Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A must see video

If you do not understand THE REALITY OF ISLAM spreading around the world,


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Syd Walker said...

I'm sorry Walter, but I think this is xenophobic propaganda.

The quasi-mathematical line of reasoning is very suspect. Many second and third generation Australians, Britons, Germans or whatever will become simply Australians, Britons or Germans - whatever their ancestors' origins. Religions as a whole don't breed.
25 years ago similar propaganda weas directed against 'Arabs', who it was often said were taking over Europe. Now the rhetoric has changed and 'Muslim' has become the dirty word - but it's the same scare-story.

The common element, I suspect, is the folk who produce this type of material. I'm guessing they are passionate partisans working on behalf of the vicious little nuclear-armed Apartheid State in Palestine.