Monday, August 31, 2009

A valuable computer tip!

Here is a good computer tip for you. (Some of you may already know this) If you visit a blog or website frequently, you”bookmark” it in the “Firefox browser” or save it in “Favourites” in Internet Explorer. However, those lists can become very long and it can take some considerable time to find the blog or website you want to visit.

Here is an easy way to put your most frequently visited blog or website on a bar on your browser. Just left click on the icon in the URL (Address line) (See my screenshot) and drag it down below the address line.

So, this makes it easier to get to your most visited blogs or websites much quicker.

To get rid off these favourites you dragged down, just right click on the one you want to get rid off and click on “Delete.”

There is always something new to learn with computers. As I so often say: "If I haven't learnt something new every day, I have wasted a day. - Werner

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