Friday, June 10, 2016

Think carefully before you cast your vote in this federal election!

This coming federal election is a crossroads election. A lot of voters are steering away from the two major parties, and all sorts of new parties have sprung up seeking a senate seat. From the feedback I get, people are in a quandary. They don’t want Bill Shorten and the ALP and they are greatly disenchanted with the Turnbull government for many reasons, but to a great extent because of the draconian NO JAB NO PAY policy. Nobody is really totally against vaccination, but what they are vehemently against is that they haven’t got a free choice, which is fundamental in a democratic society, and that was taken away from them. This is reminiscent of the Hitler or Stalin era and is totally un-Australian. So, with some luck and the dislike of Shorten and the ALP, the coalition might just get over the line by default, and there is a distinct possibility that we'll finish up with a hostile Senate. Needless to say, there would then be a lot of turmoil ahead of us, reminiscent of the Rudd and Gillard government.

Our Politicians and Senators need to sit up and take notice if they want to keep their jobs in this election. 
  The biggest mistake they ever made was to vote in the NO JAB NO PAY and NO JAB NO PLAY Vaccine laws, and I see the sickness industry is working on making it even harder to resist mandatory medical procedures.   Vaccination is the hottest topic on Facebook, but the mainstream media is the voice of the medical mafia, and Politicians are ignoring people's concerns about the serious side effects of some vaccines on the constantly increasing childhood vaccine schedule.  Why are they not aware of the anger of the people? These laws are so wrong in so many ways, but the government has a month to annul and expunge them, before this election, or at least make public promises to do so. If they don’t, rest assured people will vote accordingly, and the resistance to vaccination will increase.  Werner

We also have the Australian Liberty Alliance (ALA) running, which is getting traction with the Australian people, according to the extensive feedback I’m getting.
PS: I just learnt that the ALA Party is supporting forced vaccination, shame on them. Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party is also contesting the election.. What Pauline Hansen has been saying is of course exactly what most true blue Australians are thinking, but afraid to say. She was wrongly put in Jail, but never received any compensation like Di Fingleton who was also wrongfully jailed. Click on this link and see what I wrote about her in my blog in 2015. Click here! There is also the Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party.

There are  more parties mentioned in the article below, which of course nobody would have been beware of till now. I’m not going to tell you what party or senator to vote for; all I’m doing is giving you choices, and ask you to inform yourself before casting your vote.  Following is a must read article before you make up your mind who to vote for. I will not tell you what you should do; you have to make up your own mind about this contentious subject. Ronald Reagan got it right: “Government's first duty is to protect the people, not run their lives”. Werner

Here is an interesting video: What's the difference between a Political Donation & a Mafia Bribe?  Click Here!

Voting: The most important job you will have all year!  Click here to see which parties are willing to support YOU. Click here! The Federal election will be taking place in just over a month and we here at the AVN have been busy polling the political parties to find out what their views are on that basic of human rights - the right to make choices about what we put into our bodies and the bodies of our children. Source of this article.

Some of the answers we've received (like those from the Sex Party and the Pirate Party) could have been written by people who are members of the hate group, Stop the AVN. In fact, the Sex Party got help from members of that organisation before sending us their response. And the larger parties - the Greens and the Liberals - who are responsible for this unconstitutional policy, never even bothered to respond which is incredibly arrogant.

The AVN will not advise you how you should vote - that is not within the terms of our Code of Ethics. We will, however, let you know that the way in which you vote has been changed and these changes will give you more power to decide who will represent you in the Senate - the house of change when it comes to giving us a voice in government. On the 2nd of July, you can direct your vote where it will do the most good - to one of the parties and independent candidates who have pledged to support your right to make free and informed health choices for your families. We are asking you to vote 1-12 below the line - giving preference to candidates representing any of the following 7 parties who have made this pledge. With your help, we can get 5-6 people elected to the Senate who will speak for us.

 This election looks to be close by all accounts. With this sort of representation, we can hold the balance of power and can finally see a return to democracy in this formerly great country. This was the situation in the late 1990s and the early 2000s when the AVN lobbied parliament for enactment of a Conscientious Objection clause and the ability to report adverse reactions directly to the government. We were successful because the balance of power was held by the minor parties.

