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Nobody has died in Townsville or Mareeba . . . .

People from Townsville and Mareeba tell me so often that nobody has died yet from drinking fluoridated water. This may be so; the amount of poison put into the water is not enough to kill, but health problems caused by fluoride intake will eventually do it. We have documented cases in the USA where children have died swallowing the stuff that was topically applied by the dentist, this alone shows how toxic this poison is.

No one can say if Tow
nsville and Mareeba have higher rates of hip fractures or Osteosarcoma, because not a single health and safety check has ever been done in Australia (or the world for that matter) Click on picture to enlarge!

Fluoride does kill people if it causes a percentage of osteosarcoma cases and higher rates of hip fractures. Fluoride consumption long term is associated with an increased rate of hip fractures, which have a high rate of mortality and morbidity in the elderly.

The body cannot get rid of this poison and it is deposited in the bones and other parts of the human body, causing brittle bones in the elderly, arthritis, asthma, problems with the thyroid, kidneys, and osteosarcoma, to name a few. The latter, is a malignant bone tumour; most common in boys and young adults where it tends to affect the femur.

Unfortunately for Australians, doctors would not suspect fluoride would be the underlying cause of death. Most if not all of them, have not been informed about the ill effects of fluoride in the human body.

If we look at the dismal record of Tasmania, which has been fluoridated for 50 years, and according to Anglicare, has the worst tooth decay of the nation and the most people with dentures, this alone speaks volumes about the ineffectiveness of fluoride. However, uppermost in the minds of the Queensland population is the fact that they have been denied the right of choice, which should be at the heart of democracy.

No government Member of Parliament or government bureaucrat has never given a simple straight answer to this question: Why has all the water to be fluoridated, when only a small amount is consumed, and not by those who would need it most, and the rest goes down the drain???

A Professor, Colin Rix from the University of Melbourne and clearly siding with the government didn’t answer the above question either, but he wrote among other things this; I quote:

Dear Werner, “I believe your Government wishes to make available the fluoridated water as the most cost-effective means of providing the whole community with better access to dental health. I agree it won't help anyone with dentures, but it will probably ensure they have strong bones.” Unquote.

Strong bones???? He would have to be joking. Clearly this man doesn’t know what he is talking about. Firstly he couldn’t have read the chart I sent him from the latest research at the Adelaide University. Secondly he couldn’t have read the dismal record of the 50 years of the Tasmanian fluoridation. And thirdly he writes that it will probably ensure they have strong bones.” Probably?? Well he is not sure! When in fact only calcium fluoride strengthens the teeth and the silicofluorides they put into our water does not; in fact it weakens them and makes then brittle. This is, unfortunately, the kinds of people the governments employ to give advice. - Werner

Margaret Philips, from Cairns also wrote to the Professor and got this reply:

Dear Margaret, Thank you for your comments re water fluoridation --as you may have noted, I specifically indicated in my recent interview that I do not doubt that there are some individuals ( like yourself) who have a heightened sensitivity toward fluoride, but it seems there are very people in this category.

I am sorry to hear you have had such a bad experience with fluoride, since my four children have all had excellent dental health as a result of Melbourne's fluoridated water. Moreover, on the basis of properly conducted population studies ( epidemiological studies ) there have been no conclusive links between fluoride ingestion, at the level proposed for your State, and untoward health effects.

Best wishes for Christmas, and I trust you have
a Healthy New Year, Colin Rix Unquote. Colin, do you want to see that fluoride smile? Click in the picture to enlarge.

So Margaret responded the following:

Dear Colin

First of all thank you for your reply. I did not expect one.

I am fascinated by your response. I am not unique!! Asthma incidence in Australia is very high, and growing daily. As is low thyroid function and obesity. I think there are many, many people who are affected, but haven't had the benefit of ever being free of it so they can get some perspective on the matter.

When you are completely well, with good lung capacity, and then you go on holidays, or move house, and are suddenly stricken with 20% lung capacity and are unable to step up two stairs, you start to question the reasons why, especially when you return home and are completely well again within a day or so.

Your justification for mass medication is that your children have good teeth! That is our local politician's excuse also. I have reared 3 children without the poison of fluoride and their teeth are beautiful. About 4 cavities between them, none in baby teeth.

I am especially proud of myself that I resisted the pressure to dose them on fluoride tablets, or fluoride treatments at the dental clinics and that they didn't drink soft drinks or eat many lollies. Good nutrition and good dental care leads to good health, including teeth. My conscience is clear that my children don't have a increasing level of a toxic substance floating about their bodies doing unknown long term damage and causing brittle bones.

As I pointed out in my previous letter, the "fluoride " used in water fluoridation is everything left over from chemical processing of feldspar rocks. Even if the fluoride component is benign, it only accounts for 19% of the substance used in water fluoridation. Do you know what the other ingredients are, or what effects they have on people??

Fluoride is available in forms other than dosing people through the water. Only 1% of the water fluoridated is drunk, while the rest is dumped into the environment. (500 kilos a day per 100 000 people - or 100 mega litres of water).

How do you suggest I, and others similarly afflicted, continue to live in this "Blighted" country?

Merry Xmas to your and your family, - Margaret Phillips Unquote.
* * * * * * *
There is now no alternative than to get rid of this dictatorial Government in Queensland at the next election, we have to elect as many as possible good independents that will represent us, and not the party in Brisbane so that the LNP, should they win government, would have to rely on the independents to get legislation through. This will be the only way that we, and with the help of people power, will get rid of this insidious poison in our water. Circulate this
paragraph among your contacts and especially at election time. - Werner

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