Monday, December 14, 2009

The Great Fluoride Lie and Deception!

The groundswell against mandatory fluoridation of our drinking water is building up in Queensland and elsewhere. Our politicians can’t be trusted anymore. Desley Boyle stated in the Cairns Post that “the State Government was proceeding with fluoridation of water supplies because it believed it reflected the majority view.”

What unmitigated bullshit that is, Desley, and you know it, because your government never asked the people either by referendum or asked for a mandate at an election. See my advert and Letter to the editor in the “Cairns Sun,” from last week, 9.12.09, also see my posting below in this blog.

Following is a very powerful letter written by Brent Melville, from Robina Queensland to Desley Boyle, MP; the Member for Cairns and a minister in the Blight government. -Werner Click on picture to enlarge!

Dear Mrs Boyle:

Sorry to use you as an example, but your cleverly deceptive comments (technically not lying) about fluoridation of water and the dental health of Queensland children epitomize a rottenness in western parliamentary democracy that people are becoming less and less willing to tolerate. States are also becoming less tolerant of dissent and more totalitarian in their approach.

Are you aware Mrs. Boyle that Queensland bureaucrats were caught falsifying dental statistics and a detailed complaint about this was made to the Crime and Misconduct Commission? An investigation, only released after an FOI request, found "incorrect" interpretation of data in regard to tooth decay rates between fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas.

Also Mrs Boyle, why do you so carefully deceive your electorate about 'the majority who support fluoridation'? Did you have a referendum? Isn't it true Mrs Boyle, that the Bligh administration simply pulled the fluoride referendum provision out of the legislation?

Isn't it also true Mrs Boyle that you and other State Labor MPs voted to change the law to allow yourself and other elected representatives to lie to Parliament? Did you consider, Mrs Boyle that lying to Parliament is lying to the people of Queensland?

Mrs. Boyle, you say you "don't see or don't believe" there is evidence of people being harmed by fluoride. Well, have you even looked for evidence Mrs. Boyle?

Do you and the Bligh administration even care about fluoride depositing in children's brains, bones or pineal glands those peer-reviewed scientific studies warn of?

The Europeans ban fluoridation, but our politicians (including the State Opposition Leader) give it glowing approval. What logical explanation can there be for this, Mrs Boyle?

Is this
just a matter of following orders from above? Do you realize Mrs Boyle that you are employed by the people who elected you, and lawfully, you should not be taking orders from anyone else?

Is it not sadly true Mrs Boyle, that the Bligh administration only pretends to listen to people and then practically spits in their faces by refusing to listen or act upon objections to fluoride and refusing to follow plebiscites on local government amalgamations?

Is it not true Mrs. Boyle that you and the Premier actually follow commands issued by the "Directors General" and the "Co-coordinator General" of the State? Is it not true that these chief bureaucrats in turn take orders from UN agencies and global corporate-government think tanks that serve the interests, essentially, of global banks and corporations?

Is it not true Mrs Boyle that your own Labor Party members know this, which is why many of them so strongly oppose State asset sales?

Mrs. Boyle, why do you think Americans are shouting down politicians at town hall meetings? No, it's not nice, it's not polite but do you agree that represents a deep frustration at the subversion of the western parliamentary system by these forces of "global corporate power"?

Is it not true Mrs. Boyle, that merging government and big business is historically a trait of fascism?

Isn't it true Mrs. Boyle, that Mussolini's black-shirt fascism was relatively quaint compared with what you now represent – a modern state, enforced at one level by scientific and systematic propaganda, at another level by bureaucratic harassment, (eg the new enforced Sustainability Declarations, parking tickets, water fines, pet registration and micro chipping, mandatory this and mandatory that) and at another level by armed physical intimidation by black-uniformed SWAT teams?

I'm actually not particularly partisan when it comes to party politics Mrs. Boyle and I know most politicians want to do the right thing, but my hat goes off to the Liberals who voted against the ETS on principle, because their constituents were demanding it. In fact it was a revolutionary act! Politicians carried out the will of the people as they are lawfully and constitutionally obliged to do.

So Mrs Boyle, will you:

(1) Reveal to us who ordered, advocated or lobbied the elected representatives of Queensland to fluoridate the water supply?

(2) Reveal to us why the European decision to ban fluoridation apparently has no substance?

Would it not be unlawful for you Mrs Boyle to disregard these questions? In such a case, would not the people of Queensland be justified in seeking your removal from office as a rogue politician?

Brent Melville
172 Ron Penhaligon Way,
Robina 4226.

My thought for today:
A fanatic is someone who can't change his mind and who won't change the subject. Winston Churchill

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