Let's make that happen again!
The time is now to break the three major parties' hold on our lives. Look at what is happening in the US. Love him or hate him, Donald Trump has clinched the Republican election because the American people see him as someone who is totally outside of the two-party system and that is what they want. They are sick of the lies and corruption of those who are in government. By voting as they have never voted before, they are bringing about an unprecedented change to the most powerful government in the world. We can do the same here on July 2nd this year.

 Here are the parties/individuals who have promised to oppose No Jab/No Pay/ No Play and to support health freedom:

Health Australia Party.
Consumer Rights and No Tolls Party. Greg Beattie, Independent (former AVN President, running for the Senate in QLD) - Website to be advised
Rise Up Australia Party.
21st Century Australia.
Non-Custodial Parents Party.

We are still waiting for a response from Pauline Hansen's One Nation Party.  We have been told that this party is in opposition to No Jab/No Pay/No Play, but until we have their statement, they are a question mark. I have also been told that several other minor parties are supportive of our cause, but they have not responded so we cannot ask you to support them until they do. I will update this information as soon as it comes to hand.

The Truth Library have put a post on their website entitled How to Vote if you are "Anti-Vax" in the 2016 election. Though many of our members do not consider themselves to be anti-vaccine, you may want to bookmark this page and keep referring to it and the AVN's own voting page for updates of information as we draw closer to election day.

 Here are some Important actions you can take between now and July 2nd:
 1-    Share this blog with EVERYONE you know. Many of you are concerned about being criticised for your position. Whilst we understand that this can be challenging, if we do not pull together in letting others know about how to vote, we will not have the desired effect and neither our rights nor the rights of our children will be protected. Remember, this is not a matter of not wanting to vaccinate - this is simply wanting to protect our basic human rights to make free and informed health choices. So forward this email to everyone you know, share it on social media, speak with friends and family about your choices. Stand up for your rights!

2-    Write to the parties who have not responded to let them know what you think about the way they have treated you and how they have ignored such an important issue. Let them know you will not be supporting them until they choose to support you.

3-    Write to the parties who are on the fence regarding vaccine choice and those who support our rights and let them know what you think. Politicians respond to voters - show them that you are active, informed and ready, willing and able to support their opposition to No Jab/No Pay.

4-    Contact one of the parties who are listed above if they are running candidates near you. Volunteer to help prior to the election and also, time allowing, on Election Day handing out How to Vote cards or whatever else may be needed. We CAN do this! We just need to devote some of our precious time, energy and, perhaps, funds to making it happen. Yours in health, AVN National Committee.
My quote for today.Werner
“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I'm from the government and I'm here to help”. Ronald Reagan
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Sharon said...

Thank you for this. You mentioned ALA, they unfortunately do believe in the new No Jab No Pay laws. I confirmed it with them this week and they say it in their policies on their website

Disillusioned Voter said...

Werner you are spot on what you wrote in your introduction. I have been a conservative voter all my life and for the first time, like many others, I’m not sure who to vote for. I have grand-kids whose health was impaired by vaccination. You are so right in saying that forced vaccination is un-Australian and reminiscent of the Hitler and Stalin era. I wonder if any of our politicians have watched the film “Vaxed?”

Marilyn said...

Thanks Werner – the more information you can provide the better.

Sonja said...

Thank you Sharon. I emailed the ALA twice and asked about their health policy, mentioning my concern about forced vaccination. I didn't get any replies - now you have confirmed my suspicions, and they are off my list.

The Health Australia Party will get my first vote in the Senate, and I sincerely hope they become successful enough to run candidates in both houses next election. They are the only party I'm aware of that explicitly stands for transparency in health policy, and exposing the fraudulent 'science' and vested interests behind current government policy.

My other votes will go to the minor parties the AVN has listed in the newsletter above - and it will be a toss up which of the three major parties I put last. Disappointingly, though the Greens proclaim to stand for human rights, they support forced vaccination and fluoridation, and are clearly unwilling to investigate the independent science that exposes the fraud behind these practices.

J. Hunter said...

Seeing in the comments that “The Australian Liberty Alliance”, is supporting compulsory vaccination, they have now lost „traction” with me, my family and friends. Thank you, Werner, for this very interest posting.

Health Activist said...

Unfortunately the major parties no longer support the people they're supposed to represent. Instead they support corporate interests - in other words, money talks. For example, look at the satirical take on this by "The Undercurrent" - What's the difference between a Political Donation & a Mafia Bribe?

