Saturday, July 11, 2015

OZ ain’t what it used to be!

Here is another excellent poem by retired Brigadier George Mansford from Cairns. It portrays exactly how drastically our country has changed and, unfortunately, it will never be the same again. George is a True Blue Australian who loves this country, but is pained to see, like most of us, where we are heading. Most of us also love this country and would go through fire for it.

Unfortunately, there are many who like Australia for a different reason and, regrettably, we have some in our midst who outright hate our country. It is a real worry when you see what those people have done in European countries.  There is no doubt it will happen here when their numbers are bigger. Unfortunately, our blinkered politicians are too blind or myopic to see. Those of you who are new to this blog and don’t know who George Mansford is; just click here, and go to a previous post where I introduced George.  - Werner
Amnesia or Apathy in the Land of Oz?
Oh how pathetic we can be
Living in a fool’s paradise we believe to be free
Yet sightless and mute, thanks to political correctness and more 
Not learning from the mistakes of those who came before 

Failed politicians with generous pensions bask in the shining sun 
While homeless beg in the streets seeking crumbs
Many lost citizens with no compass ask “which way forth?”
Politicians issue false maps and lie that south is really north

Canberra boasts we will feed the world with our rich soil 
Yet in farming regions, rich loam is destroyed for gas and oil
Yesterday’s dreams for dams and hydro failed the green test 
It seems droughts, noisy windmills and foreign interests are best

We claim free speech but speak your mind if you do dare
A Fair Go can be won if you’ve gold and friends you know where
Fanatics who can destroy us are pampered and nothing more said
War veterans sleep wet and cold with old newspapers for beds 

Film Stars with no morals or brains worshipped day and night
Ancient churches offer love and kindness but few clients in sight
Never assault home invaders, you must pretend to be a mouse
Cos if you fight, the Judge will give the ba---ards your house

Is it amnesia, ignorance or selfishness shown by you and me?
Ignoring precious lessons on how our yesterdays’ came to be?
Taking for granted the values of a way of life we call democracy?
Could it all be lost and we tumble back to dark days of misery?

The clock is ticking with each passing hour  
Surely it’s time for us to wake up to what truly can be ours
Get off that creaking circular bed* and recapture a precious past
It’s possible we could regain our true freedom at long, long last
George Mansford © May 2015
*Creaking circular bed -----My new politically correct term for “Let’s stop fu---ing around”
My thought for today. Freedom is when the people can speak. Democracy is when the government listens - Alastair Farrugia
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grounded1 said...

It was heartening to read this piece of prose, just as it is regrettably sad to take it in, and accept the subject reason for it having been written. The world has changed, and as remarked within, I also do not believe Australia will ever return to the great country that it once was. There was a time when I stressed about the direction we were I just accept it in my stride. Australian's of this day and age have decided upon their future path ....I can only hope that within the long term, it is to their liking, and what they truly seek.

Zachary said...

Thanks Werner, the poem is a good one and relevant to the situation that we now find ourselves in as a society and a nation, unfortunately.

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