periods and exerting my muscles in various ways to keep fit, and engaging my brain may be some of the key factors.  And, I grow my own organically grown veggies, bananas, pineapples and paw paws, all full of good nutrients, enzymes and free of pesticides." So I told her about the importance of enzymes for good health. I mentioned an article by Jo Hartley, a writer for Natural News, and promised I would publish it on my blog.

We also talked about the fruit and vegetables at supermarkets that come not only from Australia, but also from other countries, which have been irradiated  and sprayed with toxic pesticides. Further health danger lurks if the growers use Roundup for weed control in the fields where they grow their fruits and vegetables, as it contaminates the soil with Glyphosate, and that can have dire health consequences. Click on all these links for further reading.

My advice:
Buy organically grown fruit and veggies if you can, or grow your own. Take time to read labels and, eat less processed food or avoid it altogether. If you are not on a totally raw food diet you should take digestive enzyme supplements with every meal, I was told by a dietician. I wish you all good health. – Werner

Enzymes are Key to Health and Wellness.
By Jo Hartley, journalist
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Not only are enzymes necessary for proper digestion, they are an integral component of every chemical reaction that occurs within the body. Without enzymes no bodily processes would be possible. For example, detoxification, digestion, elimination, and a properly-functioning nervous system are all processes that would not occur without enzymes. This is the reason that enzymes are considered the most important supplement today, and everyone reading this can experience improved health if enzyme supplementation is begun.

Most people assume that they are getting adequate amounts of enzymes in their diet. This is not true because unless one is consuming a raw diet, the food consumed has no enzymes. Cooked foods do not contain active enzymes.

Even people who consume healthy diets are not getting adequate enzymes to enable proper digestion. In addition, the necessary rebuilding, detoxing and general maintenance of the body will not be possible either because raw foods only contain the enzymes necessary for simple digestion. There are no surplus enzymes.

An enzyme-depleted body will not be able to heal properly because the number of enzymes necessary for healing is huge. In addition to this, stress has been found to be a big source of enzyme depletion. When under undue stress, the body is unable to generate the necessary metabolic enzymes.

Another source of enzyme depletion that many people suffer is because they consume processed foods that have been irradiated or that contain additives. Consuming these foods places stress on the body's ability to make the enzymes necessary to stay healthy. Caffeine is also another major enzyme zapper.

The body is able to produce its own enzymes. Unfortunately this ability decreases with age, however. The human body was designed to live in clean, natural environments while consuming raw foods. Since most people do not live this way, people are experiencing accelerated aging and poor health. This enzyme depletion exhibits itself in general signs of aging like wrinkles and joint pain. Simple enzyme supplementation can make the difference between an uncomfortable decline and aging gracefully and painlessly.

Once enzyme supplementation is begun, one should allow up to three weeks for the body to adjust to the supplementation and for benefits to become apparent. Enzyme supplementation is more of a lifestyle change and a detoxification process and it takes time for the body to adjust. Expect appetite fluctuations during this time but the appetite will normalize to a level to support normal body weight eventually.

Also, allow time for the body to heal and become strong. There is not a maximum dosage of plant enzymes and there are no counteractions known. Once enzyme supplementation is begun, often foods that previously produced allergic reactions will not continue to create these adverse reactions. It is prudent to be cautious with these foods before reintroducing them into the diet in large amounts, however.

If foods produced severe or life-threatening reactions previously, proceed with extreme caution. Food allergies are the body's response to an ingredient that it cannot sufficiently break down or digest for utilization. Once the necessary enzymes for this digestion are present within the body, the allergies will often decrease or go away completely.

When the body is placed under undue stress because of illness, the environment, poor diet, or a combination of all of these things the body simply becomes exhausted over time. With this exhaustion comes an immune system that doesn't function properly and this further depletes the body's enzymes. Detoxification and renewal may take time, but with proper supplementation of digestive enzymes the body will heal and optimal health can be achieved.
My thought for today, Good health is the slowest way to die. Proverb
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Betty Sander said...

Thank you so much for this interesting and informative posting, Werner. With all the pesticides used on our food and the additives added to our processed food, we must carefully select what we eat and keeping in mind of the reasons you stated so succinctly in your introduction.

John and Jan said...

When I was young there weren’t so many sick people as we have today, and we ate good food and we didn’t have to read the labels or worry what country it came from. We found this posting very interesting and informative, thank you, Werner.

Young Mother said...

I had no idea that Enzymes play such an important role, as a matter of fact this is the first time I read something about them. Thank you, Werner, for this interesting and informative posting.