That is why we have such tyrannical policies as "No Jab, No Pay/Play" - but unfortunately too many people are unaware of just how diabolical these policies are, because they have never looked into the fraud posing as 'science' undertaken by corrupt pharmaceutical corporations. And it is people with connections to these corporations that inform government policy. Just search for "Vested interests in vaccination policy" on the internet to find out the extent of this corruption.

Andrea and Family said...

Thank you Werner, for this enlightening posting, this is a great help for us in deciding who to vote for.

Dorothy said...

Thanks for your new blog, I read it through, very interesting to
know we still have a choice in some areas of vaccinations.
Luckily the flu shot is not mandatory.

My brother, at the insistence of his partner had one years ago,
when the bird flu was at it's peak, and he ended up with Encephalitis,
he died twice in hospital. By the Grace of God and prayers from
family, friends and Church Prayer groups he did survive. Until
today, the Doctors/Specialists who handled his case, do no know
why he is still alive, the survival rate from Encephalitis is below 5 per cent.

Many people died that year from the Flu shot, many are still
disabled, quadriplegic in wheelchairs. I read an article years ago
that most of these people had the same flu shot which effected
their nervous system.

My Brother went through years of memory loss in some areas of
his life, nightmares, blurred eye sight on occasions, change in
personality on occasions, and he is not yet 100 per cent in good health.
Age probably has a lot to do with some of his symptoms, we are so
happy to have him still with us and keep an eye on him. Luckily his
partner is a wonderful woman for whom we are grateful. We are
all different and one size doesn't fit all when it comes to medication.
Some health clinics are now asking patients to sign a release form
before give them flu vaccinations. What does that tell you?

Ross said...

Frankly, I believe the anti-vaccine movement is madness. Anecdotal stories are no substitute for sound, peer reviewed research, which consistently shows that vaccinations are a responsible precaution against diseases.

Concerned mother said...

Ross, you don’t seem to understand. I have two children that have ongoing health problems since they were vaccinated. Can you understand that my daughter, who has three children, doesn’t want this to happen to her children? Or wouldn’t that matter??

Dee said...

Good information that must be passed on. Hopefully there will be many informed people who vote for parties not supporting no jab no pay policies.

Greg Payne said...

Thanks Werner, one of the reasons you get no comment from the liberals is that non of the NJNP stuff fits with any of their platforms. this lot of ratbag MP's have been railroaded by the main satanic media and ignored the core principles under which they were pre-selected.
It is something the actual party should sort out pronto before they lose more credibility. Labor are different - every syllable they utter is under instruction from the party - very tightly controlled.
We are dealing with a bunch of cowboys.
Kind Regards
Greg Payne

Marilyn said...

Sorry Ross, but I have been following vaccination for a great number of years and even if it was good then it IS MY CHOICE not the Governments that I should partake and this is what is so wrong. On my website I have Bill Gates blatantly standing up and saying that vaccination will help to reduce the world population by 10-15 percent and his big aim in life is to see every child on this planet vaccinated. If you search my website you will find the misery that these vaccines have caused to poor African nations – nations that they seem to target

Dr Mikovits was jailed for 4 years – stripped of everything and 4 year gag order put on her because of what she found. She is now speaking out – is jobless and penniless.

Also check out this page to learn what happens to doctors when they discover a nagalase molecule which inhibits the body’s ability to make GcMAF – which inhibits tumors, cures cancers and Dr Gonzales had an 80 recovery rate of people with autism.


Dr. Mikovits talks about science- vaccines/autism/chronic illness, corruption

29 November 2015: Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD is a Biochemist and worked as a government scientist for many years developing viruses and vaccinations. In 2011 when she made a horrifying discovery that was contaminating all vaccinations, she presented her data to government officials and was threatened & told to destroy all her data.

When she did not she was jailed, her career systematically destroyed, and a gag order put in place for 4 years threatening that if she spoke out she would be thrown back in jail. That gag order has just lifted, and she’s dumped the government right in it!

She speaks about how autism is associated with vaccines, also cancers, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer, auto immune diseases, allergies and more. She discusses how the cocktail of vaccinations pumped into babies mutate to develop months and years down the track into new viruses, cancers and diseases, some they don’t even know about yet. She explains how the viruses injected through vaccines tear open our DNA and insert their own DNA to mutate our genetic makeup and be passed on generation after generation.

She has been threatened with a suicide murder cover up, she doesn’t care, she wants it all exposed.
The act of the Australian government making vaccinations mandatory this January is an act of genocide.

Lorraine and family said...

We have been voting Liberal all our lives, not this time. We are totally disenchanted with the three major political parties. When a government forces you to do something against you will, they take your right away, which you so apply described in your introduction - of being reminiscent of the Hitler or Stalin era and totally un-Australian.

Sonja said...

Well said, Marilyn.

Ross, you need to look further than pharmaceutical corporation propaganda to get at the truth - which even most medical doctors are unaware of unless they've had cause to do independent research. There is so much fraud in the 'science' which is largely paid for by these pharmaceutical corporations.

There are also increasing numbers of other courageous doctors and whistle-blowers speaking out, despite the threats to their careers and to their lives. For example, nephrologist, Dr Suzanne Humphries, has done an excellent series on YouTube: "Vaccines - Honesty Vs Policy." And Brandy Vaughan, former pharmaceutical rep, has revealed a lot of information on her website:

There are many credible sources revealing that since the expansion of vaccine schedules in countries like Australia and the USA, there has been a virtually parallel rise in allergies, ADD, ADHD, autism, learning difficulties, childhood auto-immune diseases and cancers. There have also been studies showing that unvaccinated children are generally healthier than their vaccinated peers.

Recently released in the USA, the film "VAXXED - from cover-up to catastrophe" documents the revelations of senior CDC scientist, Dr William Thompson, who along other scientists, was ordered to destroy data showing a link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

Merilyn said...


I support vaccination, having been vaccinated and having vaccinated our only child. This was with the exception of Pertussis ( Whooping cough ) as our son had a bad reaction to the first injection and the Qld Health Doctor advised that he only have the Diphtheria and Tetanus vaccine – not the triple antigen vaccine with Pertussis. In recent times the only adverse effect that is now recognised as a medical exemption for the child care rebate is full blown anaphylaxis. A child would almost have to die to now qualify for a medical exemption. I fear that to keep on the vaccination schedule, parents would be under pressure to vaccinate babies when they are not 100 % well – teething, getting over ear infections , colds etc – which can put a child at more risk if being vaccinated then.

I do support vaccination, however I think the No Jab No Pay is draconian legislation – instead of educating and encouraging, it coerces, bullies and financially blackmails parents into submission.

Considering the mode of transmission of Hepatitis B I also think that is complete lunacy that babies have to be vaccinated with Hep B at birth and repeatedly later. If a baby or child does not have the Hep B vaccines, but receives every vaccine on the govt schedule , the child is considered to not be fully vaccinated and so the parents , will lose, or not be able to receive the child care rebate. There is something seriously wrong with our health authorities and the legislation when this is the system.

It is not that long ago that hundreds of West Australian children suffered febrile fits from the Flu vaccine program that the WA Health had rolled out. Also, we must not forget little Perth girl Saba Button who suffered severe brain damage from a vaccine and in 2010 when two year Brisbane girl Ashley Epapara died in the night following a flu vaccine. Her twin sister was sick, but survived.

Parents have a right to hold concerns about vaccines, some vaccines in particular and they should not be penalised and blackmailed by this dreadful No Jab No Pay legislation.

Merilyn Haines

Sandy S. said...

Please help our friend Jason Woodforth and the Health Australia Party get into the Senate...
Jason was a member of Qld parliament under Campbell Newman and a strong campaigner to allow free choice regarding fluoridation. As a result Campbell Newman and LNP were able to legislate to restore rights to councils in Queensland to decide, most of which decided to cease (except South-East Qld where there is a grid connecting shires to Brisbane - which decided to keep it).
In any case, the issue of forced medication of any kind in a one-T-Shirt-fits-all health policy is harming many chemically sensitive groups with the winners of course being mega global pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Once your choices are removed about what chemicals go into your body you are then in a "chemical prison" with the warden being the government.
It's time to stand up for our rights when it comes to chemicals and medications. We have to do it not only for ourselves, but also future generations that are affected. These chemicals are in a sense 'weapons of war upon humanity'. If people are made sick this way they are weak and do not have the strength to object or defend themselves, and mental illness also increases in the community.
Have a look at the team of Health Australia - some very impressive professionals such as Dr Isaac Golden.